Top 10 Podcasts for App Developers

top 10 podcasts

Over the past few years, podcasts have significantly grown in popularity. Whether it be in the car, while walking to work, or when you have some time to kill and your headphones handy, podcasts are a great way to tune into expert conversations.

After researching what podcasts have been created by the developer community and putting my own two ears to work, I’ve compiled a list of podcast worth tuning into. If you’d like to learn more about certain programming language, get insights into how experts handle app growth, or just want to hear some friendly banter among your programming peers, you should be able to find what you’re looking for in the list below.

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top 10 podcasts: developer tea 1. Developer Tea  

Looking to optimize your fifteen-minute coffee break? Developer Tea is updated frequently and provides sharp and succinct overviews of different topics relating to life as a developer, such as code reviews, prototyping, and scaling and detailing features. Podcast is created and hosted by Jonathan Cutrell, CTO of Whiteboard.

top 10 podcasts 2. Turing-Incomplete Podcast 

Turing-Incomplete covers all the hot topics in software, including stories behind growing tech communities, frustrations and favourite aspects of programming in different languages, productivity, and the struggles of shipping features effectively. This podcast is hosted by Justin Campbell of HashiCorp, Jearvon Dharrie of Philly.rb, Pam Selle of IOpipe, and software consultant Len Smith.

top 10 podcasts: js party 3. JS Party

As the name implies, JS Party is for people who want to celebrate everything JavaScript. It covers all JS topics from web platforms, frontend frameworks, web animation, robotics, IoT, and more. Fresh episodes are broadcasted every fri-yay. The JavasScript enthusiasts hosting this show are Mikael Rogers of SamsungNEXT, Rachel White of Microsoft, and Alex Sexton of Stripe.

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top 10 podcasts: react native 4. React Native Radio

If React is your language of choice for building apps, you’ll enjoy this weekly podcast that features a rotating cast of developers who regularly build in React Native. React Native Radio episodes cover everything from building mobile apps, to progressive web apps, animating in React, and how to integrate with various tools.

top 10 podcasts: ruby book club 5. Ruby Book Club

Always wanted to join a book club? Passionate about Ruby? Ruby Book Club delivers on both. Each week, a different section of a book on Ruby is analyzed and discussed by podcast hosts Nadia Odunayo of Ignition Works, and Saron Yitbarek of Code Newbies.

top 10 podcasts: adventures in angular 6. Adventures in Angular

Aimed toward Angular app developers, Adventures in Angular provides new content every week around the history of the framework, finding learning resources, and discussion on how it’s been used for building apps. Each episode features different guests who share their own experiences with Angular.

top 10 podcasts: founders talk 7. Founders Talk

Starting a software business can a be a challenging and unique journey. Founders Talk is a great resource for learning how to launch, grow, and scale your business. Each episode features a new founder and is hosted by Adam Stacoviak, the founder of Changelog, a digital media company built around telling developer centric stories.

top 10 podcasts: the support ops hangout 8. The Support Ops Hangout

We all know that great support can set your app apart. The Support Ops Hangout discusses everything support, including onboarding flows, the pipeline between the support team and the product team, and managing a support team. Recorded weekly, topics are discussed among CX experts Carolyn Kopprasch of Buffer, Chase Clemons of Basecamp, Jeff Vincent of Wistia, and Chase Livingston of Automatic.

top 10 podcasts: tbn 9. Two Black Nerds

TBN centers around banter between two friends who are both engineers and recent graduates. They discuss finding work-life balance in the world of tech, their favorite self-development books, and the importance of coders having creative outlets. Hosts of this podcast are Iheanyi Ekechukwu of Digital Ocean, and electrical engineer I.Romeo Kwihangana.

top 10 podcasts: the debug log 10. The Debug Log

This game development and design podcast goes in-depth in exploring new programs and evolutions in the gaming world. Particularly for Unity developers, this podcast will provide inspiration and insight into how great games are made. This Unity-loving podcast crew consists of Andrew Currie, Obbina Oparah, Zack Schneider, Ryan Killgore, and Eduardo Castillo Fernandez.

Is there a particular series you enjoy, that's not mentioned on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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