Refer clients to Shopify and earn a 20% commission

Shopify allows designers and developers to easily build highly customizable stores for clients

  • Design custom Shopify themes.

    Create a new, custom Shopify theme for a client or adapt an existing theme to fit a store's brand. Building a theme only requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and the easy-to-learn Liquid template language.

  • Develop new features & functionality.

    You can use the Shopify API to build applications that connect directly with a Shopify store. Applications can add features and functionality for the store, improve back-end processes, and much more.

  • Help your client build a successful business.

    Use your talents to help budding entrepreneurs build sustainable online businesses. Entrepreneurs are also on the lookout for photographers to snap product photos, marketers to bring in more customers, accountants for tax help, and more.

We’ve made a one-pager PDF of our feature tour to share with your clients

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Become a Shopify Expert

If you’re just starting out and are looking for Shopify work, make sure to frequent the Job Board in our forums, and keep an eye on twitter for Shopify customers looking for help with their store.

Once you have five or more Shopify contracts under your belt, you’ll be eligible to apply to be listed in the Shopify Experts directory.

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