Network Connectivity Restored

We’re back online!

Here’s what we got back from our network provider:


Sorry for all the questions, I wanted to make sure it was a hardware problem and not a configuration problem.  
I simply reset your network switch, it seems as though the power cable came loose, I reattached the cable 
and afixed it to the switch.  Your server is back up responding to ping and ssh.  

It took FOUR HOURS for them to figure that out.


Needless to say, this has been as completely unacceptable for us as we are sure it has been for you.

JadedPixel will be relocating our server farm to a new provider in the very near future. Stay tuned for further updates.



  • Giles
    December 06 2006, 07:45PM

    Wow. Maybe they’re staffed by Bill & Ted …

  • Mel Pennington
    Mel Pennington
    December 06 2006, 07:45PM

    cough bullshit. cough

    Mind if we know the name of the company so we can boycott them?

  • Kenzie
    December 06 2006, 07:45PM

    Silver lining: My monitoring service works!

  • Alex
    December 06 2006, 07:45PM

    Looks like its Layered Technologies Inc. ( )

  • Ben
    December 06 2006, 07:45PM

    Power cord? 4 hours? That’s bush-league.

  • Ss
    December 06 2006, 07:45PM

    That’s unacceptable!

    What kind of compensation are they offering to make up for this?

    How many stores? 4 hours, that’s some lost revenue.

  • Chris
    December 06 2006, 07:45PM

    Media Temple, grid-server. Job done. It rocks, they rock.

  • Peter Tedesco
    Peter Tedesco
    December 06 2006, 07:45PM

    Hey, Scott, Tobi, Daniel, Cody and Paul:

    I know the perfect solution for you guys.. I have a friend that works with the largest managed DNS provider and I know they can help. Please shoot me an email so I can give you the info….


  • Ken
    December 06 2006, 07:45PM

    I second that Mediatemple request

  • @Shopify tobi
    December 06 2006, 07:45PM

    We are in talks with media temple as well as some other similar sized hosting companies. Grid server falls short of our requirements by a large margin however. Shopify has a pretty sizable server-farm as right now and we need room to grow.

  • Peter
    December 06 2006, 07:45PM

    Tobi, I wasn’t aware you guys were looking for a new hosting company, the company I was refering too was NeuStar Ultra Services, they do just managed DNS.

  • Erik
    December 06 2006, 07:45PM

    “… we need room to grow.”
    Perhaps have a look at TextDrive’s Accelerator Hosting, looks quite tempting. They’d also have an open ear for a deeper conversation, I think.

  • tobi
    December 06 2006, 07:45PM

    Guess who we had dinner with last night ;)

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