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Australian Payment Gateway NetRegistry Integrated

Shopify now has support for the Australian payment gateway NetRegistry. NetRegistry is a huge player in Australian web hosting and ecommerce, and we’re happy to have support for their payment gateway.

From NetRegistry’s homepage:

The Payment Gateway is an ecommerce payments service enabling real time credit card processing with no internet transaction fees.

Special thanks to George Ogata who contributed the code to to ActiveMerchant.

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Payment Gateway CyberSource Integrated

Shopify now has support for the payment gateway CyberSource.

From CyberSource’s homepage:

CyberSource provides secure electronic payment solutions for multiple sales channels. Our goal is to help maximise sales and increase operating efficiency.

We began developing electronic payment and card-not-present fraud detection technology in 1996, long before the eCommerce industry took off. Today, with a customer list that includes, British Airways and Nike, CyberSource is a proven provider of best-in-breed commerce automation solutions backed by exceptional customer support.

Special thanks to Matt Margolis who contributed the code to to ActiveMerchant.

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UK Payment Gateway Protx Integrated

Shopify has now integrated with the UK payment gateway Protx. Protx is one of the most popular UK gateways, and we’re happy to finally have support for it.

From the Protx website:

Protx provides secure online credit card and debit card payment solutions for thousands of online and mail order businesses across the UK.

We have grown to become the largest independent Payment Service Provider in the country because our solutions offer our customers exceptional value for money without compromising on the level of service and functionality we provide.

Special thanks to Vincent Palmer who contributed the code to to ActiveMerchant.

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Google Analytics Integration

We just deployed a small update which makes Google Analytics integration a lot simpler.

Gone are the days where you had to manually change your Shop layout. You can simply let Shopify know which account id to track and it will insert the right instrumentation on the right pages.

To enable the advanced ecommerce tracking you still have to enable it in Google Analytics. Please refer to the Google Analytics Guide on our wiki .

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Expanded pricing options and a brand spankin' new site

Since Shopify was launched, more and more people have been telling us that they love what they see, but the unfortunately the price is a deal breaker because the transaction fee is too high. We are excited to announce that Shopify now has a number of pricing options available, all with lower transaction fees than the original 3% plan that everyone had to use up until now. We also have a free trial plan that lets people get a feel for Shopify and do some designing without entering any credit card information and without any pressure to upgrade right away.

Active shops can stay on with the plan their owners signed up for, or upgrade to one of the new plans through the administration interface. Inactive shops are moved to our free trial account automatically. More details about the rollover to the new plans can be found on our shiny new informational site.

...That’s right, we’ve got a new site to show off! We’re really proud of the new design and there’s a whole whack of new content there for visitors to peruse. One thing that I love about the new site is the page showcasing great examples of Shopify storefronts. For a while I’ve found that when people ask me about Shopify I often just point them directly to our shop of the moment feed, because I think the best way of showing off this product is with the great array of beautiful and well-designed shops that are built with it. Now that feed is mirrored directly on the examples page and I think it fits in beautifully.

One thing that might seem strange at first is the domain name we’ve got for the new site: Because gets so many visitors every day, we decided that instead of continuing to use it as a brochure site we should use it to drive traffic directly to our users’ shops. The Shopify Marketplace will let customers globally search through products from all participating Shopify stores and will act as a platform for shop promotion in other ways as well. We are extremely excited about the potential for this new aspect of Shopify, and you’ll hear more about it really soon.

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