Featured App: Custard

One of the 100-plus apps in the Shopify App Store is Custard, which lets your customers talk –…

Custard icon

One of the 100-plus apps in the Shopify App Store is Custard, which lets your customers talk – as in voice, not “chat” as in typing or email, but actually talk – to someone in your shop. Custard lets customers start a voice call using only the computer they’re using to browse your shop without the need for a phone or extra software. They just click the “Click to Call” button. Sometimes it’s nice to hear a human voice, and being able to talk to someone and ask questions can be the difference between your customer heading somewhere else and making that sale.

We talked with the people behind Custard and asked them a few questions about their app, and we’ve shared their answers in this article.

What does Custard do?

custard diagram


We created Custard because we want to improve the buying experience online. In brick and mortar stores we are used to having sales reps at our disposal to answer any of our questions, but when it comes to ecommerce we can feel pretty isolated. Sometimes email and text chat is just too slow. We want to eliminate loneliness from ecommerce sites and make it super easy for stores to connect with their customers in a fast and effective way. With Custard, your store comes to life and your visitors can get the instant gratification they want at the click of a button.

What are Custard’s key features?

custard screenshots

  • Click to Call: 79% of your visitors prefer phone support over anything else.
  • Widget Customization: You can customize your Click to Call widget to your liking and place it where you want it on your store.
  • Call Recording: We allow you to record each call so that you can review and improve your sales process.

There’s a a new feature called Custard Connect. Visitors to your store are extremely valuable and we want to help store owners extract that value. We also want to provide a seamless user experience. With Custard Connect, you can watch people navigate around your store in real-time right from your dashboard. With the click of a button you can initiate a call with your visitors and help them find exactly what they are looking to buy. We think this will be a great way for ecommerce stores to get more sales and to effectively engage with their customers like never before. Custard Connect will be rolling out this week.

Why should shopowners use your app?

79% of your store visitors prefer phone support over anything else. With Custard "Click to Call" we help you increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. We also believe the telephone is one of the best branding mediums out there. Not only can you instantly answer questions, but you have customer's undivided attention. The customer remembers the experience you provide for a long time and tells his or her friends about it. The instant gratification you can provide with Custard has very positive returns.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

custard wordmark

We are a fresh startup based in San Francisco, CA. We want to maximize the value of customer conversations for online businesses. There are some really interesting developments we are making in the sales and support space so stay tuned :). You can find us on twitter:

How can I find out more about Custard?

custard on shelf

You can find out more about Custard on its page in the Shopify App Store.

Featured App: Kudyou

The Shopify App Store has over 100 apps to extend the features and capabilities that already come “out…

Kudyou Logo

The Shopify App Store has over 100 apps to extend the features and capabilities that already come “out of the box” with your Shopify shop. We’ve been featuring apps from the Store for the past little while, covering apps that help you run your shop, make tedious tasks easier and help you connect with your customers.

Today, we take a look at Kudyou, an app that lets you offer your customers cash rewards that they can save or give to their favorite causes. We interviewed the Kudyou team and shared their answers.

What does Kudyou do?

Kudyou helps shopowners generate higher sales though personalized customer rewards. It allows brands to present one reward that customers can personalize to suit their unique needs, either by saving up cash or donating to any cause of their choice.

What are Kudyou’s key features?

Screenshots of various pages from the Kudyou app

Kudyou does the following:

  • Generates higher and more profitable sales by creating campaigns where customers can personalize their rewards, post-purchase
  • Helps your customers support causes they are very passionate about, which leads to more referrals and sharing of offers
  • Delivers these campaigns in a cost effective manner. Kudyou is more like payments processing pricing than daily deals charges
  • Better presents the causes you support and extend the reach of your existing socially responsible initiatives to a receptive Kudyou community
  • Learns about what causes your customers support in order to create more focused sales campaigns in the future

Why should shopowners use Kudyou?

Kudyou wants to help shopowners generate profitable sales and more beneficial engagements with consumers.

Shopowners benefit from higher sales and referrals from customers sharing these more meaningful offers with their friends.

Kudyou manages the campaign funds and social sharing of these offers on behalf of shopowners while delivering a great redemption process for shoppers in the process.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Three of the four people who make up Kudyou

Kudyou is a core team of 4 people (with the usual support from loads of others) looking to build our start-up venture.

We’re actually split between 2 locations on 2 continents! We’re all Irish born, but John is based in Silicon Valley and has lived in the US since 2000. The rest of the team, Hugh, Karl and Des are all based on Dublin, Ireland. John and Hugh have known each other for over 16 years but that’s small change compared to Karl and Des, who met in kindergarten!

John had the original idea and is the business guy but only possesses enough technical knowledge to get himself in trouble. Hugh is technical so he manages the product strategy and John’s ideas. Karl
and Des, well they’re the engine, the coders who make all this a reality.

So, that’s Kudyou. You can find us in all the usual places, so check us out on the web, Facebook, Twitter etc. We look forward to hearing what people think about what we’ve built and seeing how people use it.

Where did you get the idea for your app?

We built this app for a number of reasons. Firstly, we felt that this was something missing from the market across all channels. Based on feedback from merchants, shoppers, donors and causes we set out to build our vision of this functional utility that would enable everyone to benefit. One of our advisors, Tamsin Smith who previously ran (RED), terms this “Beneficial Buying”.

Shopowners are looking to create better engagement experiences, enhance the attributes of their brand and get closer to their customers. From a sales campaign perspective, offering discounts
is easy but competing on price is not always a winning strategy; there needs to be more. Shopowners are doing a lot more socially responsible campaigns and these do resonate with consumers. Over
$200 billion is donated in the US by individuals each year and there are over one million active non-profits, so the question becomes from a shopowners perspective, which causes are right for them and their customers?

Giving is something very personal as is the need to sometimes save money. People want the choice to save or give to something they care about and want sales campaign to be relevant, genuine and
transparent. We believe that a lot of people are looking for more meaning, choice and control in their life. Giving customers the ability to choose how they would like to direct their reward is something positive and an experience they are willing to share with friends.

With all this in mind we set about building out the Kudyou service. We also knew that we would need to partner with others. Tamsin introduced us to Shopify since she was talking with Shopify about her
new business venture. We also knew some others who wanted to try out Kudyou, such as Willow Glen Charm, so we referred them to Shopify, given it’s such a great and easy platform to sell from.

It’s going to be interesting to see how people use Kudyou, from all perspectives.

Where can I find out more about Kudyou?

Kudyou Icon

You can find more about the Kudyou app on its page in the Shopify App Store and about Kudyou on their site.

Featured App: Portable

If you haven’t visited Shopify’s App Store lately, take a look now! There are now over 100 apps…

Large icon for the Portable app

If you haven’t visited Shopify’s App Store lately, take a look now! There are now over 100 apps there, each of which adds new capabilities to your shop. From apps that simplify the task of cranking out shipping address labels to managing your social media presence to rewarding loyal customers, we’ve got lots of ways to make your shop even better.

Portable is one of the currently featured apps, and it brings customer data to an application you can use any time and can access from anywhere: Gmail. It’s a great way to quickly get information about any of your customers and stay on top of your customer relationships.

We had a Q & A session with Justin Burdett, Portable’s developer, and his answers follow.

What does Portable do?

Portable brings Shopify customer details and brings your customers into where you’re interacting with them most: your email. Portable looks up any of the details about a customer using their email address. If the email address belongs to a customer, important details about that customer will be displayed, all within your Gmail window.

Portable currently works with Gmail through Rapportive, but we're hoping to expand to other email software in the future.

What are Portable’s key features?

Screenshot of Portable working within Gmail

Portable brings the following customer details right to your inbox:

  • A direct link to that customer’s profile in your Shopify store
  • Lifetime value details like total number of orders and total spent, localized for your country and currency
  • Recent orders, including a direct link to the recent orders in your Shopify store, the order number, and the financial status, shipping status and order status
  • Primary address and phone details for that customer
  • Any notes you’ve entered about that customer

Why should shopowners use Portable?

Portable will save you time and effort by bringing customer details right to you when you get support requests. You will be able to provide faster support by cutting down on the time it takes to find the information you need and better support by gaining valuable insights into the customer.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm a geek from Pittsburgh, PA. I've got a couple of different projects I like work on. In my spare time, I like to play disc sports like Ultimate and disc golf. You can find more about me on my website or follow my dumb jokes on Twitter at @jburdeezy.

Where did you get the idea for Portable?

I was thinking about opening a Shopify store for another project of mine and I thought that I'd like something like Portable. I found Shopify's API and got to work. Boom! Portable was born.

How long did it take for you to build Portable?

It only took me a few days to get an early version of the app and spent about a week in beta testing.

Where can I find out more about Portable?

Screenshot of the Shopify App Store, with Portable as a featured app

You can find out more about Portable on its page in the Shopify App Store.

Featured App: colorandsize

The Shopify platform has a lot of great features 'out of the box', and it's even better with…

Screenshot of Shopify App StoreThe Shopify platform has a lot of great features 'out of the box', and it's even better with apps -- programs and utilities that extend Shopify by adding more capabilities to what's already built in. If you haven't done so yet, go and visit our App Store: the one-stop place for apps to enhance your shop in all sorts of ways, from boosting sales to improving the customer experience to simplifying the management of your shop. We've got apps aplenty, and more are being added all the time.

colorandsize Icon

Today's featured app is colorandsize, an app that falls under the category of "simplifying the management of your shop". We asked Retail Technology, the creators of colorsize, some questions and posted their answers below.

What does colorsize do?

Retail Technology logocolorandsize makes managing your product variants a pleasure, saving you valuable time and money. If your shop carries products that come in many colors and sizes, you need colorandsize!

What are the key features of colorandsize?

colorandsize lets you...

  • Quickly create and edit products that come in multiple variants.
  • Manage variant sets such as size ranges that can be quickly re-used.
  • View your sales and stock figures in a clear and simple grid.
  • Quickly receive inventory.
  • Add additional variants to existing products in a few clicks.

Why should shopowners use your app?

Screenshot of colorandsize app

colorandsize will save you valuable time and much effort.

Creating a style available in four colors and six sizes in Shopify takes 2.5 minutes. Using colorandsize to do the same only takes sixty seconds. The time savings adds up: with colorandsize, creating your average seasonal collection can be reduced by a staggering two working days!

colorandsize also simplifies Shopify's process of receiving inventory, cutting down the time it takes to seconds.

Changing a style’s price in colorandsize is a breeze! It vastly simplifies and speeds up your style editing.

colorandsize also makes it easy to track sales trends based on color and size. It provides a clear and simple overview of your sales and stock, organized by color and size, putting valuable information at your fingertips. This really helps you to manage your stock and to optimize your sales!

colorandsize: clear and simple!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Photo of the colorandsize team, holding champagne flutes

colorandsize is a concept borne from thirty years of first-hand experience in shoe and apparel retail operations. colorandsize is a spin-off brought to you by Retail Technology Limited who specialise in conventional point-of-sale and stock management systems. We service retailers throughout throughout the world.

colorandsize is dedicated to a first-class customer experience and its support team is there to help you every step of the way even if colorandsize really is easy to install and is very intuitive.

Where did you get the idea for the app?

colorandsize believes that the future of retail systems is in the cloud and wants to share its vast experience in the shoe and apparel vertical with other system providers. Further releases of colorandsize will support direct integration with Shopkeep and VendHQ.

Where can I learn more about Color and Size?

colorandsize icon on App Store shelf

You can learn more about colorandsize at the Shopify App Store, as well as through colorandsize, who can be reached in the following ways:

Featured App: Get Satisfaction

Selling in the “Age of the Customer” “The customer is always right,” the old saying goes, and it’s…

Selling in the “Age of the Customer”

Logos: Get Satisfaction, Wordpress, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Twitter

“The customer is always right,” the old saying goes, and it’s never been more true than now. In a world where everyone is a potential publisher, broadcaster and reviewer and where word-of-mouth is now longer a neighbourhood phenomenon but a global one, the key to winning over customers is to know and engage them.

Cover of the Forrester Report "Competitive Strategy in the Age of the Customer"A recent report by Forrester Research titled Competitive Strategy in the Age of the Customer (and shared by the people at Get Satisfaction) has this summary of today’s customers:

Empowered customers are disrupting every industry; competitive barriers like manufacturing strength, distribution power, and information mastery can’t save you. In this age of the customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge of and engagement with customers.

…Those that master the customer data flow and improve frontline customer staff will have the edge.

Get Satisfaction are in the business of helping businesses gain that edge, by helping them get to know and engage their customers. They also have a Shopify app to help you and your shop harness the power of community to answer questions and provide support, build loyalty and increase sales. We asked them a few questions about their app and what it can do for you.

What does your app do?

Get Satisfaction Logo

Get Satisfaction is a social media feedback tool trusted by over 50,000 companies to engage with informative, productive and engaging conversations with their customers. The Get Satisfaction app lets Shopify shopowners build their own Get Satisfaction community to get scalable customer support and product-specific content on each product page to help pre-sell visitors and get valuable feedback.

What are the key features of your app?

The Get Satisfaction app provides these features to your Shopify shop:

  • Infinitely scalable community support
  • A social knowledgebase/FAQ for your Shopify store and its products
  • Related community topics on each product page
  • Wide or narrow product page widgets, which fit a variety of templates
  • A boosted SEO footprint with highly indexable content

Why should shopowners use your app?

Community content and conversations aid customers in evaluating and buying products from your shop. The Get Satisfaction app gives you access to Get Satisfaction's set of tools for communicating with your customers and building a community around your shop. The conversations enabled by Get Satisfaction aren’t just chatter; they create outcomes: questions answered, problems solved, and great outcomes for both your shop and your customers.

Screenshot of a Get Satisfaction community page

The Get Satisfaction community created around your shop can grow, and as it does, the knowledge about your shop and the products you sell within it also grows. Popular discussion topics become FAQs, great ideas get promoted up and problems affecting many get addressed in one easy-to-find, search-indexed place.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Get Satisfaction was founded in 2007 and is based in San Francisco. We power the world’s best brands to solve problems, give a voice to champions, bring out the best ideas and drive better business.

Where can I find out more about the Get Satisfaction app?

The Get Satisfaction app icon sitting on a shelf in the Shopify App Store

You can find out more about the Get Satisfaction app on its page in the Shopify App Store.

Screenshots of the Get Satisfaction main page and of the Get Satisfaction blog "Social Studies"

You can also find out more about Get Satisfaction on their site, as well as on their very informative blog, aptly titled Social Studies.

Featured App: Want Button

Have you been to Shopify’s App Store lately? It’s full of useful apps that extend the capability of…

Image of a storefront

Have you been to Shopify’s App Store lately? It’s full of useful apps that extend the capability of your shop with all sorts of features to help boost sales, manage your business and better serve your customers. If you haven’t been there yet, point your browser at and see if there’s an app that suits your needs.

One of the apps available in the App Store is Want Button, created by Want, which lets your customers create “wish lists” and find out what other people…want. We talked with Want about their app and asked them some questions; we’ve shared their answers.

What does your app do?

Want logo

Simply put, the Want Button app allows storeowners to add wishlist functionality and see who has an interest in buying their products.

What are the key features of your app?

Want screenshot

The Want Button app has these key features:

Visibility. Users follow each other on Want based on shared taste in products. When someone adds one of your products to their Collection it’s broadcasted to the activity feeds of like-minded individuals.

Facebook. Want provides built-in access to the new Facebook automated sharing, giving every storeowner the chance for exposure on their shopper's Timelines and Tickers.

Insight. Learn what other products and brands your shoppers have an interest in. This can help you select new inventory, shape design decisions, and create more appealing marketing efforts. Also find out visitor demographics and product sentiment.

Converse. Learn the context of why these individuals have not yet purchased – too expensive, sold out, no size available, different color choice, etc. Act on these contexts with meaningful communication. Offer discounts, sale alerts, restock notices, or any other creative and authentic propositions.

Why should shopowners use your app?

Unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t offer any kind of built in save for later or wishlist, which is such a marquee feature in the online retail world.  Any Shopify storeowner can now add this signature shopping characteristic in one-click and in the process, delight their visitors and keep the chances of a purchase alive.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Photo of GM Headquarters in Detroit

We were established in Detroit, MI. You’ll see us paying homage to the city and recognizing its culture subtly throughout the Want site.

We’re a small but dedicated team of programmers, designers, and thinkers who at the end of the day are trying to make sense of the emotional connection people have with objects.

We like to be very design-oriented in all aspects of the product from both an aesthetic and “how it works” standpoint. We love working with various designers from all over the globe.

A big shout out to Matthew Skiles for the logo/interface and Philipp Datz for the icons!

Where did you get the idea for your app?

Shopify has far and away the highest quality storefronts and product selections out of any ecommerce platform. Want is product impartial for the most part, but we definitely like to associate with unique, high-aesthetic items and storeowners who are passionate about what they sell.

Where can I find out more about Want?

Want Button app icon on the App Store shelf

You can find out more about the Want Button app in the Shopify App Store.

You can also find Want online in these places:

Feature App: Kikscore Trust Seal

When money changes hands, trust is important. Today’s featured app, Kikscore Trust Seal, is an app that you…

Kikscore Online Trust Score

When money changes hands, trust is important. Today’s featured app, Kikscore Trust Seal, is an app that you can add to your Shopify shop that uses your data to show shoppers that your shop is trustworthy and shows your track record of reliability.

We talked to the people behind the Kikscore app and asked them about Kikscore Trust Seal: what it does, what its benefits are and why you might want to install Kikscore for your shop.

What does your app do?

Shopping cart, bogged down in a sand dune

The KikScore app helps enable small online businesses to sell more by providing website visitors information and data to demonstrate the reliability and trustworthiness of a business to shoppers.

Using KikScore’s Confidence Badge demonstrates that your store and business can be trusted by:

  • Helping you show your track record of reliability to shoppers;
  • Introducing your business, management and policies to website visitors;
  • Helping you demonstrate trustworthiness by sharing important business
    information; and
  • Giving shoppers more confidence that your business is trustworthy

Online merchants have seen as much as a 20% increase in conversions after adding the KikScore Confidence Badge to their website. Here are two shop owners who’ve seen more sales after adding the KikScore Confidence Badge: and

What are the key features of your app?

Key features of Kikscore: 1. Potential customer visits a new merchant's website. 2. Hovering over seal shows summary score. 3. Customer may view a detailed Kikreport. 4. Trust is improved via merchant transparency.

The KikScore app gives your business 4 different trust building tools – the data provided in each part of the tool allows your store to comprehensively show shoppers that your business can be trusted.

  1. Trust Score: Shows shoppers your business’ trustworthiness with your own personal, dynamic and easy-to-understand score.
  2. Confidence Badge: Displays an interactive seal directly on your website to show shoppers you can be trusted.
  3. KikReport: Provides your own dynamic merchant report card about your business, such as your management team, financial track record, policies, website information, certifications and physical location(s).
  4. Feedback Platform: Allows customers to provide feedback about your business.

Why should shop owners use your app?

These are the statistics:

  • 7 out of every 10 online shopping carts are abandoned;
  • 86% of shoppers feel more confident about buying on a shop with a trust mark; and
  • This all results in approximately $21 billion in lost sales.

Your small online shop needs to show website visitors that your business is trustworthy.

KikScore’s app allows you to use information and data about your own business, website, management and track record of reliability to demonstrate trust so you can sell more.  We empower your small business to take this information that is scattered around the internet and allow you to place it at the point of sale on your website.  The KikScore app gives your small business the ability to post a dynamic and interactive report card about your business on your site!

Business Insider and Smallbiz Technology logos

Recently major publications and blogs such as Business Insider and Small Business Technology have covered the significant benefits that the KikScore Confidence Badge brings to online merchants that are similar to your shop.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Raj Malik, CEO; Travis Valentine, CTO; Mike Collins, VP, Product

The founders of KikScore came together with the simple idea of creating a tool that would help small businesses struggling with customers feeling uneasy about online shopping. We combined our backgrounds in data analysis, risks assessments, ecommerce and small businesses to create a concept that allows online small businesses to take data and information and use it to show customers that they are trustworthy. Our passion in starting KikScore was to control our own futures and give something back to other entrepreneurs and small businesses out there.

Our team is located in Washington, DC and Denver, but we serve small businesses around the world. You can also find us on Twitter at @KikScore and @rajmalikdc and on Facebook here.  Our team is made up of veterans of the ecommerce, small business, data analysis and industries and includes Raj Malik, CEO, Travis Valentine, CEO and Mike Collins, VP Product.

Where did you get the idea for your app?

Some of us are married to small business owners.  One sells online and she was having the issue that she was facing a number of abandoned shopping carts when she first started selling online.  A group of us kicked around that there really is an issue with small businesses and online trust.  We all came from a small business, data scoring and ecommerce background.  So the team set out to create both an online trust score and a Confidence Badge for small businesses to use to deal with this issue.  That way we could help these small businesses have a better chance of showing shoppers that they could feel comfortable buying from their website.  It is a great feeling when we hear from our customers that their sales have increased after adding the KikScore Confidence Badge to their website.

How long did it take for you to build the app?

The development process was pretty straightforward and was led by our CTO, Travis Valentine.  In regards to people hours, we were able to develop the app in a relatively short period of time in around a month of labor hours.

Where can I find out more about Kikscore?

kikscore icon

You can find out more about the Kikscore Trust Seal app in the Shopify App Store, where you can also install it. Kikscore starts at $9.99/month and there’s a 15-day free trial period if you want to see it’s for you.

Featured App: Incentify by

Loyalty See the photo above? I took it from my seat on Sunday afternoon. Seat 31A, flying out…

"Incentify by": View of an airplane's wing, sky, oceans and islands from the window seat


See the photo above? I took it from my seat on Sunday afternoon. Seat 31A, flying out of Tampa. Earned 1,097 miles on that leg alone, double that if you count the trip there. It was flying on business, but thanks to my loyalty program, that flight was doing double duty: getting me to the conference and customer meetings and getting me closer to a free flight for my vacation (which might include partaking in that big tomato food fight in Spain).

TV set showing "Star Trek"

Same deal goes for my TV. Bought it at an electronics shop which has a loyalty program, whose points I’m going to use to keep my collection of console games up to date (I’m thinking of getting this one when it comes out).

I’m sure I’m not the only one who keeps score of his loyalty points and who keeps coming back to get more. Chances are, you’re probably a member of at least a couple of loyalty programs. They’re a big deal these days, from those “buy so many coffees, get one free” cards at your local cafe to frequent flyer miles and hotel points.

Mark Johnson, CEO of the loyalty marketing association Loyalty 360 declared 2011 “the year of customer loyalty”, saying that creating engaged customers is more important than ever in today’s crowded marketplace. Loyalty’s more than just a program now: it’s a strategic business goal.

(To find out more about what Johnson thinks this year’s trends are, see the article 11 Key Customer Loyalty Trends for 2011.)

As a Shopify shop owner, you’re probably wondering how you can incorporate a loyalty program into your shop. And not just any loyalty program, but one that offers rewards that customers really want and will encourage them to keep coming back.

That’s where Incentify by comes in. It’s a Shopify app created by, the system that lets people get the most out of their loyalty programs, from frequent flyer miles to hotel points to credit card rewards and more. With Incentify, you can reward loyal customers with points for the many programs under’s umbrella and keep them coming back to your shop.

We talked with the folks from Incentify to explain how their app works and what it can do for you; their answers are below.

What does your app do?

Incentify app icon

Incentify by drives online merchant sales by allowing them award their customers with the world’s largest loyalty programs, such as American Airlines® AAdvantage®, US Airways® Dividend Miles®, HawaiianMiles, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, Best Buy Reward Zone®, and Frontier Airlines EarlyReturns®. Incentify puts the choice in the hands of your customer allowing them to receive their loyalty miles or points in their favourite program.  Incentify increases customer loyalty, engagement and creates a differentiated value proposition.

What are the key features of your app?

  • Incentify lets you configure ‘loyalty campaigns’ that are aligned with your business goals and help drive sales. You can choose to reward customers based on how much they spend with you or manually distribute loyalty miles/points to support contests or special promotions.
  • Your customers are automatically provided a unique claim code they can use to redeem for the loyalty miles/points you awarded them in the loyalty program of their choice.  Incentify posts your customer’s loyalty miles/points directly in their chosen loyalty program.
  • You’ll have access to our ‘merchant resource center’ to grab banners and other marketing materials to promote your loyalty campaign featuring the world’s biggest loyalty brands such as American Airlines® AAdvantage®, US Airways® Dividend Miles®, HawaiianMiles, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, Best Buy Reward Zone®, and Frontier AirlinesEarlyReturns®.

Screenshot of the "Campaign Settings" page of the Incentify App

Why should shop owners use your app?

Lots of reasons! You’ll be able to:

  • Reach a huge audience: There are over 2 billion loyalty program memberships in the US, and 120 million in Canada.
  • Increase revenue: Loyalty program members spend 13% more than non-loyalty program members.
  • Drive repeat visits: Offering loyalty rewards can increase repeat shopper annual visits by 15- 20%.
  • Increase conversion rates64% of loyalty program members report that having an online retailer offer points/miles as a purchase incentive would make them more likely to buy.
  • Give customers what they want: 73% of loyalty program members agree that when given a choice, they always pick a retailer that offers points or miles.
  • promotes your store: Shop owners who download and use Incentify can leverage social and email channels to our 3 million users and the over 100 million loyalty mile/point collectors.
'Win 50,000 loyalty points or miles!': Airplane wing as seen from window
  • Win 50000 miles or points! If you download the app before November 1st you’re automatically entered to win 50000 points or miles in the participating loyalty program of your choice! Once you make a purchase we’ll also give you a 50% point/mile bonus until November 1st! (See the full contest details for more information.)

Tell us a little about yourself.

Screenshot of's site

A great development team at built the Incentify app.  We’re located in Toronto, Canada. Since 2000, Points International Ltd. has worked with dozens of the world's leading loyalty programs to increase their flexibility and drive greater member engagement online.

Our team of 100+ people is headquartered in Toronto, with offices in London, Dallas and Chicago. is a public company traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:PTS) and on the Nasdaq (PCOM).  Here are some of the loyalty programs we work with; we’ll be adding a bunch of those to the Incentify app soon.

Logos of 48 of's partners

In addition to Incentify we also operate, the world’s leading loyalty management platform and a series of commerce applications for loyalty point programs around the world.  Each year we process about $300 million worth of loyalty transactions!

Check us out at or follow us on Twitter; we’re @PointsAdvisor.

Where did you get the idea for your app?

Example screenshot of a store incorporating Incentify; it shows a banner that says "Earn your choice of points or miles with this purchase" and logos of some of's partners

We work with the world’s biggest loyalty programs and they have been working with large merchants for years helping them drive loyalty and return visits to their stores. Until Incentify, small to medium sized online merchants have been underserved and really haven’t had great options for loyalty. Based on our work with these loyalty programs we know how great an impact offering loyalty points and miles has on sales and return visits, especially when those points come from programs such as AAdvantage, Best Buy Reward Zone, and USAirways Dividend Miles. We wanted to bridge the gap between these huge loyalty brands and the small to medium online merchant.

Where can I find out more about Incentify?

Shopify's App Store, with Incentify as a featured app

You can find out more about Incentify on its page in the Shopify App Store.

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Sell items on your blog with Shopify

You can now sell products on your blog easily using Shopify.  It is compatible with all blog systems…

You can now sell products on your blog easily using Shopify.  It is compatible with all blog systems meaning you can sell items using Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, Dupal, Joomla, Typepad, Moveable Type, and other blogging software.  

Want to see a live example? Click here to open the Shopify merchandise store.  

Are you ready to setup a store on your blog? Follow these three steps below to add an online store to Wordpress, Tumblr and other blogs:

Step 1 - Setup Shopify For Your Blog Store

To setup your blog store, you'll need to sign up for Shopify.  Click here to sign up for a 30 day free trial.  

When you setup your Shopify account, spend some time on adding your products, putting them into categories (called collections), and setting up shipping and tax rates.  You can skip the setup steps for setting up pages, domain names and your store design.

Once you've added some products to sell,  click here to install the free Shopify Widget App.  The Widget is what powers your blog store.

Step 2 - Setup Your Blog Store

On the homepage of the Shopify Widget app, choose ‘embed a shop’ on the right

Select the collections you want to display in your blog store.

Step 3 - Start Selling From Your Blog

The Shopify Widget App will give you HTML code that you can paste into any blog post or any page on your blog.  You should be up and running in minutes selling from your blog.

Have a question about setting up your blog store?  Ask us below. 

Start your free 14 day trial!Create your store now

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