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5 Ecommerce AdWords Tips from an Ex-Googler

Advertising on Google AdWords can be one of the most cost-effective ways to market your ecommerce store – if done right. That can be a big ‘if’- given that AdWords is a complex system which requires constant monitoring of your campaigns, as well as keeping up to date with the latest trends and developments - something which can be tricky for a busy business owner to manage. In this article, I will give you some quick-fire tips and tactics to help you better manage your AdWords campaigns, and to help you capture opportunities your competitors may be missing out on.

Here are 5 tips to improve your Google AdWords campaigns:

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Google AdWords Conversion Tracking for Ecommerce

You can't optimize anything unless you know what parts are working and which aren't. 

In this article you're going to learn the basics of Google AdWords Conversion Tracking. We'll cover what it is, how it works, and why you need it for your ecommerce store. Imagine this: You have an ecommerce store, and you use Google AdWords to drive traffic. You're spending part of your marketing budget on clicks each week, and you control your costs using your daily budget via your campaign settings. You let the campaign run for two weeks, and you check your online sales stats regularly over this period. At the end of the two weeks, you do a final tally of your  sales, also checking how many clicks you received on your ads and how much you spent on these clicks. You have your sets of numbers in place, except there is one small problem – you don’t know how many of these clicks translated into sales on your website!

Seems crazy, right? You wouldn’t pay a mechanic to fix your car if you didn’t know what they had fixed! So, why would you spend money on AdWords clicks without somehow tracking the return on and value of these clicks?

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Manage Your Google AdWords Campaigns More Efficiently With Dynamic Search Ads

This is Part 4 of our Google AdWords series by ex-Googler Anton McCarthy. 

Are you an online store owner who has to manage a site with dozens, hundreds or perhaps even thousands of products? Managing your ads and keywords to reflect the availability of your products in stock takes a lot of time. Do you wish there were a quicker, easier way to manage your campaigns, freeing you up to spend less time on AdWords - and more time on your business?

Well, Google has a solution for you. Introducing: Dynamic Search Ads.

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Understanding AdWords Keyword Matching to Increase Sales By an Ex-Googler


To run a successful Google AdWords campaign, you NEED to understand keyword matching. It's one of the key factors in the set-up and management of a high-performing, cost-effective Google AdWords campaigns, especially for ecommerce stores. Using keyword matching, Google allows you to control which keywords searches may cause your ad to show. Therefore, it is crucial that you understand how keyword matching works, and how best to use it to your advantage.

Let’s examine each match type, and the benefits of each one.

Google AdWords keyword match types include:

  1. Broad match
  2. Broad match modifier
  3. Phrase match
  4. Exact match
  5. Negative match
Now lets dig deep into each type and I'll tell you exactly how to leverage them to increase ecommerce sales.

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Ecommerce Marketing: The Big Picture – Part 1

Ecommerce Marketing: The Big Picture – Part 1

Instead of diving head first into another new, advanced, and complex marketing strategy, which these days tend to turn up more frequently than they used to, we’re going to try and take a step backwards to look at the bigger picture of basic ecommerce marketing and its latest tools. This is a good way for old timers to brush up on some of the basic strategies that they’ve forgotten about, while also getting the new-comers familiarized with some of the basic marketing jargon.

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17 Ways to Make Your First Ecommerce Sale

Have you ever walked into a bar, restaurant, or other small business and saw money framed and mounted on the wall like a trophy or work of fine art?
For many businesses that first sale, first dollar earned is a monument, marking the transition to a real revenue-generating concern. Unfortunately, brand new online retailers sometimes open to something like the sound of crickets chirping.
Here are 17 ways to make your first online sale even before Google or Bing have bothered to notice you:

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8 Tools to Research Your Competition

Gathering competitive intelligence is an often overlooked strategy for ecommerce merchants.

Sometimes the best way to take your ecommerce store to the next level is by gaining a deep understanding of how your competitors operate. If you don't know what your competitors are doing, it's difficult to make intelligent decisions that will keep your current customers, and entice new ones. This guide will show you how to identify your top 5 competitors and show you 8 tools that will help you gather in-depth information on your competitors strengths and weaknesses. 

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Free $50 in Facebook Ad Credits for Shopify Stores

We have partnered with Facebook to offer all existing and new Shopify merchants $50 in free Facebook Ad Credits - as long as you haven't advertised with Facebook yet. This is in addition to the $100 in Google AdWords credits, and $100 in Amazon Product Ads credits Shopify store owners also receive.

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