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What is Heartbleed and How Does it Affect Your Ecommerce Website?

Earlier this week, a security flaw known as Heartbleed was published that affects approximately two-thirds of all websites…


Earlier this week, a security flaw known as Heartbleed was published that affects approximately two-thirds of all websites that use SSL encryption. This issue greatly impacts ecommerce websites because every online store that accepts credit cards must use SSL encryption.

Since its disclosure, there have been many news reports about Heartbleed and how it’s affecting websites, software and services across the internet. We want to provide more details on Heartbleed and how it affects ecommerce merchants. Most importantly, we want to stress that merchants and their customers using Shopify are safe from Heartbleed.

What is Heartbleed?

Heartbleed affects SSL, the security technology that is used for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. You know when you’re browsing a site using SSL when you see “https://” and the lock icon in your web browser. Heartbleed is a serious security bug that is present in the popular OpenSSL library that is used by many web servers to provide SSL security.

The Heartbleed issue could allow an attacker to access private memory on a web server. That memory could contain user passwords, credit card numbers, private security keys, or other such information.

This is a major security problem that affected, and continues to affect, millions of websites that use SSL.

How Did Heartbleed Affect Shopify?

As mentioned earlier, every ecommerce website that uses Shopify is secure against Heartbleed.

During the middle of day on April 7th, the Heartbleed issue became widely disclosed. The Shopify network security and operations team immediately set to work to protect our hosting infrastructure. By 7:00 p.m. they had rolled out a fix across core infrastructure, and by midnight all secondary systems had been secured. The operations team continued to work into the night, and by the following day, all keys and certificates had been re-issued.

Because of the rapid response of our operations team (faster than Google and Yahoo, for example) we haven’t detected any sensitive data being compromised. As a general precaution, we advise that you regularly change passwords, and other sensitive credentials like payment gateway and API credentials. This would be a good time to update all such passwords.

You can check your account login history for unusual activity by logging into your store admin, clicking on your name at the top left, then clicking “View your user account.” This will show when all your recently logins took place, what internet provider was used, and so on. You can also expire all your store’s active user sessions by clicking the appropriate button on your Account Settings page.

What About Other Ecommerce Systems?

Heartbleed affects millions of ecommerce websites. To determine if your ecommerce website is vulnerable to the issue, you can use the following tool: Heartbleed Test.

If your site is found to be vulnerable, please contact your hosting provider or network administrator immediately and ask them to upgrade their OpenSSL implementation. They will also need to cycle your ecommerce site’s SSL keys and certificates (and revoke your old ones, if possible). You should then also update any passwords, including your payment gateway credentials.

It’s important to fix this issue as soon as possible as there are already reports of this vulnerability being abused.

Is It Still Safe To Shop Online?

Because of all the publicity surrounding Heartbleed, one would assume that the majority of ecommerce sites will soon be secured against the issue. To re-iterate, all Shopify stores are safe from the Heartbleed vulnerability.

Meanwhile we do suggest the Chromebleed Checker extension for the Google Chrome web browser, as it will warn you if any website you enter your credit card details on is vulnerable to Heartbleed.

You can learn more about Heartbleed here.

Shopify POS Update: New Lower Price, Gift Cards And More New Features

Last year we launched Shopify POS, our iPad point of sale system made for brick-and-mortar retailers and pop-up…


Last year we launched Shopify POS, our iPad point of sale system made for brick-and-mortar retailers and pop-up shops.

Shopify POS seamlessly integrates with your online store so your products, orders and customers are always in sync. Bridging this gap between online and offline selling was an important step forward in our mission to make commerce better.

Today we’re excited to announce the release of a major update to Shopify POS which includes some great new features and improvements for merchants.

New, Lower Pricing and Better Rates

We’ve lowered the rate for credit card swiping for Shopify POS and Shopify Mobile to the following:

We’ve also reduced our payout time to three days for U.S. merchants with Canada to follow soon.

And it’s not just our swipe rates we’re lowering.

We’ve dropped the price for Shopify POS from $49/month per location to $49/month with unlimited locations and registers. That means you can use Shopify POS in all your retail locations and have multiple iPads deployed in each - all for one low monthly price.

Check out full Shopify POS pricing details here.

Gift Cards: In-Store and Online

Merchants using Professional and Unlimited plans can now sell gift cards at their physical retail locations with Shopify POS. Gift cards can either be printed at checkout or emailed to customers. Gift cards sold can also be redeemed through your online store and vice versa.

This is good news for merchants because gift cards are big business. According to a National Retail Federation survey, 81% of Americans will buy at least one gift card during the holidays. The same survey also found that 70% of customers who use gift cards will spend more than the value on the card.

In other words, people want to buy gift cards and now you can offer them both offline and online.

Plus, the ability to offer gift cards at your brick and mortar location also means you now have the option to create gift cards as store credit instead of issuing refunds.

More New Features

The latest version of Shopify POS also includes these new features:

Custom Barcode Printing and Scanning

Shopify POS now makes it quick and easy generate barcodes for your products, print labels, or print customized barcodes using the Barcode Printer app and an external printer. Pair this with an optional wireless scanner to make your store’s barcode workflow quicker, easier, and more efficient.

Multi-Language Receipts

If you operate in a country where English is not the primary language, we’ve added the ability for you to offer your customers receipts in Spanish, German, French and Danish, and plan to add more languages in the future.

Tax Overrides

With our new tax overrides, you can set specific tax rates for individual products. This gives you the flexibility and control you need to fine-tune how you want to apply taxes to your products based on the what and where you sell.

Ecommerce Now Optional

Some businesses have told us they would like to use Shopify POS today, but only plan on selling online in the future. Our updated plans allow you to select a standalone point of sale option for just $49/month and add an ecommerce plan anytime afterwards.

When you’re ready to take your business online, all your products and inventory will be automatically imported into your new online store.

A New Chapter for Commerce

Since launching Shopify POS, thousands of businesses have adopted it in their retail locations and pop-up stores. Whether they’re re-inventing the furniture business or manufacturing the perfect shirt, merchants love the way Shopify POS sync’s their products, orders and customers with their online store. Shopify POS also allows them to spend more time focusing on their business and less time wrestling with technology.

And that’s what running a modern commerce business is all about.

Try Shopify POS free for 14 days.

Shopify Card Reader Now Available in Canada

Today we’re happy to announce the launch of the Shopify card reader in Canada. The Shopify card reader…


Today we’re happy to announce the launch of the Shopify card reader in Canada.

The Shopify card reader is a free device that allows merchants to accept credit card payments on-the-go using the Shopify Mobile iPhone app, or in-store using Shopify POS, our iPad-based point of sale system.

Merchants can accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express all at one simple rate based on your Shopify plan:

Accept Credit Cards with Your Phone 

Canadians can now accept credit card payments using the Shopify Mobile iPhone app. You can sell your existing products or even create custom sales on the spot. This is great news for retailers who sell on weekends at places like farmer's markets, trade shows or pop-up stores.

If you’re in Canada or the U.S., you can order your free Shopify mobile card reader by logging into the app, navigating to the ‘Accept Payments’ screen and confirming your mailing address.

Shopify Mobile is free for all existing Shopify merchants, and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store.

Accept Payments at Your Physical Retail Location

Shopify POS is a fully integrated point of sale system that bridges the gap between offline and online retail. Canadian merchants can now use the Shopify card reader to accept credit card payments with Shopify POS.

We have also opened our Canadian hardware store which means you can order Shopify POS hardware kits and other optional accessories like receipt printers and barcode scanners. From April 1st to April 4th you can come to our Toronto pop-up store to get a free mobile card reader or buy Shopify POS hardware kits in person.

The Top 20 Most Popular Free Apps in the Shopify App Store

With over 500 apps in the Shopify App Store, you've got a lot of options when it comes…


With over 500 apps in the Shopify App Store, you've got a lot of options when it comes to extending the functionality of your online store.

Whether you want to add customer reviews, improve email marketing, publish your products to Facebook, or get in-depth analytics, there's definitely 'an app for that'.

But 500 apps is a lot to choose from.

That's why we thought it would be a good idea to highlight the top 20 most installed free apps across our entire platform.

If you're just getting started on Shopify – or you just want to see which apps everybody else is using – then this is for you.

Here they are!



Chimpified allows you to integrate your Mailchimp account with your Shopify store. With Chimpified you can automatically add your customers to Mailchimp, target email campaigns based on buying behavior, and easily promote your store with email marketing.

Order Printer


Order Printer lets you quickly and easily print invoices, labels, receipts, packing slips, and more. You can customize and create templates to suit any need or print in bulk to speed up your shipping process.



With ShopPad, you can optimize your online store for iPad, iPhone and Android devices without the hassle or expense of maintaining different sites. Point-and-click controls allow you to get up and running on these mobile devices in minutes.

Facebook Store


Facebook Store lets you showcase and sell products directly on your Facebook Page. Customers can share their favorite products with their friends and you can reach more customers and drive more traffic to your store.

Plugin SEO


Plug in SEO tells you if your store has any issues with search engine performance that will be worthwhile to fix. Once you install it, the app checks your store's homepage, determines the verdict and displays details.

Retail Tower


RetailTower provides seamless integration between your store and shopping comparison engines. It automates feed submission to popular shopping engines such as Google, Amazon, Bing, TheFind and more.



Yotpo helps Shopify store owners generate product reviews which they can then easily share to their Facebook and Twitter profiles to drive new traffic and sales. Yotpo is free and helps you leverage the power of social proof to increase trust and sell more.

Live Web Insights


Live Web Insights (formerly Lexity Live) is a free real-time visitor tracking tool for Shopify that lets you see who is in your store now, what pages they are viewing, which products they are putting in the shopping cart, and more.

Shopify Widgets


This official Shopify app allows you to build embeddable widgets for just about any blog or website. Create, embed, and share your products across the web.



Need an easy way to visually track your performance of sales and marketing? SumAll is a reporting/analytics tool that lets you see your social, commerce, payment, email marketing, paid ads, and SEO data all in one place. Your history is beautifully visualized, and you can also access the most important data with daily email reports.

AddThis Sharing Tool


With AddThis, your users can easily share your content across social media in real time, including to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It also gives you tools to measure engagement, like which text your users are copying and whether they’re sharing via the address bar.

Variant Images


It’s the little things that count for customer experience. When you offer a menu of options for products (e.g. colors for t-shirts, sizes for shoes), you want your customers to feel sure that they’ve made the right selection. Variant Images changes the main picture based on your variants. So if a customer selects a “brown” pair of shoes, the main image will change to those shoes in brown. Your customers will feel reassured that they’ll purchase the right product.

Want Button


The WANT Button lets your customers keep track of items they want to buy on Facebook, creating a wish list that can be displayed on their Facebook Timelines. The WANT Button will let your customers keep track of things they’ll buy later, and to get greater exposure for your own store on Facebook. You can also reach out to customers who Want your items and offer personalized discounts, recommendations, and alerts.

Metafields Editor


Edit your metafields, like Namespace, Key, Value, and Value Type. You can use Metafields Editor to store custom information with your products. Careful, though: metafields aren’t meta tags, and has nothing to do with search engine optimization.

AddShoppers Social Analytics


AddShoppers adds sharing buttons to your store so that they can share across a multitude of platforms. It lets you, the store owner, track that behavior and see which social networks are driving your sales. Use it to see your most Pinned, shared, Wanted, and Liked products.

Personal Bar


The Custom Order app allows you to create and modify products on the fly when you enter orders. It also lets you manage your orders with unlimited custom statuses that automatically update your customers.



Concierge is an email app that takes the pain out of managing subscribers, creating emails, and deciding on the best content to send your customers. Simply connect your Shopify Store and Concierge starts sending product emails to your customers.



After ship helps you auto track all your shipments from UPS, USPS, Fedex and 120+ couriers. Display tracking results on your store and notify customers when the shipment is in transit, out for delivery, and delivered.



The Vantage app helps you identify trends in your store and then suggests actions you can take that will lead to more traffic and sales. Whether it's understanding your current customers or helping you find new ones, Vantage helps you uncover important store insights.



Shippo integrates your Shopify orders and allows you to print labels with one click. Choose your parcel dimension, pickup date, service type and preferred carrier and you will get your label within seconds.

We hope this list has helped you find some new apps for your store that you might not have been aware of before. Happy selling!

About The Author

Mark Macdonald is the Content Manager at Shopify. Get more from Mark on Twitter.

Shopify Build A Business Update (And 8 Ecommerce Success Stories)

At Shopify, we’re always excited by the incredible shops that grow into successful businesses. That’s why we created…


At Shopify, we’re always excited by the incredible shops that grow into successful businesses. That’s why we created the Build A Business Competition – to celebrate and reward those successes.

This year marks our fourth annual competition. Our partnership with The Huffington Post as well as 10 well-known and respected mentors has meant that we’ve blown every other year out of the water.

With two months left to join, we already have more entrants than we did at the end of last year’s competition. But it’s still anyone’s game: although the last day to enter is March 31, you have until the end of May to ramp up your revenue and produce a two-month period of solid sales. Every entrant is judged by their best two months of sales.

If you have a business idea that’s been brewing inside of you, launch it on Shopify and you could win $50,000 plus a VIP trip to NYC to meet your mentor.

Let’s take a look at the competition so far. Our entrants are divided into 10 different categories:

Here’s a highlight reel of some of this year's most interesting entrants:

Going From the Corporate World to a Blown Glass Studio

Entrepreneur Lee Ware explains how he beat five years of depression by leaving a job he hated to purchase a blown glass studio. Ware provides the steps he used to facilitate his life change.

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How Building the Next Doorbell Turned Into Building a Business

The DoorBot is a video doorbell for your smartphone. Entrepreneur Jamie Siminoff came up with the idea after getting fed up with missing important packages while working in his garage workshop.

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3 Things Missing From Women’s Bike Apparel and How We’re Changing It

ILADORA Apparel explains how they integrated strength, style and beauty into a pair of women’s bike pants. Finally, cyclist apparel that women aren’t embarrassed to wear in the office – with cool features like magnetized cuffs to protect from bike grease.

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How These Entrepreneurs Are Reinventing the Map

Great Little Place is a UK-based startup that makes their living sharing hidden gems within cities – the great little places that everyone loves. They also build limited edition illustrated prints mapping out those treasured spots.

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Idahoans Crowdfund a Giant Potato Drop for New Year’s Eve

Move over, Time’s Square. This year, a group of Idaho residents organized a community event where a giant potato dropped at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. It drew thousands of spectators and global media coverage. The neatest part? They used Shopify to crowdfund the money they needed to run the event.

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4 Lessons I Learned in the Shark Tank

Julie Busha is the heart and soul of Slawsa – a condiment that’s a cross between salsa and coleslaw, and is now sold in thousands of stores across North America. When she was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank last year, she didn’t secure a deal with one of the sharks, but she did walk away with some lessons that she shared with us.

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14-Year-Old Girl Successfully Launches Adorable Pillow Startup

High school student Sydney Loew designed her first stuffed animal for an entrepreneurship class. She fell in love with being in business, and recruited the help of her family to launch a Shopify store. That store now sells a variety of Poketti Plushies, which have a pocket on the back to contain cell phones, notebooks, or headphones.

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How We Turned Pinterest Into Our Biggest Traffic Driver

Southern Swim is a swimwear company that highlights the culture of going to the lake, floating in the river or hanging out by the pool – not just surfing the ocean. Their photography became very important because they wanted to promote a lifestyle, not just their products. The founder shares his tips on how he used the power of Pinterest to push sales to his Shopify store.

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There are plenty more fascinating stories in the pipeline, and we’ll soon be sharing some Q&A sessions with each of our 10 mentors.

If you haven’t entered the Build A Business competition yet, now is your chance! There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur.

Sign up for the competition now

10 New Shopify Apps to Increase Sales and Supercharge Your Online Store

We take a lot pride in giving our merchants all the tools and insights they need to succeed.…


We take a lot pride in giving our merchants all the tools and insights they need to succeed. As a platform, we're always working with third-party developers and services to help you integrate the latest and greatest functionality into your store as the need arises for you.

If you haven't already had a look yet, the Shopify App Store is a continuously growing collection of plugins (apps) that extend the functionality of your ecommerce store. We've now got more than 500 apps, double that of last year, for online store owners to choose from and we're always adding new ones every week.

But for now, here are 10 brand new apps to check out, so go ahead and have a peek: 

Social Login


Social Login lets your users register and login to your Shopify store using their existing social media accounts which includes Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. This gives you access to permission-based, first-party social data to get you on the right path of building meaning relationships with individuals interested in your store.

Custom Orders


The Custom Order app allows you to create and modify products on the fly when you enter orders. It also lets you manage your orders with unlimited custom statuses that automatically update your customers.



Looking to print your designs on t-shirts, posters, or canvas? Printful has got you covered. This app enables you to outsource your printing and shipping, making it easy for you to focus on marketing and growing your store.



Concierge makes it easy to manage subscribers, create emails, and decide what's the best content to deliver to your customer's inboxes. In essence, it'll send product emails to your customer without giving you the hassle of figuring out the details.



If you've ever wanted your customers to be able to see the finer details and workmanship of your products then Scope is the app for you. It's a powerful product viewer that comes packed with three distinct ways to showcase your high-resolution images.

Gleam Competitions

Free - $39.00/month

Gleam is an online competitions platform to help you engage with your online community. Whether you're looking to grow your newsletter signups or get more social followers, there's nothing like competitions to tap into your visitors natural instinct to win.


Free - $49.00/month

Ever wanted to run a sweepstakes directly on Shopify? Well this app will let you do just that. Accomplish your goals to grow that email list, followers, and most importantly sales with this easy-to-use app.


Free - $49.95/month

Recommendify takes in all your product data to distill similarities between products, it'll then serve similar products pertaining to whichever product page a visitor is on. Need we say more?

S Loyalty: Fan Builder

$9.99- $59.99/month

In the world of ecommerce, Fan Builder lets you build the perfect win-win. Visitors engage with via your social profiles and email and in return they receive a product discount when they buy a product. 

Catalog Machine

Free- $29.00/month

Catalog Machine lets you build online and pdf catalogs consisting of any or all your Shopify products. Create both catalogs and brochures as needed and easily custom edit your designs.

Hopefully, you get a chance to check out the nifty apps listed above and use them to work your ecommerce magic as you start out on another year full of goals, dreams, and ambitions. Good luck!

Introducing Shopify Mobile

Today we’re excited to introduce Shopify Mobile: a powerful new way to sell products and manage your store.…


Today we’re excited to introduce Shopify Mobile: a powerful new way to sell products and manage your store.

With Shopify Mobile we’ve completely overhauled our popular iOS app and baked in some exciting new features that are going to help you increase sales - right from the palm of your hand.

This is an important step forward towards creating a commerce platform that enables our merchants to sell their products anywhere, whether it’s online, in-store or on-the-go.

Accept Payments With Your Phone 

The most exciting part about Shopify Mobile is that you can now take your cash register right to your customers.

Merchants using Shopify Payments can use our free card reader to accept cash or credit card payments from directly inside the app. You can sell your existing products or create custom sales on the spot.

This is great news for retailers who sell on weekends at places like farmers markets, trade shows or pop-up stores.

Once payment is accepted you can send custom email receipts to your customers and your inventory will be automatically updated across the entire Shopify platform.

Right now this feature is limited to U.S. merchants, however we’re working to expand availability to more regions soon.

Manage Your Store On-The-Go

Shopify Mobile makes it easy to run your business from wherever you are. For example, you can use your phone to fulfill orders, contact customers and update key areas of your store like product info and prices. Your data is then automatically synced between Shopify Mobile, your online store and your Shopify POS system.

Here are some of the great store management features bundled into the new app:

Order Notification

Get a notification every time a new order comes in. From there it's just a few taps to fulfill the order and keep your business running smoothly.

Easy Fulfillment

Once your order has been processed, you can send a shipping notification to your customer right from the app.

Inventory Management

Take a product photo, delete an old product, change a price or add inventory — all from your phone.

In other words, now your store is always with you and you have the freedom and flexibility to manage it from anywhere.

Streamline Your In-Store Experience

In addition to allowing you to accept payments from anywhere and manage your day-to-day commerce activities, Shopify Mobile is also a big step forward for our POS customers.

Shopify Mobile works hand-in-hand with Shopify POS so that any on-the-fly changes you make to products, prices and inventory in the mobile app are also automatically updated back at your physical retail location.

And the best part? Shopify Mobile can also work with Shopify POS to act like a second register inside your retail store.

Get Started With Shopify Mobile

Shopify Mobile is free for all existing Shopify merchants.

If you're in the U.S., you can order your free card reader by logging into the app, navigating to the ‘Accept Payments’ screen and confirming your mailing address.

All users outside the U.S. can download the app and start taking advantage of the new and improved store management features.

Learn more about Shopify Mobile.

What About Android?

We know many Shopify merchants use Android devices and that's why we're working hard to get our Shopify Mobile for Android app ready for launch. We think you’re going to love it.

Get notified as soon as it's ready.


Shopify Raises $100 Million

Today, I’m happy to announce that Shopify has raised $100 million in Series C funding. I am excited…


Today, I’m happy to announce that Shopify has raised $100 million in Series C funding. I am excited to welcome OMERS Ventures and Insight Venture Partners to our team, along with Bessemer Venture Partners, FirstMark Capital, Georgian Partners and Felicis Ventures. These are some of the most prestigious venture capital firms in the world, and I’m honoured to have them join us in our mission to make commerce better.

It’s hard to believe that Shopify has come this far. It feels like yesterday that my co-founders and I were working out of a coffee shop trying to find the best way to sell snowboards online. Our options were either wildly expensive or painfully complicated, so we built our own. It didn’t take long to realize we should stop selling snowboards and start selling the software we created to build the store. That was the best decision of my life.

Today, Shopify has over 300 employees and powers over 80,000 online stores in 100 different countries. By the end of the year, our merchants will have sold well over $1.5 billion in products in 2013 alone. And although we’re the fastest growing ecommerce platform in the world, this is just the beginning.

Since 2006, we have been focused on making it easy for anybody to create a beautiful and powerful online store. This year’s launch of Shopify POS highlights our expanding focus to also include the physical retail world. Using Shopify and Shopify POS together reveals our true ambition: To be the first company in the world that fuses all the distinct parts that are needed to run a complete modern commerce business - all in one amazing product.

I work alongside the most talented team of employees and inspiring store owners. I am proud to be a part of a company that is a market leader in an industry that is growing at a lightning fast pace. If you are interested in the future of commerce, please consider joining us. There is a lot of hard work ahead to build the kind of future we are envisioning, and we need the best and brightest to come together to make it happen. I promise you that we would spend some of the most exciting years of our careers together. Please, join us.

Thank you so much for supporting Shopify,


Tobias Lütke
Founder, CEO, Shopify

Shopify Merchants Can Now Accept Bitcoin

We’re pleased to announce that starting today, all of our 75,000+ merchants can start accepting Bitcoin. Our new…


We’re pleased to announce that starting today, all of our 75,000+ merchants can start accepting Bitcoin.

Our new Bitcoin integration is available through BitPay and can be used alongside other payment services, like Shopify Payments and PayPal.

We’ve had a lot of demand from our merchants to incorporate support for Bitcoin and we’re happy that we can make this integration available prior to this year’s holiday shopping season.

Why Accept Bitcoin Payments With Shopify

The main features are:

  • Customers from around the world can check out with digital currency.
  • The currency works just like cash.
  • Transactions cannot be reversed by the buyer (unlike credit cards or PayPal).
  • You can choose to receive your payments in Bitcoins (paid into your Bitcoin wallet) or paid in your local currency directly into your bank account every business day. 
  • Transactions are secure and meet the highest standards for ecommerce security.

Wait. So What is Bitcoin?

Many people find Bitcoin somewhat confusing. Quite simply, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer online financial network that people use to send payments from one person to another and it’s also a digital currency (also called Bitcoin). The bitcoin network functions without the intermediation of a central authority. The managing of transactions and the issuing of Bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network.

Here is an excellent explanation of all things Bitcoin, and here's a video that sums it up nicely: 

Still have questions? Learn more about Bitcoin.

Ready to get started? Accept Bitcoin with Shopify now.

Introducing Shopify Facebook Store

We’re happy to bring you another new free feature today: Shopify Facebook Store. With Facebook Store, you can…


We’re happy to bring you another new free feature today: Shopify Facebook Store.

With Facebook Store, you can easily sell your products directly on your Facebook page. This is great for generating traffic and sales, as well as increasing engagement with your Facebook fan-base.

Your Facebook fans will be able to view, purchase, and share any products you choose right within Facebook.

And the best part is, the whole thing takes only a few clicks to set up.

Let’s take a closer look.

Shopify Facebook Store

Facebook Store will place a customizable tab on your Facebook Page that leads your fans to view your products.

Then, simply select which products you would like to showcase and the app automatically pulls image thumbnails and pricing info directly into Facebook.

You can even set up an optional ‘Like gate’ that forces people to like your page before getting access to your products:

Also, it’s important to tie in your Google Analytics account which will allow you to track users on your Facebook Store so you can determine exactly how it’s performing.

Here are some examples of ecommerce brands already using the Shopify Facebook Store to boost sales:

Johnny Cupcakes:



Camixa Shirts:

Pure Fix Cycles:

Snoot Spray:

Foxy Mango:

Install Now

To get started using Facebook Store, head over to the Shopify App store and install the app. If you have questions about using it, make sure you check out the full documentation.

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