Design a Shopify theme. Make serious money.

Create a custom shop for a client and earn 20% of their monthly Shopify bill.
Or design a theme from scratch and sell it in the Shopify Theme Store. Earn up to 70% of each theme sale.

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  • Easy to learn, and complete control.

    Shopify themes are developed using HTML, CSS and a template language called Liquid. We give you complete control of your store design.

  • Design a custom theme for client, or sell in our Theme Store.

    Create a custom Shopify theme for a client, or develop a theme for our Theme Store and earn monthly income.

  • Demand is at an all-time high.

    The average theme sold in the Shopify Theme Store makes well over $10,000. Twenty-five themes have surpassed the one hundred sales milestone, with four of those earning over $100,000 in sales to date. Read a case study.

  • New to the platform? Don't worry, we're here to help.

    Check out our Theme documentation, chat with us in our discussion forums, or download our free Timber theme framework to get started.

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Once you have 5 or more Shopify clients in your portfolio, you can apply to be listed in the Shopify Experts directory. You’ll gain exposure to 50,000+ merchants using Shopify, and grow your list of clients at lightning speed.

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