Looking to sell on Facebook & increase social engagement on your store?

Social Commerce on Facebook

Interested in facebook ecommerce and setting up a store on Facebook? You can do that in a snap with Shopify.

Facebook and other social platforms are a great way to increase social engagement with your customers and their friends. It’s a great way to keep loyal customers updated with your latest sales and products, as well as a valuable secondary sales channel. Shopify offers apps that aid you in integrating your shops with these platforms and vice versa.

Like/share buttons allow your customers to show their friends things on your store that they might be interested in buying. This simple step can help get your products out there for the world to see. People often want what their friends buy; harness the power of social proof to really push your sales over the edge. Nobody knows your prospective customers as well as their friends, so allowing easy sharing can generate great leads.

Facebook stores that sell your Shopify products are also super easy to set up with Shopify apps. Allowing your customer to make purchases right from your Facebook fan page can greatly reduce friction for your customers by allowing them to browse your shop and make a purchase without ever leaving your page. This seamless experience results in better conversions and happier customers. 

You can also use apps like Curebit and ShopLogic to reward social referrals. These apps make it easy to offer discounts upon checkout that not only help that customer, but their friends and whoever they refer to your shop.

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