Shopify VS Volusion

Instead of showing you another one of these...

Invented online shopping

Will water your plants while you're away

Loves you for who you are*

* Premium plans only

...we know you'd rather hear from real ex-Volusion customers

I signed up for Volusion and Shopify's free trial because I need more functionality in setting up a store online. This is my first store and Shopify is hands down the best so far, for ease of use and the interface doesn't take too long to learn which is key.

Volusion is difficult to a newcomer like me and its more expensive for the features that Shopify has standard. Their templates are around $600!

I like Shopify and I am almost done setting up my store and I am pleased with the product. I am pleased with the simplicity which is a bonus, plus Shopify is Canadian!

Keep The work goin!

Matthew Barnes

Much better - more flexible, more SKUs, more fun. More expensive too, but worth it.

Clare Yuille

We just opened a store with you folks called Jayes Studio. We actually switched from Volusion to you folks and love the ease of Shopify.

We have 4 other sites that we want to bring over to you guys.

Lalan Shrikam,

I take my hat off to anyone who runs a successful Volusion site... the admin when compared to @Shopify is a slow endless nightmare... zzz

@Undergrndmedia, ex-Volusion customer

I spent 1 full month just to migrate from my old site (hosted from Volusion) to Shopify, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Volusion sucks because they charge extra for additional bandwidth usage, and their store design looks dated (they're selling ~$1,200 design templates, which only replaces some images and uses same structure as the default setting)