Shopify VS GoDaddy Ecommerce

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Invented online shopping

Will water your plants while you're away

Loves you for who you are*

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...we know you'd rather hear from real ex-GoDaddy customers

Godaddy is hard to manipulate templates with zero customer service help in my experience...Shopify’s benefits are price, Built-in SEO and customizing.

ex-GoDaddy customer

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Go Daddy website or store that looked halfway decent.

ex-GoDaddy customer

GoDaddy's e-commerce platform does not even come close to comparing to Shopify. The templates you have available are much, much cleaner and much, much more appealing to the eyes. Having the access to changing the base coding is HUGE!!! I love the back office compared to theirs as well, I had to pay 20 a year for basic analytic information. I get more sales per click now that I switched.

Thanks a ton!!


Tony Burnett, ex-GoDaddy customer

Since signing up for the free account and working with the Shopify system, we’re really impressed. We decided to cancel our shopping cart that we got through GoDaddy, and the SSL certificate, and were able to get a refund for those.

KC Fuzzy, ex-GoDaddy customer (Full Review)