Break out the discounts

Boost your sales with automatic discounts, promo codes, or free shipping. Set up, schedule, and track everything from your Shopify admin.

Create a discount 

Add even more discounts features with apps from the Shopify App store.

Get help with discounts from the Shopify Help Center.

Breakthrough BFCM checklist

Prepare your store for the biggest selling event of the year. Read the Breakthrough BFCM checklist on the Shopify blog to help ensure you sell your best.

Break through with marketing

Showcase and share your discounts, products, and brand—wherever your shoppers are. Shopify Marketing’s simplified tools can help you break down marketing barriers and seize your share of BFCM sales.

Shopify Ping

Break the ice with Shopify Ping, the free messaging app that helps you connect directly with your customers and attract new shoppers.

Install Shopify Ping for iOS 

Sell on social media

Turn likes into sales on Instagram with Shopify’s powerful suite of social media marketing tools.

Create a social campaign 

Attract new shoppers

Get your products in front of new potential customers with Facebook audience building ads, Snapchat story ads, and Microsoft Advertising campaigns.

Create an awareness campaign 

Turn shoppers into customers

Use the power of Google Smart Shopping campaigns and Facebook dynamic retargeting ads to bring shoppers back to your store when they’re ready to buy.

Create a retargeting campaign 

Learn at your own pace

Access free step-by-step tutorials on how to use Facebook, Instagram, Google, and email marketing to grow your business on Shopify Compass.

Browse BFCM marketing apps on the Shopify App store.

Get help with BFCM marketing from the Shopify Help Center.

Break through customer experiences

From answering customer’s questions while they shop, to quickly changing their orders if they change their mind, Shopify has everything you need to make an impression that lasts well beyond BFCM.

Shopify Chat

Quickly answer shopper’s questions, recommend products, and share discount codes—all from Shopify Ping and for free.

Install Shopify Chat 

Order editing

Seamlessly add, remove, and adjust item quantities whenever a customer changes their mind.

Explore order editing 

Browse loyalty program apps on the Shopify App store.

Get help with editing orders from the Shopify Help Center.

Break through shipping

A solid shipping strategy helps deliver a delightful customer experience and a breakthrough BFCM for your business. Shopify’s range of shipping tools can help you plan now for success later.

Learn more about Shopify Shipping 

Use the Shipping Calculator to help inform your BFCM strategy.

Get help with shipping from the Shopify Help Center.

Break down your data

Use marketing reports to track key conversion metrics, assess marketing initiatives, learn about your abandoned carts, and inform smarter campaigns all year round.

Explore marketing reports 

Browse reporting apps on the Shopify App store.

Get help with marketing reports from the Shopify Help Center.

Give yourself a break

You’re not alone on your business journey. Shopify is here to support you through BFCM, and all year round.

Award-winning support

Connect with Shopify customer support over online chat, phone, or email. Support is available 24/7, and can help with almost any challenge your business encounters.

Contact support 

Shopify Experts

Hire a certified Shopify Expert to help you with everything from store setup and design, to SEO and BFCM marketing.

Explore Shopify Experts