How to Sell Online

The Shopify Ecommerce Blog has over many articles about selling products online. From learning how to sell online to advanced tips and tricks, we cover everything you need to know to run a successful online business. Here are some recent posts that talk about selling online:

How To Increase Your Traffic Through Long Tail Keywords


If you run your own online store then chances are you have a pretty good idea how competitive the search landscape is.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of other websites that are targeting the same niche as you, and they are all trying to rank for the same keywords.

So, how can you siphon off some of that traffic exclusively to your site?

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10 Powerful Facebook Stats To Help You Get More Engagement and Customers


Facebook matters for online retailers.

In fact it should matter to anyone with an online presence given its massive user base of 1.5 billion and growing. That number may go over our heads, but just think for a second, almost one in every seven human beings on the planet has a Facebook account. 

In other words, it's a marketing channel that you simply can't afford to ignore - especially when you're trying to sell online. But of course, you already knew that ;) 

However, what you might not have known, I've tried to cover in the following stats and graphics to highlight some obvious and some overlooked insights that could give you some ideas for your digital marketing efforts. All so that you might use both your time and money more effectively in growing your business. 

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How to Growth Hack Your Ecommerce Business for More Traffic and Sales


It seems like growth hacking is the latest marketing buzzword.

And for good reason. It's the mindset and methodology that's been used by famous Silicon Valley startups to achieve phenomenal growth. 

But now growth hacking is something marketers everywhere are attempting to understand and use to grow their own businesses.

So what exactly is growth hacking?

It’s still a new term for many and it can be easily confused with traditional marketing.

But there are a few key differences that set growth hacking apart from traditional marketing efforts and understanding how to adopt a growth hacking mindset could help you uncover new opportunities to drive more traffic, sales and most importantly, repeat customers to your business.

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Why Email Marketing is the Key to Ecommerce Success


Whether it’s social media, SEO or content marketing, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to marketing your business online.

But when it comes time to have a sales conversation and drive conversions, there's one channel that continues to outperform the rest: good old-fashioned email.

According to recent research and surveys:

  • Email has an ROI of around 4,300% (according to the Direct Marketing Association)
  • 80% of people say they receive marketing messages alongside their personal emails on a daily basis.
  • 70% of people make use of coupons or discounts they learn about from email.
  • 60% of people say that receiving special offers is the top reason they subscribe to an email list from a business.

In other words, if your ecommerce business hasn't taken the time to adopt email marketing, then you're leaving money on the table.

And if these stats don't convince you, here are some other factors that might motivate you to start building your mailing list today.

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10 Must Read Books For Smart Online Marketers


The old saying "build it and they will come" no longer applies to today's businesses. These days, there are just way too many options that consumers have in any given vertical.

It doesn't matter what you're selling or how great it is, if no one ever finds out about it, all your hard work and effort as an entrepreneur will go down the drain.

But wait, I know what you're thinking, 'I don't have millions of dollars or a big marketing department.' Lucky for you (and consumers), times have changed significantly and anyone with a shoe-string budget, a website, and some smarts can start building a brand and generating customer loyalty online.

Whether it's link building, SEO, A/B testing, or social media, the term online marketing can mean a lot of things and can seem overwhelming for many people. That's why I decided to put together the following reading list which I hope will prove invaluable to anyone looking to get started with online marketing.

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4 Ways Online Stores Can Drive Engagement and Sales With Instagram


Here's a fact.

Instagram just hit 150 million users and is becoming a social platform that’s harder and harder to ignore.

However, what’s more interesting is that recently a study published by L2 Think Tank found that Instagram gives brands 25 percent more engagement than any other social platform out there, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The photo-sharing app has experienced a 900 percent year-over-year growth since its launch and has user demographic composed of roughly 70 percent women and 30 percent men according to the research firm. 

Some of the factors that account for its success have typically been attributed to the fact it’s a native mobile platform and that it almost entirely visual, a winning combination considering the rise of the visual web ever since other visually-dominant platforms like Pinterest entered the picture (no pun intended).

So, Instagram is kind of a big deal, but how can you make it work for your ecommerce brand?

Here are 4 ways to leverage Instagram for your business.

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Is Growth Hacking the Future of Marketing?


Today’s guest post is by bestselling author Ryan Holiday.

You've probably heard some buzz about "growth hacking" by now.

That it was the secret weapon behind the astounding growth of brands like Uber, like Facebook, like Twitter, like Dropbox and Airbnb. It's become almost axiomatic in the Silicon Valley these days that "growth hackers are the new VPs of marketing."

But like a lot of buzz words, it can be hard to pin down exactly what growth hacking is and more importantly, exactly how you're supposed to apply it to your business. I know this because I was there myself.

As the director of marketing at American Apparel, I was rudely awakened one day by the news that my job was suddenly obsolete. At first, I brushed it off. But then, digging into the incredible success of the growth hackers and their proponents, I decided to explore it.

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4 New Twitter Stats to Help You Turn Followers Into Customers [Infographic]


As a small business owner you know the importance of social media as a low-cost, effective, and potentially explosive means to grow your business.

However, you also know that in order to derive any actual benefit, it takes time, effort, and know-how to build a following large enough to deliver tangible results.

In this post, we’ll be covering the importance and value of Twitter and how the social network is proving it can boost your bottom line.

Let’s start by highlighting some of the basics. The seven-year-old platform has managed to rack up 200 million monthly active users who altogether send out more than 400 million tweets a day.

Recently, Twitter paired up with research firm Market Probe International to survey 500 people who follow small businesses on Twitter. Below are some of their key findings in addition to some action items for each point that show how you can start taking advantage of them.

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6 Psychological Triggers that Win Sales and Influence Customers


This is a guest post by Beth Morgan from Marketing Nerdist.

Whenever anyone asks me what marketing books I recommend that will help them sell more, the very first one I point them to is “Influence” by Robert Cialdini, published in 1984.

A professor of psychology and marketing, Cialdini lays out six ways you can get people to say yes to what you're asking. Anyone who sells things for a living, online or offline, should know, love, and live these principles:

  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment & Consistency
  • Liking
  • Authority
  • Social Proof
  • Scarcity

Let's take a look how you can build some of these influence triggers into your online store to start getting more sales and customers.

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7 Creative Ways Businesses are Using Vine to Engage Customers


How would you use six seconds of looping short-form video to engage your customers?

Businesses have been coming up with creative and interesting ways of answering that question using Vine, a Twitter-owned mobile app that has been making waves ever since it launched earlier this year.

Though many speculated about the demise of the social network after the launch of Instagram Video, it's becoming increasingly clear that Vine continues to serve its own niche and offers enough of a different experience to indicate that it’s not going away anytime soon.

After doing a bit of digging, we found some interesting ways that small businesses can start putting Vine into their arsenal of social media tools for effective customer engagement.

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