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Real time stats for the rabid statistician in you

The latest addition to Shopify’s administration interface is a brand new real time statistics panel that we installed on Friday. We are all really proud of this improvement, as the new panel is a lot more interactive and customizable than the previous one and provides much more extensive information about the visits to your shop.

First of all, here’s the great new Flash-based traffic graph:

It not only shows you daily page hit rates across a timeframe of your choosing – it also lets you precisely define the range of dates used to instantly generate a detailed report on-the-fly. Drag the start- and end-sliders wherever you want, or click on a particular day to get really specific about things. Either way, the details are updated instantly:

Here we see total page hits and visits for the given time period, as well as the sites that helped drive that traffic to us. What’s really cool here is that you can also easily see the average number of pages seen in a single visit to your shop, and the number of unique visitors that were responsible for all that traffic. Both of these numbers are fantastic for gauging the effectiveness of your marketing and design efforts: if you see an increase in the number of pages per visit, for instance, then you know the new design of your front page that you just completed is already paying off!

The bottom of your report shows yet more information about who your visitors are and how they got to your shop. Whenever someone gets to your shop by entering a query into a search engine, Shopify knows about it and keeps a record of what they were searching for. By seeing the most popular search terms used to find your shop, you get valuable information for optimizing your shop to get the kinds of visitors you want.

You can also see what countries your visitors are browsing from, and an overview showing the broad categories of how they end up at your shop. If you see that for some reason you are getting a whole lot of visitors from a country you’ve never heard of, then you might consider shipping there in the future; sometimes you never know where a potential base of customers lies.


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Help Wanted...

jaded Pixel is searching for a person to help with standard office administration work. The position is part time and should last until September but has the possibility of being extended. Work would be mostly done offsite however there would be regular meetings at the JP offices and Bridgehead in downtown Ottawa. The ideal person would have an interest in business, technology and startups. Salary is negotiable.

If interested please email me at: scott (at) jadedpixel (dot) com

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Best laid plans...

Well, that didn’t go as planned.

Moving a large web application from one datacenter to another is never an easy task, and sometimes you learn that the hard way.

We messed up, and we apologize for the downtime. We know that our shop owners and their customers rely on us to provide them with a reliable, stable ecommerce platform, and today we have failed to provide that to them.

I’d like to personally apologize to everyone who has been affected today. I am JadedPixel’s system administrator and I’m sad to say that this happened on my watch.

We are catching heat for this in our support email right now, and rightly so. Believe me when I tell you that we are taking this incident as a giant “lesson learned” and we will be improving just about every aspect of how we do this kind of maintenance in the future.

Thank you, Paul.

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On the move...

Update: Well this didn’t work. No matter how well you prepare such an endeavor, something unforeseen will always happen. For now the old server farm picked up where it left.

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1 year old!

We released Shopify to the public on June 2. 2006. Wow. Has it already been a year?

Shopify’s success has been nothing short of amazing. Millions of dollars worth of products have been sold courtesy of our software and we managed to attract some of the best designers in the industry to create Shopify stores and themes. Tens of thousands of stores have opened shop and hundreds more join them every week.

The quality of the design work we see daily is the most gratifying aspect of Shopify’s success. Jaded Pixel has always been a very visual company and it’s great to see that good design attracts good design.

But not only did we revolutionize the tired ecommerce industry on the visual design front; the code of Shopify is also much talked about in web development circles. In fact, you could hear people discussing Shopify in the presentations and in the corridors during the recent RailsConf in Portland. We love open source and we contributed a lot of projects back to the community. Without open source Shopify could never have been made. Amongst the contributions were endless enhancements to the Ruby on Rails project, the release of our template language Liquid and our payment processor library ActiveMerchant.

To celebrate our birthday we commissioned Jared Burns of Scrapbook your memories and Vorsat fame to create a new theme for us: Vogue. It’s now available in the Look & Feel section ready to be applied.

Vogue Ecommerce

Vogue is our most flexible theme so far. There are some tutorials for customizations on the demo page such as Adding a logo and Switching Color Palettes.

What’s to come? Jaded Pixel is 100% committed to Shopify and this will remain our focus. Our goal this year will be to make Shopify work better for bigger merchants and help with the promotion of our customers’ products. Things you will see in Shopify in the future:

  • API support to make it dead easy for third party applications to extend Shopify
  • Digital goods
  • Bulk import / export
  • Integration with shipping services such as USPS
  • The Shopify Marketplace

Here are just a few of the things we integrated in the first year of Shopify:

  • Bring your own domain feature
  • Internationalization support of the checkout process. 34 complete translations done by the community!
  • Robust search system
  • OpenID support for login and signup
  • Discount codes
  • Marketing tab to help drive traffic to your store
  • Dashboard tab with realtime visitor statistics
  • Admin-wide quick search feature
  • Fulfillment services support
  • Taxation options for European countries (VAT)
  • Support for sitemap.xml
  • Microformats
  • COD, Money order, Direct debit
  • 5 new themes
  • 19 new payment gateways
  • Google Checkout integration
  • Paypal Payments Pro integration

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Jadedpixel Campfire chat

Cody F.
Check out this awesomeness:
Cody F.
tobistan = Country.find(:first, :order => 'id DESC')

    assert_equal 'Tobistan',
    assert_equal 'tb', tobistan.code
    assert_equal 0.0,
Cody F.
such treasures lay hidden throughout the Shopify source
Daniel W.
No tax in Tobistan!!
James M.
Daniel W.
Daniel W.
flag of Tobistan
Cody F.
so awesome!
James M.
tobistan should make war on sealand
Daniel W.
i wonder if they have boats

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