How to Sell Online

The Shopify Ecommerce Blog has over many articles about selling products online. From learning how to sell online to advanced tips and tricks, we cover everything you need to know to run a successful online business. Here are some recent posts that talk about selling online:

Why Every Ecommerce Business Needs a Blog (And 9 Ideas to Get You Started)

You want traffic to your site. Blogging generates traffic for your site. Everybody understands the first part, but surprisingly few businesses grasp the second part.

It’s tempting to give in to the idea that the only way to generate sales is engaging in direct sales. Handling inventory, nurturing your email list, and calling to make potential customers will only go so far past a certain point. If you’re spending all your time trying to convert customers, then you’ll soon be neglecting reasons for customers to discover your business in the first place.

Blogging is a great way to build your audience and generate more traffic and sales for your business. You shouldn’t treat it as an unnecessary luxury. Even infrequent posts can help your business.


Having more blog posts drives traffic to your site because it improves SEO; it lets you tell stories that convert visitors into customers; and it increases the chances of engagement, not just on social media but also on traditional media. You might increase the chances of being covered by a news site, which are usually seen as more credible sources of opinion. And besides, all that stuff you hear about content marketing? For most businesses, that means keeping a good blog.

If you need some inspiration, this post features examples of three small businesses that run excellent blogs. Stay with us as we explain how a blog helps your business, and to see the examples of stores that get it.

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Creative Ways To Improve Ecommerce Customer Experience (That Also Boost Loyalty And Sales)

In the perpetual struggle of battling the bear that is, small online shops find success with a) a unique product, and b) a memorable customer experience.

If you've already set up your online store, you've likely checked off #1. Now, how do you improve the customer experience for an online store?

It's easy to imagine changes for a brick-and-mortar operation: I think many of us have had that fantasy of running a super hip coffee nook (or whatever else) that takes care of customers like nobodies business.

While the in-person element may be absent, there are ways to improve your customer experience online by adding that little something extra to the right channels.

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How to Build an Email List that Builds Your Ecommerce Business

Picture your website traffic as a big funnel.

At the top of the funnel is all of the raw traffic that comes to your site. The next level down in the funnel is narrower, and these are only those visitors who've interacted with your brand in some way (e.g., by reading your blog, following you on social media, or giving you their email address). The bottom level of the funnel, and the smallest, includes those people who've taken the plunge from interacting with your brand to making a purchase.

Convincing someone to give you their email address is much easier than convincing them to buy something, since it doesn't cost anything except the ten seconds it takes to sign up. Once you have someone's email though, you have the opportunity to follow up with them over time and eventually move them from the middle of your funnel to the bottom where they become a customer.

But how can you get that traffic into your funnel and convince people to give you their email address? And then how can you effectively build a relationship with them until they remember you, want your product, and pull out their credit cards?

Let’s dive into some strategies to first build up an email list and then effectively market to it.

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Everything You Need to Know About Twitter Cards for Ecommerce

Twitter is once again upping its game for ecommerce brands.

Last year, the social network announced that it's no longer limiting you to 140 characters. You can now use Twitter Cards to add images, videos and product descriptions to your tweets. This can significantly increase the amount of people who retweet your content, click your links and check out products on your website.

In fact, HubSpot A/B testing found that tweets with images received a 36% increase in clicks, a 41% increase in retweets and a 55% increase in leads. Earlier this year they also announced analytics for Twitter cards to help you understand how your cards are performing.

Let’s take a look at how to use Twitter Cards to get more retweets, clicks and sales for your online store.

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How to Land Your Business in the Press: 6 Tactics and 5 Tools


It's something every entrepreneur hopes to get for their business but also something many find difficult and elusive to achieve.

Before moving to my current in-house position as the Public Relations Manager at Shopify, I spent my entire professional career at a handful of PR and IR (investor relations) agencies in both Toronto and New York City. Having worked on numerous B2B and consumer tech accounts in various stages – from startups to Fortune 500's like IBM and Oracle – I’ve learned that for many businesses, PR is a mystery. They see competitors in the press and they can’t figure out the magic formula to make it happen for themselves.

For most small businesses and online entrepreneurs, PR is a work in progress. Unless you’re working on a big launch, which are usually not regular occurrences, it’s about building a relationship with media outlets and the appropriate reporters.

Below are six strategies that you should keep in mind when looking to get your name in the press, as well as five tools to help you make it happen.

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How to Build an Audience and Drive Sales With Persuasive Video Marketing

We recently shared the most effective ways to use Youtube marketing to increase sales.

Today we want to feature the stores that are doing Youtube marketing right. These are the online stores and small businesses that mastered these tactics to build a real following around their products.

They’ve built their audience in one of two ways. In this post, we feature stores with amazing channels and great videos, and also discuss their video strategies.

These are not the slick ads you saw during this year’s Super Bowl (though there’s one exception!). And these are not from the major retailers you’ve known all your life. Instead, these videos are from small businesses just like yours.

They are the stores that have created consistently great video content around their products without spending fortunes on production. You too can match the quality of most of these videos using a good camera and a steady tripod, or with a single videographer.

If you have a good video marketing strategy, it’s possible that you too can build a seven-figure business based on Youtube marketing. For the stores we feature below, a branded channel consistently filled with new content is already a given. Each of them excel in other ways.

We present them as organized along two tracks: the stores that create amazing tutorials to their products; and the stores that are outstanding at story-telling with their positioning videos.

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Warning: Are You Making These 11 Mistakes With Your Giveaways, Sweepstakes and Contests?

When exploring new opportunities, marketers tend to land on sweepstakes, giveaways, or contests as tactics to quickly help grow their audience. In doing so, many set their expectations too high assuming that giving something away for free will generate amazing results for their company.

This isn’t always the case though. Many businesses run sweepstakes and contests with high hopes, but their promotions end up falling short of the expected outcome. In turn, this leaves them with a bad taste in their mouth and they avoid running them again.

Here are 11 ways your marketing campaign may fail, and what you can do to increase your chances of running a successful promotion.

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How to Generate Powerful Testimonials for Your Ecommerce Business

When it comes to making buying decisions online, customer reviews and testimonials can be the the deciding factor that make or break a sale.

Displaying positive feedback from your customers on your website demonstrates that you have existing sales and provides social proof for potential customers who are thinking about buying from you.

In fact, word-of-mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchases, while 63 percent of online customers say they are more likely to buy on sites with positive reviews.

So, what are the ingredients of a killer testimonial, and what's the secret to generating them on a regular basis?

Read on.

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13 Amazing Abandoned Cart Emails (And What You Can Learn From Them)

Let’s say you’re running a successful store. You’ve figured out inventory, you’ve got a healthy amount of traffic, and your customers are raving about your products. Have you covered all your bases?

Not necessarily. You could still be experiencing a huge number of lost sales.

How? Through shopping cart abandonment.

We shared an astonishing fact a little while ago that comes from a roundup of studies: 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale. That implies that your sales numbers may only be one third of what they could potentially be.

Now it may not be possible to persuade all cart-abandoners to go through checkout and triple your sales. Some customers may have never had the intention to purchase in the first place. But it’s worth putting in the effort to resolve as many lingering hesitations as you can, because a significant percentage of them are persuadable.

You can find on that previous post our discussion of the typical reasons cited for cart abandonment, as well as how to prevent it before it happens.

Today we want to zoom in on one of the most effective ways to recover lost customers after they abandon their carts: the Email Recovery Campaign. Then we’ll share the tools you need to set one up for yourself.

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How to Build a Unique and Profitable Brand [Marie Forleo B-School Giveaway]

Have you heard of Marie Forleo?  

She's the creator of the award-winning show MarieTV and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine,, and The New York Times among others. Marie was recently interviewed by Tony Robbins as well as Oprah as one of the world’s leading online marketing experts and thought leaders for the next generation. 

She also happens to run a multimillion dollar online media business.

Through her own brand of wisecracking advice, Marie inspires tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to take charge of their success and happiness by boosting their business skills, shedding excuses and injecting massive amounts of fun into each day. 

Recently Marie opened up enrolment to B-School, her flagship online training program for entrepreneurs that helps them achieve success by building unique and profitable businesses - something we're also very passionate about.

That's why we're pleased to announce that we're giving away two spots to B-School to two lucky entrepreneurs. 

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