Braintree Payment Gateway Integrated

Shopify now has support for the payment gateway Braintree.

From the Braintree homepage:

Braintree Financial is a leading provider of electronic payment services such as credit cards, electronic checks. The company is a single source provider offering customers a one stop for all of their payment processing needs. Braintree offers cutting edge technology, high touch consulting services to better manage costs and streamline operations, and other value added services such as financing and security compliance.

Special thanks to Michael J. Mangino who contributed the code to to ActiveMerchant.

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ViaKLIX Payment Gateway Integrated

Shopify now has support for the payment gateway viaKLIX. ViaKLIX is a part of the Nova Processing Network, which is one of the largest payment processors.

From the Nova Information Systems homepage:

NOVA and euroConex boast an expanding global reach that delivers merchant processing in more than 30 countries and supports the payment needs of more than 1,000,000 merchant locations across the globe. NOVA is the third largest U.S. credit card processor, euroConex is a top 4 acquirer in the European market place, and together, we hold a position among the top 10 processors worldwide.

Special thanks to Sal Scotto who contributed the code to to ActiveMerchant.

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Australian Payment Gateway NetRegistry Integrated

Shopify now has support for the Australian payment gateway NetRegistry. NetRegistry is a huge player in Australian web hosting and ecommerce, and we’re happy to have support for their payment gateway.

From NetRegistry’s homepage:

The Payment Gateway is an ecommerce payments service enabling real time credit card processing with no internet transaction fees.

Special thanks to George Ogata who contributed the code to to ActiveMerchant.

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Payment Gateway CyberSource Integrated

Shopify now has support for the payment gateway CyberSource.

From CyberSource’s homepage:

CyberSource provides secure electronic payment solutions for multiple sales channels. Our goal is to help maximise sales and increase operating efficiency.

We began developing electronic payment and card-not-present fraud detection technology in 1996, long before the eCommerce industry took off. Today, with a customer list that includes, British Airways and Nike, CyberSource is a proven provider of best-in-breed commerce automation solutions backed by exceptional customer support.

Special thanks to Matt Margolis who contributed the code to to ActiveMerchant.

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UK Payment Gateway Protx Integrated

Shopify has now integrated with the UK payment gateway Protx. Protx is one of the most popular UK gateways, and we’re happy to finally have support for it.

From the Protx website:

Protx provides secure online credit card and debit card payment solutions for thousands of online and mail order businesses across the UK.

We have grown to become the largest independent Payment Service Provider in the country because our solutions offer our customers exceptional value for money without compromising on the level of service and functionality we provide.

Special thanks to Vincent Palmer who contributed the code to to ActiveMerchant.

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Google Analytics Integration

We just deployed a small update which makes Google Analytics integration a lot simpler.

Gone are the days where you had to manually change your Shop layout. You can simply let Shopify know which account id to track and it will insert the right instrumentation on the right pages.

To enable the advanced ecommerce tracking you still have to enable it in Google Analytics. Please refer to the Google Analytics Guide on our wiki .

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Introducing Shopify Marketplace

Searching for art prints in Shopify Marketplace

Since launching Shopify, our focus has always been on the individual shop and the care that goes into presenting one’s products in exactly the right way. That focus will always be there in Shopify because we believe that there is enormous value in a uniquely designed customer experience. Up until now, though, each shop has lived a rather solitary life separate from all the others that our users have created.

Enter jaded Pixel’s second product: Shopify Marketplace.

Visitors to Shopify Marketplace can search and find products from all participating Shopify stores using a streamlined interface and backed by a powerful search engine. You can search the Marketplace using a lot of the nice features you might already use with search engines like Google, such as "searching for exact phrases using quotes" and excluding -certain terms -"using dashes". Once you add your shop to the Marketplace, each of your products will be listed there and continually tracked with full-text indexing of all of its attributes. Getting your products indexed by Marketplace is free for any Shopify user.

The benefit to shop owners is obvious since we are providing a way for every visitor to to actively search for and buy the products being sold. gets a lot of traffic every day and that traffic is now directly helping customers and Shopify stores find each other. Shop owners are also able to promote their shop by getting it exclusively featured on the front page of the Marketplace for a particular day. A featured shop’s products are also highlighted within visitors’ search results for the next month.

While Shopify Marketplace and Shopify each work to support the other, the Marketplace is really a new entity independent from Shopify itself. Specifically, The Marketplace interacts with our users’ shops completely through Shopify’s API which we will be releasing to for public use shortly. That’s right, developers: the API will give you all the tools you need to build applications with just as much Shopify integration as you see demonstrated in the Marketplace.

Shopify Marketplace is a lightweight product right now, and we are committed to keeping its interface as clean as possible. With that in mind, we also have big ideas for expanding the Marketplace into a really powerful platform for shop promotion, customer interaction, and community-building in general. So stay tuned.

Update: Our friends from CouldBe Studios put together a OSX Dashboard Widget

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