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Irish Payment Gateway Realex Integrated

Shopify has now integrated with the Irish payment gateway Realex.

From the Realex website:

Realex Payments is a leading European payment service provider. Based in Dublin, Ireland, the company enjoys an exceptional track record of growth.

Founded in 2000, the company provides a broad range of payment services to small and large businesses as well as financial institutions. Realex Payments process billions of euro per annum for merchants domestically and internationally, across a wide range of industries including airlines, mobile carriers, utilities, insurance companies and gaming companies.

Special thanks to John Ward who contributed the code to to ActiveMerchant.

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Danish Payment Gateway Quickpay Integrated

Shopify has now integrated with the Danish payment gateway Quickpay.

From the Quickpay website:

QuickPay is the easy and reliable payment solution for e-commerce merchants. QuickPay enable thousands of businesses to accept payments on the internet. Credit and debit cards and bank transfers. In any language and most currencies. All through one merchant account, one payment processing system.

Special thanks to Quickpay who donated money to ActiveMerchant to pay for the development of the gateway.

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What are they saying?

I just noticed a new figurine has been strategically placed near the Resident Evil 4 guy in our office. I can only assume James brought it with him. These things are starting to take over which is terrific. We should make a caption contest out of this.

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Pixelated James

We met James MacAulay through the Ottawa local ruby group OGRE. He has been helping out by writing the Shopify help and doing all sorts of other odds and ends for us during 2006. With every intention of finishing his cognitive science degree, he will join us full-time for the summer.

Please say hi when you see him around.

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The Webware 100

Rafe Needleman of CNet’s Webware blog recently launched what he is calling ‘the first user-generated Web 2.0 awards’. How it works is pretty simple, people submit apps that they like then Rafe and his pals will select 25 apps in 10 categories for the finalist round. In late May, they will open up the voting again to determine which of the 250 finalists make Webware Top 100.

Voting for this round goes until May 7th and it would be great to see Shopify make the cut. If you’re a happy Shopify user or if you just love Shopify, please throw a nomination our way under the productivity category.

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