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Asset Management

Did you ever want to insert an Image on one of your blog posts or add a PDF with a feature overview to a product but you just could not figure out where to upload such files?

This week we introduce some improvements to Shopify’s asset management:

New is the “Insert an image” link which you can find underneath every text area in Shopify.

Clicking it opens a new dialog:

The files you upload here are independent of your theme and will stay with you even if you decide to apply a completely new theme to your store.

You can get an overview of all your uploaded files under the new Assets tab.

The new Assets tab unifies the Uploaded files, the newly redesigned Theme Editor and the Theme Gallery.

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Fetch- Digital downloads for Shopify

Fetch is an application developed by Pixellent for bringing digital goods delivery to Shopify.

from the product page :

Selling digital products like music, photos and software has never been easier. Fetch is the smartest, freshest, most elegant digital delivery application that makes selling digital goods simple. Your information is hosted on our fast, reliable and secure web servers, so transactions are worry free. Simply add digital items and our automated system will do the rest!

Once setup, fetch will automatically contact your customers with the download instructions for your digital goods. Digital items are hosted on their secure servers and are only made available for actual customers.

Its fantastic to see the Shopify eco-system growing just prior to the launch of our Open API thanks to our wonderful customer base and passionate store owners. We hope that this is the first of many businesses build around Shopify, best of luck to Pixellent.

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SecurePayTech Payment Gateway Integrated

Shopify now has support for the New Zealand based payment gateway SecurePayTech, thanks to a member of the Shopify community. Jasper Bryant-Greene had originally requested the gateway in the Shopify forums, but he decided to take matters into his own hands and write the code for the gateway himself. He then contributed the code to ActiveMerchant. More information about contributing payment gateways to ActiveMerchant can be found in the ActiveMerchant Guide to Contributing.

Some more information about SecurePayTech from their homepage: provides secure and affordable credit card authorization and processing services for on-line businesses. Comprehensive reporting of individual transactions combined with historical trend analysis keeps you firmly in control of your business.

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Webgistix Fulfillment Service Integrated

We’re very excited to expand our support for fulfillment services with our new support for Webgistix, a global leader in fulfillment solutions.

From the Webgistix homepage:

Webgistix is a global leader in fulfillment solutions. The company has a reputation for delivering fast and accurate order fulfillment services, useful Internet technology, and personalized customer service.

The company was built on the Webgistix guarantee – Every order shipped with 100% accuracy within 24 hours or it’s free.

The entire Webgistix model has been engineered from inception to deliver exceptional order fulfillment services and technology. You never have to worry about an order being shipped and can focus on your core business.

Fulfillment services are excellent because they allow you focus on your core business instead of worrying about warehousing, packaging, and shipping, as we have previously mentioned.

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NETbilling Payment Gateway Integrated

Shopify now has support for the US based payment gateway NETbilling.

From the NETbilling homepage:

Compatible with numerous banking platforms, offered both within the USA and Internationally, Netbilling provides a completely secure transaction processing solution for any online merchant. Whether you are a new merchant requiring a complete education in all aspects of online sales, or a seasoned professional with specific needs, Netbilling is your ultimate online business partner.

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CommSecure's PaySecure Payment Gateway Integrated

Shopify now has support for CommSecure’s Australian payment gateway PaySecure.

From the PaySecure homepage:

PaySecure has been designed as a secure payments gateway to facilitate electronic payments for credit card and direct debit.

It supports merchant acquiring through all major Australian banks eg Westpac, ANZ, NAB, Commonwealth and St George Bank and can process all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.

Using military-strength encryption technology, PaySecure ensures tight security – an essential safeguard for online transactions. The service also uses a fault-tolerant architecture to enable rapid data re-routing in the case of individual equipment failure, while also using duplicate site locations to save data in the event of a major disaster.

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Sell items on your blog with Shopify

You can now sell products on your blog easily using Shopify.  It is compatible with all blog systems meaning you can sell items using Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, Dupal, Joomla, Typepad, Moveable Type, and other blogging software.  

Want to see a live example? Click here to open the Shopify merchandise store.  

Are you ready to setup a store on your blog? Follow these three steps below to add an online store to Wordpress, Tumblr and other blogs:

Step 1 - Setup Shopify For Your Blog Store

To setup your blog store, you'll need to sign up for Shopify.  Click here to sign up for a 30 day free trial.  

When you setup your Shopify account, spend some time on adding your products, putting them into categories (called collections), and setting up shipping and tax rates.  You can skip the setup steps for setting up pages, domain names and your store design.

Once you've added some products to sell,  click here to install the free Shopify Widget App.  The Widget is what powers your blog store.

Step 2 - Setup Your Blog Store

On the homepage of the Shopify Widget app, choose ‘embed a shop’ on the right

Select the collections you want to display in your blog store.

Step 3 - Start Selling From Your Blog

The Shopify Widget App will give you HTML code that you can paste into any blog post or any page on your blog.  You should be up and running in minutes selling from your blog.

Have a question about setting up your blog store?  Ask us below. 

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