10 Podcasts to Help You Get Creative

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It seems like wherever you turn, there’s a new podcast starting up. And while podcasts are certainly not a new phenomenon, they’ve definitely hit critical mass—there’s now a podcast for everything, from machine learning, to app development, to true crime.

And while there’s a definite entertainment value to podcasts, there’s also a lot to be said about the ones that make you think. As someone who works in a creative field, you likely think about creativity fairly often. After all, you rely on it for your livelihood.

As creatives in the ecommerce industry, staying inspired is a massive part of your day—from building to communicating to coming up with solutions, your creativity is at the base of so many entrepreneurial activities. It’s an important characteristic to nurture.

So, to help spark your own creativity, here’s a roundup of the best podcasts to help you get creative.

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1. 99% Invisible

creative podcasts: 99 invisible

The 99% Invisible podcast is about things you don’t think about—the unseen process of design and architecture that goes into the stuff we interact with every day. From the inflatable men at used car dealerships, to the classic design of mailboxes with red flags, 99% Invisible covers a huge range of subjects.

With such an esoteric collection of subject matter, you never know what episode will get the wheels turning. It’s an entertaining, often poignant, and always interesting deep dive into design of everyday life.

2. Adventures in Design

creative podcasts: adventures in design

Adventures in Design is a morning talk show about living a creative life. Full of interviews with creatives from all kinds of backgrounds, AID digs into how professionals bring creativity into their everyday life.

Entertaining, educational, and inspiring, this is a great podcast for exploring all the different ways creativity manifests itself.

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3. The Accidental Creative

creative podcasts: the accidental creative

The Accidental Creative is a podcast full of interviews with entrepreneurs, leaders, and creatives. With insights from a huge array of creative professionals, and discussions on everything from surviving hardships, to networking, to everything in between, this podcast will definitely help you along your path of reaching your full potential as a creative.

4. The Moment

creative podcasts: the moment

The Moment is a fascinating podcast featuring interviews with all kinds of creatives from very different industries, discussing the moment that sparked their career. It’s insightful, interesting, and great proof that you never know what moment will change your life.

5. Note to Self

creative podcasts: note to self

Note to Self is a podcast about how technology is changing our everyday lives. As creative professionals operating in a digital world, Note to Self looks into how people interact with technology. Taking in present-day considerations like data, bots, and privacy, Note to Self will get you thinking about how your creations are impacting the world.

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6. The Allusionist

creative podcasts: the allusionist

The Allusionist is a podcast about language. While potentially not related directly to your industry, the deep dive that this podcast makes into the words we use, their history, and their interpretations will undoubtedly spark some creative thinking.

Looking at the words we use, how their meaning has changed, and how different words mean different things to different people, helps us understand a little more how humans communicate and, in the end, how we all get along.

7. Well Made

creative podcasts: well made

This one is particularly relevant to ecommerce. Well Made is a show about the people and stories behind online brands. By looking at how brands got their start and the beliefs that entrepreneurs have about building their businesses, Well Made is a great way to get into the minds of those who start stores.

8. Overshare

creative podcasts: overshare

Overshare is a podcast about the harder side of being a professional creative. By looking beyond the pretty portfolios and gorgeous Instagram grids, Overshare gets into the nitty gritty difficulties of being a creative, and interviews other creatives about how they deal with the bumps in the road.

9. The Unmistakable Creative

creative podcasts: the unmistakable creative

The Unmistakable Creative digs into the stories of creatives from all sorts of industries, from authors to designers to makers. Sometimes deeply personal, and always insightful, the Unmistakable Creative is a great way to reignite your passion for your own creativity.

10. Working Without Pants

creative podcasts: working without pants

Working Without Pants is a great podcast for any agency owner or consultant. It features interviews with other entrepreneurs and looks into their backstory—what they’ve learned, how to be sustainable, and their business philosophies.

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Podcasts for the creative life

Being a professional creative is different from most jobs, and it can sometimes feel a bit isolating. These podcasts are a great reminder that the world is full of creatives, and offer a great source of encouragement and inspiration whenever you need it.

What's your favorite podcast for getting creative? Let us know in the comments below!

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