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Zappos Top Ten eCommerce Lessons

Zappos Top Ten eCommerce Lessons

The CEO of Zappos gave a presentation on the Top 10 Lessons they've Learned about eCommerce. Zappos is one of the largest online retailers around, with gross merchandise sales of over $800M in 2007 and currently stocks more than 3 million shoes, handbags, clothing items and accessories from over 1,100 brands (from Click through for a few of the lessons they've learned...

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Upcoming e-Commerce events

I’ve found a few upcoming events that could be worthwhile for folks in ecommerce to attend. At PayPal, there are several PayPal/Jupiter Research events in March about "how to grow your business in what appears to be a slowing economy". They will be visiting five US cities and will have a large retailer present in each city to discuss ecommerce strategies for growth.

Also, over at Sitebrand, they are hosting a Webinar on Thursday, March 6th entitled Jon Stewart or Oprah: What’s your Online Store’s Personality?. The webinar is free and will cover topics including:

  • the 4 types of people browsing your site
  • how to adjust your design to speak to each type appropriately
  • what type of messaging and incentives optimize conversion
  • what features will trigger action for each type
  • creative ways retailers speak their language


If anyone attends these events, we’d love to hear your feedback. Post a comment here or talk about it in the ecommerce forums.

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Ecommerce Roundup, Feb. 28

Here’s this week’s dose of “I’ve posted the best and not the rest” for you…

The "2007 Ecommerce Success Report" is available at The report, compiled by , details the ecommerce sales over the 2007 Holiday season, what the trends and gains were, as well as the strategies that drove the results. There are some very interesting numbers in here, such as the comparison between early holiday and peak holiday conversions (a 66% increase) and a 27% increase in year over year revenue. Take a look and see if there is any information you can apply to your stores for next year.

Over on the Get Elastic blog you’ll find an educational article on SEO. It touches on the SEO Shenanigans a threat to Social Media debate, as well as providing great ideas for good search engine optimization that you can apply to your site.

ZenTrend’s has come up with a very innovative approach that combines ecommerce and customer driven content. Their iStyler allows customers to view potential future fashion offerings from their store and vote on whether they love it or hate it. As described by , the customer then gets a direct say in whether or not a piece makes it to the virtual shelf – thus prompting return traffic as well as providing real feedback in what is sometimes a hit-and-miss decision for fashion buyers. Not to mention it is completely addictive.

There’s a fun podcast over at Startup Nation, where they interview Kevin Harmon from on various approaches to ecommerce, including finding the best outlet for your products!

And finally…

Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Ecommerce!
Happy Birthday to you!

Read the story of how the first ecommerce transaction took place on March 4, 1983 – with a 300 BPS modem and phone line, no less!

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E-commerce News Roundup, Feb. 22

Morning all, here’s your ecommerce news roundup. I read the internet so you don’t have to!

eMarketer, a market research and trend analysis company, predicts that online retailers in the US will ring up over $100 billion more in sales in 2012 than they did in 2007. They predict that the sales growth will come mainly from consumers who are shifting their spending from traditional retail stores to the Internet.

Great news (and great kudos) for online retailers: The American Customer Satisfaction Index reports that while customer satisfaction in retail is down overall, it has increased for online shopping. As stated by Medill Reports, the sole bucker of the depressing slump is ecommerce, “an avenue that enjoyed its highest ever rating of 81.6, a 2 percent improvement from 2006 and the apex of its eight-year presence on the index.” The highest rated online retailer was, with Newegg and Netflix close behind.

“Basically, the theory being, as consumers are satisfied, they spend more,” said Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee Results, an Ann Arbor company that measures online customer satisfaction in conjunction with the ACSI. “This is one of the best indicators of consumer spending.””

More good news from the UK: Ecommerce Topline Growth Continues, with electronics and clothing leading “led year-on-year growth of 75 per cent during January or the equivalent of £74 [being] spent online for every person in the UK.”

Also for UK designers: The Manufacturing Institute is providing a grant to SMES in areas of Northwest England to assist them to diversify online. This could be a great incentive for some of your customers to take the next step. More information is available online.

Got news? Email Shannon at Affiliates [at] jadedpixel [dot] com.

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Storage Space

I just wanted to confirm that we are aware of the storage space issues. There was a bug which caused the storage display to be reported incorrectly and when addressing this it turned out that many customers were using more space than previously thought.

This is clearly a mistake on our side as we were reporting the storage usage incorrectly. To address the issue we went ahead and raised the storage limit of every shopify store by 50%. This is true for existing as well as new stores.

This is not all however, we are doing some infrastructure changes with will allow us to raise the storage limits further. Expect an announcement regarding this in the coming months.

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