The Shopify App Store is a collection of plugins (apps) that extend the functionality of your ecommerce store. We've got over 150 apps for online store owners to choose from and we're adding new ones every week. We have a really exciting collection of powerful new apps for you to take a look at this month, and we share them with you below. 

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Here are 10 brand new Shopify Apps for you to check out, along with a special featured app at the bottom: 



Display a “people who bought this also bought” widget on a product page, or a “you previously viewed” widget on your homepage. This powerful app analyses each customer that visits your store based on their past browsing or purchase patterns, search queries, and more. Landable will use this data to automatically generate widgets that show the most relevant products to your customer.

What if your customers see an item they like, but they’re not quite ready to buy yet? Giftery allows customers to add your product to a universal wishlist that works across the many stores they browse online. 

Digital Delivery App

Free for 30 Days, Free - $39 / Month

Digital Delivery App lets you sell digital goods online. This app automatically delivers your digital products the instant they're sold in your store. You can sell movies, ebooks, photos, audio, podcasts, and more. Design wise, everything is customizable so it will match your store exactly how you want. 

Tweet For Discount

Free - $5 / Month

This app is a button that goes on your store that lets your customers send a tweet about your store or product to their entire Twitter following. In exchange for the tweet, they automatically get rewarded with a discount code of your choosing. Example: Tweet this product to your friends, receive 10% off. 

Product Discount

Free for 7 Days, $5.99 / Month

Run sales in your ecommerce store based on a variety of conditions: by product brand, type, collection, or store-wide. No coupon codes are needed and you can even schedule sales for holidays, weekends, or whenever. Hook this app up with Product Upsell (featured at the bottom) and you can run promotions like "buy one get one free" , "buy 3 get one 75% off" , or "Spend $100 and get a free gift."


$65 - $459 / Month

This exciting app lets you offer subscription-based products to your store. Automatically bill customers on a subscription basis. There’s never been a better time to start your Cupcake-Of-The-Month store!


$40 + / Month

EmailDirect is a powerful email marketing app. Upon installation, you’ll get a free consultation call from an EmailDirect rep who will walk you through email marketing and help you decide the best strategies for your store.


Free for 14 Days, $9.95 - $29.95 / Month

Offer a “click-to-call” button on your store that lets your customers call you free-of-charge from their computers. It’s the easiest way to offer basic phone support on your store.



ShopPad lets you optimize your Shopify store for browsing on an iPad in just a few clicks. Automatically display a beautiful touch-enabled interface for any customer viewing your store on an iPad.


Free for 14 Days, $99 + / Month

Reward customers for evangelizing your products, then monitor and track these incentives. Integrate with Paypal, Dwolla, MailChimp, and other apps you already use to make the most of your referral program.


Product Upsell

Free for 30 Days - $9.99 - $59.99 / Month

Product Upsell is one of the highest rated apps in our App Store. With this app you can offer relevant add-on products to customers based on cart content. For instance, say someone buys a camera from your ecommerce shop - now you can automatically offer them a memory card and batteries. Product Upsell can have a dramatic affect on your sales, and it's really easy to set-up.