Paul Ouderkirk

When he’s not in the ceiling pulling wires, Paul enjoys his role as a UNIX gunslinger for jadedPixel.

Paul is a graduate of Carleton University where he studied a wide variety of subjects before leaving with a degree in psychology.

Paul is a big fan of OpenBSD, Sun hardware, Nikon cameras and writing in the third-person.

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James MacAulay

James is currently working towards a degree in the cognition and computation stream of the cognitive science program at Carleton University, which is just about the perfect field of study to satisfy his various interests.

He first met the jaded Pixel developers through the local Ruby users’ group that they started up, and then ended up writing help documentation for them when Shopify launched in mid-2006. Now he’s on board full-time when not attending classes, having loads of fun working on Shopify and jaded Pixel’s various open-source projects.

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Shannon McKarney

Shannon is a transplanted Nova Scotian who, despite living away for 12 years, hasn’t lost the ability to dismember a lobster with her bare hands. She’s worked in areas as diverse as tourism, coffee slinging and food services before finally landing in technology, where she’s spent the last decade. Starting in technical support in a long since bought out company, she moved in to sales, professional services and community management before coming to Jaded Pixel, where she’s in charge of the long-sought affiliate system for Shopify. Shannon’s an active blogger, traveller and girl geek.

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Mike Rochon

Mike is Dayman, fighter of the Nightman. He is a master of Karate and Friendship.

When not fighting evil in a battle to the death Mike is usually fighting technical problems in a somewhat similar battle. Starting on computers at the age of 7, Mike found his calling when he fixed the family PC, a Vic-20, and learned to program in Basic (very… VERY basic.)

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Gift Ideas from the Shopify gang

Christmas is nearly upon us, so those of us at Jaded Pixel have decided to try to make your lives a little easier by giving you some last-minute shopping ideas. We’ve done a completely random look-see at lots of Shopify shops to find some great potential gifts. We paid no attention to currency, location or price, just the sheer gift giving fun…

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