Introducing: New Payment Gateway Intuit Quickbooks Merchant Services

Happy Friday everyone! This is a quick post to let you know that Shopify now integrates with the Intuit Quickbooks Merchant Services payment gateway to accept credit card payments in your store.

You can select this gateway in your Checkout & Payment preferences where you will also find detailed set up instructions to get started.


  • Shopaholla
    September 25 2011, 09:34PM

    Very nice! We needed this for a client a while back but found nothing that helped. Glad to see this product come out.

  • Mat
    November 05 2011, 04:12PM

    I would advise anyone not to use Intuit’s gateway. Their system is so archaic and outdated that it might actually be easier to build your own.

    Intuit does not update their developer pages making connecting an account to Shopify virtually impossible.

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