Behind the Scenes

About jadedPixel

Jaded Pixel is located in Ottawa, Canada. Founded in 2005 we are fully dedicated to the ecommerce market. Our product is Shopify which is our bit in the ongoing process to make online ecommerce a bearable field to work in. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.…

Meet the team

We just finished a new page with information about the jadedPixel crew :

Nerd Fun

Although Paul will claim this is work, it’s really just nerd fun.

Guitar Heroes

If you’ve noticed that we are bit slower than usual in replying to emails it’s because Tobi brought Guitar Hero II to the office earlier this week. This is one game that really does rock! Above, Tobi and Cody (C-Rock) take a breather before going head to head in another…

Paul is moving up in the world

Newest Pixel: PDO (aka: Paul Ouderkirk) spent some time this week wiring up the office. Here is a classic pic of Paul “making it happen”.

Shades of Green

In the course of time, jadedPixel’s colour palette has seen some changes: Old and jadedPixel blog Shopify application New jadedPixel blog

High Tech Coffee...

Ok this is a bit off topic but I have to share this with everyone. About three weeks ago a local fair trade coffee company named Bridgehead opened a coffee shop in the neighborhood where three-quarters of the guys who are working on Shopify live. Since I had been to…

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