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Route deeply connects brands with their customers to delight them at every opportunity, transforming the buying journey from ordered to delivered, and everywhere in between.

Give shoppers peace of mind at checkout with shipping insurance that protects against loss, theft, or damage – with carbon neutral shipping on all protected orders. Offer immersive package tracking that keeps your brand top-of-mind and deliver personalized product recommendations that drive additional purchases.

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  • Santa Monica, United States
  • New York, United States

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October 2023


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When you order something online, you need to know where it is at all times. That's what Route has provided for us. Route is a natural fit, and it's as much about the customer experience as it is for our staff experience. Our customer questions have gone down nearly 75% since we’ve added Route.

Parker Bushnell, Director of Purchasing and AnalyticsUtah Jazz

Route is a saving grace for us and our customers! Their team handles and processes claims quickly, and our customers are happier with such a top-notch customer experience, even during busy times.

Rosa Curran, Accounting ManagerHouse of Intuition

Route allows us to turn a customer that would have walked away due to a poor experience into a repeat customer – and it allows us to cut our customer service costs in half.

Ben Sternberg, Chief Strategy OfficerTres Colori