Hello, Shopifriends!

I'm Joey deVilla, and I'm one of the new people here. I'm coming on board as Shopify's Platform Evangelist, and my job is to talk about Shopify to all sorts of people. The official job description says that my job is promote Shopify; I prefer to think of my job as making sure that you're a better developer, designer or businessperson (or any combination of those) as a result of building your stores, apps, themes and anything else on the Shopify platform.

I came to Shopify from a very cushy job as a developer evangelist at Microsoft Canada, and prior to that, I've worked managing tech projects at b5media, evangelizing for Tucows, doing front-end development and evangelism at OpenCola, developing at my own consultancy called His Own Bad Self, developing interactive CD-ROMs Mackerel Interactive Multimedia and watching Rome burn at a couple of dubious startups. Over the years, I've worked at all sorts of places: out of a cafe at a company of one to the sprawling campus of a company where I was of one of ninety thousand.

My background's in software development and technical evangelism, so I'm ready to talk about customizing stores, building apps and other opportunities for developers. From working closely with designers (I got my start in the multimedia CD-ROM industry back during its heyday in the '90s), I'm also ready to talk with them as well. And finally, if you're building a business on Shopify, my background in business -- from running my own consultancy to having worked at Microsoft with "suits" of all sizes and stripes -- means that I can help you too.

I'm going to be doing a lot of presenting, talking and writing about Shopify's platform, from writing apps to designing stores to the nitty-gritty of running a business, especially online ones. I'm also going to put the spotlight on you, the people who build their stores on Shopify and create Shopify themes and apps, to promote you and your business, as well as to help and inspire other Shopify users. I want you to be even more awesome through your association with Shopify.

You'll find me online in a number of places: here on the Shopify blog, as well as on my own blogs: the more technically-oriented Global Nerdy and the more personal one called The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century. You'll find me offline in any number of places: 

  • Ottawa, where Shopify is based,
  • Toronto, where I call home
  • and on the road, where you'll often find me (literally) singing Shopify's praises

And finally, the answer to the question everyone asks: "What's with the accordion?" It's what I like to call "social hardware", and after a few fun experiences with it, I've found that it pays to carry it about as often as possible. I like to think of it as a machine that converts music into adventure!

I'm here to help out, and you should always feel free to reach me. My email address is an easy one -- I'm joey@shopify.com.

I'll see you out there!