It's the end of an era. After nearly 250 years, the 32 volume Encyclopaedia Britannica is selling their last set of books - on their Shopify store. You can purchase their final print set for $1,395 US, which works out to about $43 per hardcover book. The whole set contains over 65,000 articles and 44 million words written by over 4,000 expert contributors. 

The first printed edition was sold in 1768 and over the years Britannica has sold over seven million sets. Contributors include some of history's most respected thinkers: Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Milton Friedman, Marie Curie, and Leon Trotsky. 

In going forward, Encyclopaedia Britannica will be focussing all of their efforts on digital. Here's a video they published to announce their decision to discontinue their print volumes: