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Shop Pay boosts conversion for MORI by 8.5%

Launched online in the UK in 2015, MORI was started by two uncles who had difficulty finding practical, high-quality gifts at reasonable prices for their nieces and nephews - with a particular focus on sleepwear.

Using both the Shopify Plus and Shopify Payments platforms, MORI continued to grow and in 2018 expanded internationally to the US with a new ecommerce store. Despite their fast growth, the brand remains focused on empowering families to sleep better by creating soft and sustainable baby and children’s sleepwear that is gentle on sensitive skin and gives parents peace of mind.

With the growth of the company, MORI wanted to identify the value that Shopify Payments delivers, with a particular focus on its accelerated payment method: Shop Pay. 

There were internal talks of potentially moving payment providers to for a change in pricing fees, but there were concerns that by replacing Shopify Payments, Shop Pay would no longer be available. Considering Shop Pay was the most popular payment method for MORI’s customers, exceeding both Apple Pay and Google Pay, this came as a big risk.

Shop Pay also helped MORI avoid abandoned checkouts, so the brand needed to consider the overall impact a switch would have.

During an internal analysis conducted by Shopify for MORI, both UK and US results for Shop Pay exceeded expectations. It was obvious that by not having Shop Pay at checkout, MORI would lose considerably not only customers but also conversions and revenue—none of which would benefit or balance the rate reduction that would come with switching to another payment provider. 

MORI also saw further benefits with Shopify Payments. In the US, it has the flexibility and control to offer Shop Pay Installments simply by switching it on in its Shopify admin, without needing to run complicated installations and technical contracts—something that would be required with other payment providers.


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Met Shopify zag Baby Mori snel resultaten.


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