Today we're excited to announce that Clearleft has designed our newest addition to the Shopify Theme Store! To give you some background, Clearleft was founded by design legends Andy Budd, Richard Rutter, and Jeremy Keith and it is one of the most prestigious design and UX firms in the world. 

The theme they created is called Clearflex and comes in four different styles: Boutique, Pavilion, Rainbow, and Lighthouse.

We spoke with the guys at Clearleft and asked them a few questions about their Shopify theme and building for Shopify in general:

1. Why will Shopify merchants love Clearflex?

Our theme has been designed especially for merchants offering a vast range of products requiring categorization and multiple levels of navigation. We have thought about the layouts carefully and considered how best to display products, promotions and important information for every screen size. Our theme is fully responsive allowing merchants to tap into the lucrative iPad and iPhone market.

2. What elements included in Clearflex are you most excited about?

Being responsive is one of the key features of this theme, allowing the full product range to be viewed on any device and ensuring the shop is easy to navigate, no matter how it is accessed. As well as being responsive, we feel that we really pushed the boundaries in terms of the style presets within the theme. Each style has a completely unique look, using specially selected fonts, and utilizing the latest new features available in Shopify, such as enabling a collection image.

3. Why did you build a theme for Shopify merchants?

We think that good design belongs to everybody and shouldn’t be limited to big companies with large budgets. We saw this theme as a great opportunity to provide people with an expertly designed, responsive theme with an affordable price tag.

4. What do you love about Shopify?

We’ve seen a lot of ecommerce systems, and we think that Shopify is one of the best. It’s a fantastically simple and cost effective platform that allows merchants to focus on what they are best at – running their businesses effectively. We are proud to have contributed to this quality service and are pleased to be helping merchants create a better online shopping experience.

Check out Clearflex in the Shopify Theme Store!