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The Top 10 Articles on the Shopify Blog in 2014

Here on the Shopify blog, our goal is to help aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs find a product to sell, and help existing merchants build long-term, successful businesses.

To achieve that, we create high-quality, free content around a range of topics that cover everything from coming up with product ideas, to building and designing your store, and of course generating traffic and sales.

This year we created almost 200 blog posts and we’ve gone through them all to pull out the 10 most popular articles for you below.


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7 Effective Ecommerce Product Pages: How to Turn Visitors into Customers

First impressions are everything.  Many store owners spend time tweaking their homepage, but often forget about the importance of a well designed product page.

Choosing an appropriate way to showcase your products is essential, as it can drive users to continue to checkout, or click away from your store.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most excellent examples of product pages, why they’re effective, and how you can replicate them for your store.

Let’s get started.


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13 Stunning Responsive Shopify Themes

With over 55 themes available in the Shopify Theme Store coming in more than 140 styles, there are a lot of options available when it comes to picking a theme for your store.

Because mobile now accounts for more than 50% of all ecommerce traffic, it's absolutely essential that your store is optimized for mobile customers.  

This theme round-up covers some of the most beautiful free and paid templates from the Shopify Theme Store - all of which are mobile responsive.

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46 Remarkable Ecommerce Website Designs

What’s the recipe for great ecommerce design that turns visitors into buyers? There are several ingredients: professional photography, clean navigation, visual hierarchy, the right text-to-image balance. Like any good baker knows, it’s all about the ratio of ingredients and testing the mix along the way.

At the beginning of this year, we posted a roundup of 30 stunning ecommerce sites built on Shopify. Since then, many other stores have cooked up some incredible new designs. Whether it’s an out-of-the-box free theme combined with beautiful photography, or a custom design by one of our experts, the variety of beautiful sites on Shopify is astounding.

Apparel, home, gourmet, and paper companies alike have created sites unique to their own brands. In our latest design roundup, we’ve whipped up an eclectic list of shops to inspire you. These 46 Shopify stores have discovered the secret sauce of ecommerce design.

Read to the end of this post for a chance to win $500 in design services for your new or established store from Shopify Expert, PixelSupply!

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Inspiration: 9 Ecommerce About Pages That Are Killing It

Ah, your About page.

You know it’s important. Your analytics tell you that people visit it, and you’ve heard that writing a good one will encourage more purchases and higher spending.

And yes, you know that if you made some changes, you’d see some of the same results for yourself.

So what’s stopping you?

Maybe all you need is a bit of inspiration. Here are 9 About pages from Shopify merchants to get your creative juices flowing.

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Twitter Moves Into Mobile Commerce With New “Buy” Button

Yesterday, Twitter officially announced a new "Buy" button that can be embedded in tweets to allow users to buy a product with a couple of clicks. For now the feature is limited to a "small percentage" of users on its mobile app only.

However, it's an important announcement as it could signal the next evolution for social platforms as they move from being not just a place to connect and share content, but also important engines for social fuelled "discovery commerce". 

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How One Paper Designer Made the Leap from Wholesale to Omni-Channel Retail

When Fiona Richards became tired of working as a graphic designer for corporate clients, she decided to start her own business. That was over eight years ago. Today, her wholesale greeting card business, Cartolina, sells worldwide to some of the most iconic retailers, like Harrods, Anthropologie, The Smithsonian, and The British Museum.

Cartolina now also sells directly to the consumer, via their online store, and has most recently opened a retail storefront in BC, Canada. Omni-channel retail is here, and many merchants like Fiona are wise to adopt it. Recent consumer studies by Forrester and MIT highlight many of the advantages of taking your business in this direction. Consumers are approaching purchasing from multiple angles – 80% of shoppers check prices online, and a third are checking product info via mobile while shopping in-store.

Companies with omni-channel engagement strategies see higher customer retention rates and increase in annual revenue versus those with single-channel strategies. Omni-channel shoppers, on the other hand, spend 50% more than single channel shoppers.

For Cartolina, the transition to omni-channel retail didn’t happen overnight. We chatted with Fiona about her decision to dive into new distribution channels. She shared with us her wins and losses as well as some valuable advice for other businesses taking the same path.

Retail Design Photo Contest: Your shop could win a $500 prize package including custom business cards and retail supplies. Read to the end of this post for details.

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9 Essential Podcasts Every Ecommerce Entrepreneur Should Subscribe To

While blog posts are great, there's also a lot of incredible content out there in the form of Podcasts. If you’re not familiar, Podcasts are recorded audio discussions or interviews that anyone can create and that you can listen to on your smartphone or computer. They're perfect for getting your daily dose of inspiration wherever you might be, and whenever you have an idle moment. 

The problem with anyone being able to create a Podcast means that there are a lot of low quality Podcasts out there. That's why we have sifted through hundreds of them to expose the gold.

In this post, we will present the nine essential Podcasts that every ecommerce entrepreneur should subscribe to.

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A Visual History of The Apple Store

Apple’s online store is visually smooth and sleek. Just take a look.

But guess what? It hasn’t always been a work of art. It wasn’t so many years ago that Apple's online store was not so amazing to look at.

Of course standards were different a few years ago. But every ecommerce entrepreneur can use a reminder of how important it is to constantly improve her webfront. That’s why we’ve put together a visual history of Apple’s online store – and in particular the iPhone – to remind you the amount of effort one of the largest companies in the world puts in to improve design. Take a look at how far these pages have come.

Get ready for some not-all-gorgeous web pages.

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Celebrating 8 Years of Ecommerce: 14 Shopify Stores Launched in Our First Year

Today, Shopify officially turns 8 years old! On June 2nd, 2006, our founders flipped the switch and Shopify emerged from its beta state and came to life. That year, our first merchants took a leap of faith, and many are still with us today. This post is dedicated to the pioneers of our merchant community.

So the story goes with many now-successful startups, we were lean and scrappy in the early days. One of our first offices was a coffee shop called Bridgehead in Ottawa, Canada. Shopify’s founders coded and schemed over cups of coffee and free wifi. Today, that shop is one of our merchants, selling beans, tea and merchandise, online across North America.

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