A Preview of Catalog, Our New iPad Shopping App

Just in time for the holiday season, we're excited to announce the first release of Catalog by Shopify. This beautiful new Apple iPad shopping app lets customers explore and purchase over 5 million products sold on Shopify stores around the world. 

Mobile commerce is growing at a remarkable speed, and many potential customers are browsing and buying using an iPad. In fact, we estimate that by next Christmas, 43% of all purchases will be made on a tablet or smartphone. Catalog is designed to take advantage of the mcommerce trend and to open Shopify stores up to a new source of potential customers.

Catalog automatically includes all products currently being sold by over 35,000 active Shopify stores. As Shopify merchants you don't need to do anything to have your products listed, everything is completely automatic. 

Upon opening Catalog, users are presented with a list of suggested shops, products, and a powerful search engine.

Clicking on a product opens up a page with photos, a description, and the option to share your product through social media. Clicking ‘Buy’ directs customers right to your store’s secure checkout process with the product in their shopping cart. 

We’ve designed Catalog to be a smart iPad shopping app. The more you use and browse products on Catalog, the more it knows what products you are interested in. This becomes reflected in the suggested shops and products list.

UPDATE: Our newest update of Catalog is now available to download in the App Store! We’ve addressed many of your concerns with this new release, and will be posting a full announcement on this blog shortly. Thank you so much to everyone who provided feedback, we truly appreciate it. Here are just a few of the improvements:

  • Now, Catalog automatically opens with your store featured when it’s downloaded from your store - so you’ll no longer be promoting competing sites in any way!
  • Users can now see a full list of all the products they have ‘loved’

Lots more to announce - stay tuned for more.

If your store sells wholesale or you’d like to opt out of having your products listed in Catalog, click here. Learn more about Catalog by checking out the FAQ.


  • Jess
    November 13 2012, 01:34PM

    YES! This is perfect!

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore
    November 13 2012, 01:40PM

    This is absolutely genius. Great for people who want to find unique products, as well a huge motivation for shop owners.

  • Denis Odorcic
    Denis Odorcic
    November 13 2012, 01:43PM

    This will be perfect for the Christmas season. I can never think of anything to buy the family for Christmas, but this is going to be full of unique products you can’t find just anywhere.

  • Jonathan Wilhelm
    Jonathan Wilhelm
    November 13 2012, 02:05PM

    This is great. Shopify is moving to compete with the likes of Etsy, Ebay, Haute, FAB, Gilt, Etc. all the while bringing its customers with it. They are going to make that 1% royalty really work for everyone.

  • Andrea
    November 13 2012, 02:36PM

    is this better than the other one being offered! ShopPad

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 13 2012, 02:56PM

    Andrea: It’s free. Give it a try and let us know.

  • Andy C
    Andy C
    November 13 2012, 03:35PM

    As a retailer is there a way we can see who is coming to us from the app?

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 13 2012, 03:38PM

    Andy: Yes, very soon! It might be a few days, but you’ll see Catalog appear as a referrer.

  • James Stevenson
    James Stevenson
    November 13 2012, 05:27PM

    This app is a great idea and the work that has gone into it on behalf of Shopify customers is much appreciated BUT it looks like Shopify are ‘hijacking’ our stores and displaying a banner to promote this app when a customer views our store on an iPad. I find this totally unacceptable.

  • Ryan Sauter
    Ryan Sauter
    November 13 2012, 06:07PM

    Is there a “catalog” for non Ipad users? Does in make sense to take this idea and turn it into a website as well. A place where any one can come and browse all of the Shopify vendors in one place? James is right though, we should have a clear option to opt in or out.

  • Ryan ODonnell
    Ryan ODonnell
    November 13 2012, 06:09PM

    Andrea: ShopPad turns your store into a tablet-optimized, flippable catalog when viewed on the iPad through the web browser.

    Whereas Shopify’s Catalog app is a downloadable, “native” app that allows shoppers to browse all of Shopify’s stores.

  • Derek
    November 13 2012, 06:18PM

    How many times has it been downloaded?

  • Jody F
    Jody F
    November 13 2012, 06:37PM

    It looks great. However, my shop focuses on Independent Living Solutions and isn’t featured in your catalog?

    How do you choose what shops will be featured and which ones won’t?


  • Jack Stephens
    Jack Stephens
    November 13 2012, 06:43PM

    This is really impressive. It’s so nice that you guys do this sort of thing for your merchants. Perfect timing to, what with Christmas on the way and all.

  • barianno
    November 13 2012, 09:27PM

    super cool, I love it

  • Chris
    November 13 2012, 10:35PM

    I don’t have an iPad so I emailed someone that does and they told me I wasn’t featured in your catalog…

  • @Shopify Brian Alkerton
    Brian Alkerton
    November 13 2012, 10:59PM

    If you aren’t able to see your products in Catalog, make sure you’ve indicated that your products are being published to Shopify Marketplace. You can verify this on the General Settings page on Shopify 2, or Promotions if you’re using Shopify Classic.

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 13 2012, 11:25PM

    Ryan Sauter: This is a preview leading up to the holidays. If people really like the idea of being able to discover all of the amazing shops using Shopify, we’ll certainly consider a bigger offering.

    Shopify stores always have the option to be “private”. In fact, the post above has a link to it at the bottom. But, almost every single shop on Shopify is public. The extra exposure is exactly what most shops are looking for.

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 13 2012, 11:26PM

    Jack: Thanks! “How can our shop get more traffic?” is one of our top questions. We’re exploring every possible way to make that happen for all of our shops.

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 13 2012, 11:32PM

    Chris, Jody: Every shop on Shopify has an opportunity to appear in Catalog. Because there are so many, we’re constantly improving the way shops are being searched and presented. We’re doing our best to make sure everyone shows up :)

  • Jake
    November 14 2012, 01:22AM

    Hi, how do we disable the banner from automatically showing to iOS visitors? The banner is causing visitors to abandon our site and load the App store instead.

  • Sarah
    November 14 2012, 04:42AM

    Our store is not showing up. Is this Catalog just for US market? We’re a UK shoe seller and our shoe store is nowhere to be seen despite being shown in Shopify Marketplace?


  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 14 2012, 08:56AM

    Sarah: We showcase shops from around the world, including the UK, AU, NZ and many more. In fact, I was able to find your shop on my first search! I love the Sanders HI-TOP Boot Snuffs :)

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 14 2012, 09:14AM

    Jake: The opposite is also true. People are now coming across your products in the application, and can tap to go directly to your shop. You’ll see those numbers starting to appear in your Admin interface soon. The FAQ has more information about that and other questions you have.

  • Scott
    November 14 2012, 02:27PM

    Here are BulkCandyNuts.com we were hoping something like this would happen for the Holidays. I mean c’mon every loves candy around the holidays! Furthermore, it’s a great way to showcase all our hard work! Thanks Shopify Team!

  • Kai
    November 14 2012, 03:24PM

    This is great. What are the criteria to be included in the browse categories? HingeHeads is ranking high (http://j.mp/THVCRS) in the Shopify Marketplace, but we are not included in the related (decor) category. It would be great to get some insights into this.

  • Ole
    November 14 2012, 04:26PM

    DO NOT hijack the stores with the banner on iOS – we work hard to get visitors, and don’t want to send them elsewhere on the web


  • Mike
    November 14 2012, 06:18PM

    Another awesome idea from Shopify, I’m so glad that we decided to set up our online store using you guys!

  • james
    November 14 2012, 06:18PM

    For those of you who want to opt out of the app promotion,
    there is a link at the bottom of the blog post to the Catalog app FAQ, which has a section that explains how to opt out.

    Essentially, you just have to opt out of Shopify Marketplace through your Promotions tab.

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 14 2012, 06:58PM

    Mike: So glad you like it! There’s so much more coming.

    James: Thanks for linking to it.

    Ole: The spirit of Catalog is to send you visitors. People are using it to see a huge number of new products and are being introduced to shops like yours.

  • Young
    November 14 2012, 08:19PM

    Catalog helped me discover so many cool products and niche shops that I probably would have never encountered otherwise, it’s a pretty engaging and well-designed app. I hope it will continue to grow with future updates.

  • Nick T
    Nick T
    November 14 2012, 09:45PM

    The banner ad for Catalog is re-directing our visitors away from our shop.

    When they tap the banner, they are switching out of Safari mobile and into the App store where they may or may not choose to enter their iTunes password to download the Catalog app.

    If they choose not to enter their password, we just lost the visitor. Or at least, we required the visitor to switch back into Safari mobile, where the banner will animation and present itself on every page.

    If they do enter their password, download the app and install it, when they launch the Catalog app they are greeted with our competitors and hundreds of other options to choose from.

    They also cannot see other pages and information that help make the sale on our shop. They can’t see videos, other customer reviews, our shipping policy, etc

    So it would be best if visitors to our shop were not redirected away from our shop by a Shopify advertising banner.

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 14 2012, 10:23PM

    Nick: The visitor should be opened to your shop in Catalog. We’ve noticed that Apple isn’t maintaining the reference, so we’re working on a fix ahead of Apple. If you’d like to opt out of discovery in Catalog, you can follow the link in the FAQ above.

  • Maryann Rollano
    Maryann Rollano
    November 14 2012, 10:55PM

    My shop is not listed and I enabled it. Why doesn’t it show upon the catalog? www.maryannastea.com

    I am a tea shop and I am not listed under coffee and tea. Thanks.

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 14 2012, 11:14PM

    Hi Maryann! We list about 10 shops at a time in each section and these change frequently. Your products definitely show up in the search results, but your shop might not appear in the 10 recommended shops for that day. Hope that helps.

  • Ammar
    November 15 2012, 12:59AM

    For us Shopify always done awesome initiative to motivates business owner – worldwide, excellent!

    Our shopify store named Deenify.com which selling inspiring islamic t-shirt for men, women and kids. BUT, why our shopify store (http://Deenify.com) didn’t show or listed under T-shirt catgegory in the marketplace?

    What your advice? Tutorial?

    Please :)TQVM.

  • Wendy
    November 15 2012, 01:19AM

    Very nice app. It is beautiful. I found our store, but was wondering why it is shown against a black background. Our storefront is white. It’s cutting out pieces of the page and looks off.

  • Mudaser
    November 15 2012, 01:35AM

    this is great ilke it

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 15 2012, 01:41AM

    Ammar: Thanks for the kind words! We’re only featuring about 10 shops at a time. Your shop may not be shown at the top, but all of your products are eligible for inclusion.

    Wendy: Thanks! We add a bit of colour from some of your shop’s photos. You’ll see this change in the next version :)

  • Matt
    November 15 2012, 03:36AM

    This is spamming every visitor to every shop without any notification given ahead of time to disable it. How many shops are even aware they are getting this hijacked ad when customers visit on their iPad? The first thing I saw when i installed the app was a close competitor product?! Did you ask any shop owners permission to advertise the app on their own page?

  • Caitlin
    November 15 2012, 03:49AM

    Seriously? Anyone that opted in to being in the marketplace is having their meta tags injected with iOS smart app banners! That is insane, no one gave their consent to that. Refund your damn fees now to everyone affected. You could have easily notified everyone ahead of time on their main admin page.

  • Mary Ann Rollano
    Mary Ann Rollano
    November 15 2012, 09:20AM

    Thank you Adam. It is a nice app. Hope it catches on with shoppers. I’m discovering some interesting shops myself!

    I looked at the categories and my product could fall under two of them . Beverages since its a RTD tea and tea, since we sell loose tea and accessories as well.

    How do you decide which category to place my shop in or will you place it in both?

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 15 2012, 11:16AM

    Matt & Caitlin: Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys. This is a very new project, and it’s still in experimental phase. Right now, we’re gathering a whole bunch of feedback and will be making improvements it in the very near future. We built Catalog with one purpose: to drive traffic to your online stores and increase your sales. Any store who doesn’t want to participate is free to opt-out (link is in the article above), but if you give it a bit of time, I think you’ll see some huge benefits from being included.

    Mary: Thanks so much for kind words! I’m really glad you’re enjoying Catalog so far. :) You have the opportunity appear in both because your shop is a fit.

  • Don Smeth
    Don Smeth
    November 15 2012, 01:14PM

    I really cannot see the advantage as my customers now have an option to be deflected to another site as they land on my store. For me there seems to be a risk that this may defuse/devalue my christmas campaign.

    For now I will decline the offer…

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 15 2012, 01:41PM

    Don: Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate it. Check back soon as the upcoming features will likely add value to your shop.

  • Peter
    November 15 2012, 04:05PM

    Neat idea, but my first look at the catalog showed competitors right away in “Products for you”. My products? Nowhere to be seen. Would be better if someone clicked through my site (as I did), my store would show up in that section.

    I’m opting out.

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 15 2012, 04:17PM

    Peter: Thanks for the feedback. I agree, and that was the intent. We’ve filed a bug with Apple and are adding a workaround in the meantime that will show your shop when opened from your site, even if the user has to install the app first. That was always the goal.

  • Geoff Shames
    Geoff Shames
    November 15 2012, 06:02PM

    It would be great to see this as an iPhone app as well. Is that in the works, or will this strictly be for the iPad?

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 15 2012, 06:30PM

    Geoff: Thanks! We’re running the experiment on the iPad because people use it while shopping while they’re relaxing. If the results are positive and merchants like it, we’ll scale it out.

  • Anna
    November 16 2012, 07:32AM

    I think Catalog is great. Kinda buggy but that’s expected with it being so new. A few days ago I didn’t really know about Shopify at all until I landed on a page and saw the app. Now I’ve found a lot of great shops.

    My only confusion is that after I “like” a shop, I don’t see any running list in the app of all the shops I’ve liked or a way to save them to go back and view their shop again later.

  • David's Delicios chocolates
    David's Delicios chocolates
    November 16 2012, 12:00PM

    I need all the help I can get so if this exposure helps as it should I will be all for it.

  • Chris
    November 16 2012, 06:34PM

    So I checked out my shop this morning on my iPad and saw the Catalog banner. I clicked on it and never saw my shop, or my products again. I don’t sell anything related to adults only. I sell coffee, tshirts, and mugs. My shop isn’t included in the shops that sell coffee and tea, nor anywhere else. This is unacceptable. I’ve been happy with Shopify up till now, even considering launching 2 more stores. Definitely not now. Why do this at the most critical time of year? My internet sales are crucial this time of year and now all the people with iPads will be diverted to competitors! This would be great if customers that were on my site saw my products, but no. It’s like I’m paying you to stand in front of my store and not let people in.

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    November 16 2012, 07:14PM

    Chris: Thanks for the feedback. We’ve replied to your email.

  • Chris
    November 16 2012, 07:32PM

    Adam: Thanks for the email, and addressing my issues. After my initial, knee jerk reaction I spent a little time in the app. I can see that it’s going to be a useful tool moving forward and as always the customer service from Shopify remains stellar.

  • tayyab
    November 17 2012, 12:40AM

    the catalogs are very beautiful . modules are looking very attractive

  • Craig
    November 20 2012, 01:22AM

    Good idea in theory, however guiding people away from the store to download the app then presenting them with competitors products is not the way to go about it. It will work well if ipad users find it through word of mouth or other forms of advertising rather than a banner on our own stores.

  • Jaime
    November 23 2012, 07:15PM

    My store, www.stickswithstones.com, sells (rude) greeting cards, yet when I do a search for “greeting cards”, my stuff is nowhere to be found. On top of that, a search for “sticks with stones” doesn’t turn anything up either. I mean, you can’t get much more specific than that. What gives? Also, where’s this elusive banner everyone’s talking about? I just checked my store on my iPad and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

  • Adam
    November 25 2012, 08:11PM

    I love this app, but once I add things to the “Products I Love” section, how can I see the products I love?

  • Jeff
    November 26 2012, 05:32PM

    Wondering the same…

    I love this app, but once I add things to the “Products I Love” section, how can I see the products I love?

  • Bill
    November 27 2012, 07:05PM

    Love this app. Would it be possible to add a setting for collections that would allow us to hide them from Catalog and future apps like it? I like that it shows my Dog Breed Gifts collection but I don’t want it to show my Frontpage collection.

  • Catherine Todd
    Catherine Todd
    November 29 2012, 04:10PM

    Oh, Lord. Shopify blows it again. Showing pitting stores against stores right before Christmas? And this is doing people a favor? I don’t think so.

    Spend some time getting simple, basic & complete math to show up in the invoice / billing section of Shopify and then monkey with the rest.

    Shopify is a beautiful website, but just like a bad boyfriend, you’ve got to get better or go!

  • Collin
    November 30 2012, 11:28AM

    I just learned of this… and deactivated it on all client stores I manage.

    Why do I increasingly get the feeling you’re beta testing your ideas on paying customers, in the real world, with live sites? Do you understand that we your customers are a) paying you for a service, and b) relying on income from the service to make a living? When you hijack that, yes, we get pissed. And then you seem surprised. Mystifying.

    Once again, you’re launching “features” no one has asked for while moving glacially on (or ignoring outright) feature requests that have been paraded in front of you for years. YEARS.

    Stop telling us what we want. Start listening to us telling you what we want.

    You’ve been warned.

  • @Shopify Joshua Tessier
    Joshua Tessier
    November 30 2012, 03:33PM

    Hi Everyone,

    Our newest update of Catalog is now available on the AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/catalog-by-shopify/id565838078?mt=8.

    We’ve addressed many of your concerns with this new release, and will be posting a full announcement for this blog shortly. Thank you so much to everyone who provided feedback, we truly appreciate it.

    Here are just a few of the improvements:
    -Now, Catalog automatically opens with your store featured when it’s downloaded from your store – so you’ll no longer be promoting competing sites in any way!
    -Users can now see a full list of all the products they have ‘loved’

    Lots more to announce – stay tuned for more.

  • troy
    November 30 2012, 09:02PM

    hey guys, the app looks fantastic! Do you have any suggestions on SEO for the Catalogue? I have “infinity scarf” beginning in every listing title in my shop, but I can’t seem to be found in the catalogue in the search for “infinity scarf”. I can find my shop if I search Necklush. Just curious if there is more that I can do in order to be found. Looking forward to hearing from you! Btw, already got one sale from Catalogue! So thank you! – Troy and Stephano from Necklush

  • Omar
    December 02 2012, 11:43AM

    I don’t have a shopify account but this seems like an amazing idea. I don’t really understand what many are upset about.

    The Catalog seems like an extra feature to encourage customers to buy from shopify stores, customers who normally wouldn’t have found your shop anyway. How’s that competition? Iafore bonus form of sending traffic to products.

    So what if some sales go to a competitor. If you don’t like that then you should pay for advertising to bring in traffic to your own products.

    But there definitely should be something in the terms and conditions that allow shopify to include user’s products in an app.

  • James Anthony
    James Anthony
    December 02 2012, 01:18PM

    Catalog looks good, but it shows “Collections” in our store jamesanthonyapparel.com that should not be public. I have private collections for some wholesale accounts and some of our collections are for internal purposes. We can’t hide these collections, so I am not sure what to do. Will there be a way to control which collections show up in Catalog? Please advise. Thank you.

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    December 03 2012, 02:18AM

    Troy: thanks for the kind words. I’ll look into it. Search should be matching on that field.

    James, thanks for the feedback. Collections are being reworked in the next version, but your case is a bit unique. Can you email me at adam[at]shopify.com so I can follow up?

  • A. Sequens
    A. Sequens
    December 03 2012, 10:35AM

    How about just selling me the app without online store, what I sell (category Art, etc.) you take a percentage…

  • Lord Freddie
    Lord Freddie
    December 03 2012, 10:40AM

    Would be nice if stores could offer commissions to stores that feature their collections.

  • Rebecca Ross
    Rebecca Ross
    December 03 2012, 11:00AM

    How do I get my customers to ad my store to their Ipad?
    How do I get my store to be loaded as an app?

  • SuperKitchenMachine
    December 03 2012, 01:38PM

    Thanks for the email with heads-up about Catalog — have just checked it out and am promptly opting out. Why?

    1) The app’s banner ad appears as header on my store and distracts from the user’s shopping experience. I want my shoppers to connect directly and immediately with my products, not to be distracted by the ad for the app. Would be better placed as a footer, imho. Okay, I know the argument is “The shopper will only see our banner until they’ve downloaded the app.” Yes, but the initial visit to my store is the most important one. I don’t want to distract, complicate or frustrate any customers, but especially new ones.

    2) Second, but perhaps more significant is that the app, when loaded showed all products in my store including a hidden product which is used only as an upsell with Shappify apps on board. Really not good.

    3) It’s nice that once downloaded you present the user with my store ‘first’ but that doesn’t happen till they pick three items of interest. Again this distracts and slows the user down from getting back to my store.

    4) While testing the app I was able to view my products and clicked on the link for ‘visit our website’… waited more than 60 seconds as the app kept spooling (never did load the website) and then I gave up in frustration to come and write this review. This is NOT a way to enhance the shopping experience of my valued customers.

    I really wanted to like this app. I love shopify. A lot. I like the concept of this app but agree with those who said you are using your paying customers as guinea pigs here. I get it — this app can help us all do more commerce. It’s a win-win for Shopify AND its stores (albeit only a potential win-win at this time). I will be happy to reconsider when the points above have been improved.

    Thanks for listening —

  • Jim McCall
    Jim McCall
    December 03 2012, 04:46PM

    Our hidden wholesale items are showing up in the app. How to not have this happen?

  • Callum
    December 04 2012, 04:59AM

    Been mulling this over for a few days, we wouldn’t “opt out”, but I don’t see the point of this app- have come to the conclusion it only promotes Shopify as a brand, not the individual stores. Understandable that shopify would want to do this… I like Shopify… but…

    I’m not certain how the “powerful search” engine works, if this is by location and/or industry it does seem you’re pitting stores (local stores; ie. my uk coffee shop) against each other. Not a bad thing, we have a unique product… but the way we sell our product is linked with the design / content of our site.

    That’s why we don’t sell on eBay or amazon or whatever…

    1. Those design elements won’t be reflected in Catalog’s clinical design. Sorry, but it looks a little “fresh and clean”. Our shop doesn’t!
    - add a checkbox to “opt a product out of Catalog” perhaps?
    - we’re happy to sell our imported coffee accessories on this, but the rest of our products won’t work out of context.

    2. Is this world-wide. If we don’t allow world-wide shipping are we shown on international user’s iPads?

    3. If this app turns into an option for Shopify store owners to add a simple iPad-ready interface without the messy code- then this would be a valuable app. Is this a long term goal, if so I’m sorry… beacuase that would be great. What’s the long term plan for this?

    4. At the end of the day, No one other that an ecommerce store owner knows who/what shopify is- so who’s the market for this? I could be wrong, I don’t make iPad apps, but do people download specialised apps for shopping, I Google… everything; maps, conversions, phone numbers, photos. Am I just old school?

    So if people download specialised apps for shopping will they download super-specialised apps for shopping? Would you download a Magento (hissssss) app for shopping, did anyone here ever use Sherlock for the mac, or Google Product Search (when it worked even?). Seems like you’re building a portfolio app here, is that what this is!?

    5. But really, serious point- Shopify are launching an iPad app in what I imagine is a tough market ( search apps), putting their resource behind a super-specialised search app that compares products on my store to products on your store… does your customer base support this.

    I agree somewhat with a comment above- there are a LOT of obvious outstanding issues / feature requests with Shopify that I hope are very seriously on your drawing board. This app is confusing, can you let us in to the Strategy on this?

    Again, an app that compares my Shopify item to your Shopify item. Did egotism build this app, no one cares about the Shopify bit. I wouldn’t download a rival ecommerce platform’s app, why would I download this?

  • A
    December 04 2012, 03:44PM

    One of our best customers complained today that he followed some instruction on his Ipad to download this app (he thought it related directly to our website) – he said he had no interest in the mix of Shopify stores offered and advised us to have a look at it! – I was not aware of this, and definitely do not want him or others who visit our shops website as a result of all our hard work distracted in any way! Why would I want them looking at other Shopify stores! Ridiculous.

    This is a terrible idea and I am trying to find out how to switch it off.

    My first reaction is whether Shopify was acting legally to insert a link from my website to something they dream up. I have not given permission and I am really furious.

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    December 04 2012, 07:55PM

    SuperKitchenMachineDecember, thanks for the feedback:

    1. It’s only on an iPad (not everywhere) and it’s something iPad browsers are very used to because it’s designed by Apple. You can see the same on http://ted.com for example. It’s quickly becoming the new standard of notifying iPad users about available applications.

    2. I’ll look into it and get back to you.

    3. Good point. I can look into it.

    4. I’ll look at the logs. We just attempt to load your site (no magic) so I’ll take a peek.


  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    December 04 2012, 08:11PM

    Callum, thanks for posting.

    1. You can exclude specific products as shown here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/891448/Screenshots/2dff.png

    2. We show all products to everyone, including international visitors. Many people use Catalog to browse for inspiration. This is the same as if someone visited your website. In the future we’re going to allow users to pick whether they’d like to see only items that ship to them or not.

    3. I’m glad you asked. I’ll have a post about the long term vision for Catalog very soon. In short, the goal is simple: people want to discover new products and shops they can’t find at a mall. They want to see things that are new, different, and interesting. Shopify shops are exceptionally gifted in this way. We’re doing our best to showcase that.

    4. No, it’s not a portfolio app or a directory of stores. There are over six million products across Shopify stores (and counting). There’s no way to discover the thousands upon thousands of gems hidden away in shops across the platform. This app is a fun way to discover those things, share them with friends, and buy them without the work of having to search for your store on Google. Discovery is much more fun than search.

    5. We’re building a product discovery app to drive traffic to shops and products without you having to spend money doing it yourself. We won’t be building a product comparison app.

  • Sam
    January 02 2013, 11:59PM

    So, from the comments and responses above am I correct in assuming our only options are:

    1. Have our products show in Catalog* but have our store hijacked by a Shopify banner advertising the app when a visitor navigates directly to our site on an iPad?

    2. Disable the banner advertising by not allowing Shopify to list our products on Catalog?

    If this is the case, then Shopify should notify store owners that this advertising is occurring, as it is not an additional and valuable app purely to drive traffic to shops as Adam has suggested. But rather is using our stores (which in our case, our customers have no idea is hosted by Shopify) to increase the visibility of the Shopify brand. We would be happy if Shopify was using our fees to do the former, but leveraging our customer base to do the latter is unconscionable.

    *as a side not, Catalog is a much uglier word without the ‘ue’!

  • Sam
    January 03 2013, 12:14AM

    As a side note, Adam you said “it’s something iPad browsers are very used to because it’s designed by Apple. You can see the same on http://ted.com for example. It’s quickly becoming the new standard of notifying iPad users about available applications.”

    I don’t own an iPad… so maybe I am misunderstanding. But if I were to navigate to ted.com and a banner popped up telling me that ted had an iPad app available for download, that would make a lot of sense to me as a user. However if I navigated to asos.com and a banner advertising a svpply.com app (which may include products from asos, but also a lot of other products) I would understandably be quite confused. Essentially this second situation is what I am interpreting is happening on our sites.

  • @Shopify Adam McNamara
    Adam McNamara
    January 03 2013, 01:23PM

    Hi Sam,

    If a user arrives at your site and sees Catalog available for download, they’re taken directly to your shop’s product inventory within the application. Essentially, your catalog. The user is not taken to the application’s home screen.

  • Catherine
    January 15 2013, 02:51AM

    Hi Guys,

    I think i may have just found an answer to a puzzling sale! A customer bught an item from us that was in a hidden collection (note the item was live but the collection was not). We could not understand this until I went to the transaction and saw your message that this item was purchased using catalog – this may be bug you might like to take a look at.



    January 26 2013, 05:36AM


    i can’t downloade this app : it says my ipad need to be iOS 6, but I can’t update it more than iOS 5.1.1

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson
    January 27 2013, 03:10PM

    I like the Catalog app, but I can’t figure out how to make it only show Men’s fashions without Women’s. I can get it to stop showing all fashions, but if I favorite a Men’s blazer, for example, my catalog gets filled with items that are useless to me, like dresses, etc. Am I missing something?

  • Jeff
    February 04 2013, 08:36PM

    Just downloaded the app and it won’t work. Trying to get past the “pick 3 things to know you”, and it won’t let me “get started”.

  • Devika
    February 28 2013, 06:37AM

    Good App just trying to download, thanks for sharing.

    online shopping in India

  • Tanios
    March 01 2013, 05:11AM

    I read in Apples developer guide for iTunes that apps don’t allow purchases of physical good, and that digital goods can be purchased via the in-app purchase method, of which Apple takes a 30% cut.
    So is the catalog app legal? How do you overcome the above limitations?

  • Steve Ross
    Steve Ross
    March 14 2013, 05:10AM

    The app is no longer available in app store. What happened? Had to delete it and needed to reinstall but not there now.

  • Steve Ross
    Steve Ross
    March 28 2013, 06:36PM

    If this app has been canned already, please at least make a Web App for iOS and AndroidOS for http://marketplace.shopify.com Its a great location that nobody knows about… bringing it to the mobile platforms will bring millions of new customers to shopify store owners.. Making it a web app and not a normal app will reduce development time dramatically and you could get it formatted to work with the current site in no time.

    Please also update your Shopify iPhone app for dual support to the iPad, and be nice to see you support android as well and not have to rely on a 3rd party.

  • Mftill
    May 30 2013, 01:38PM

    If they’re legal why are they pissed? Oh…maybe they’re….NOT????

  • mark tillman
    mark tillman
    May 30 2013, 01:43PM

    This should embarrass the Tuscabama NEWS. But perhaps nothing can. Such shills…such crap. “NEWS”. Oh, I think not. But the Boones and public reponsibility are long gone. Right? Who ownes this publicatio now? Their allegiance is to…what?
    Profit only? Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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