Community Programming

Entrepreneurs leverage their local communities to find success and we play a major role in supporting entrepreneurial communities around the world. We offer decentralized programming through our community teams and our Shopify LA space to continue providing one-on-one support for entrepreneurs.

Online Learning

For self-directed online learning, Shopify’s Help Center and Community provide guidance and instructions for every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. With assistance available in multiple languages, the Help Center provides hundreds of intuitive FAQs while the Shopify Community is a safe place for merchants and partners to learn from one another, with videos, blogs, and webinars available.

Business Courses

Our on demand have helped entrepreneurs learn while they build their business. Much of the programming is focused on a diverse group of creators advising business owners, including The Hot Money Minute and Financial Literacy series, which are both learning tracks centered around Black entrepreneurial stories.

Open Learning

Students use the Open Learning program to learn in a way that’s best suited for them. We’re working with over 100 colleges, universities, and high schools to develop digital learning experiences for thousands of students to help them meet their learning goals and explore entrepreneurship risk-free.