Which of These Online Stores Are Powered by Shopify? Win a $100 Gift Card of Your Choice

Which of These Online Stores Are Powered by Shopify? Win a $100 Gift Card of Your Choice


Shopify powers the online stores of established brands like Tesla, DODOCase, Wikipedia & the LA Clippers... But, we've also been at the core of some of the world's fastest growing brands, right from the start. Can you guess which of these global brands are powered by Shopify? You might be surprised at the answers.



  • Terry
    March 06 2015, 09:07AM

    Wu-tang clan too? Awesomeness!

  • Douglas Deroche
    Douglas Deroche
    March 06 2015, 02:02PM

    Would be awesome if I win the iTunes $100 :) More movies and music!!!
    also Great work Shopify.

  • Doug Young
    Doug Young
    March 06 2015, 06:16PM

    For most of these you can add an item to cart and when you get to checkout you will see shopify in the url

    Another method is to view the page source (watch out as some sites (like epicmealtime) have the store at a subdomain, so make sure to click through to the store first)
    Once looking at the page source just Cmd-F and type shopify – dingdingding

  • Joseph
    March 08 2015, 06:17PM

    10/10 Wow! But it’s logic with Shopify!

  • Sheda
    March 08 2015, 08:08PM

    AWESOME! That they all use Shopify, another great way to check if they are using shopify is by viewing the source code. :)

  • Kamran Mirza
    Kamran Mirza
    March 09 2015, 03:59AM

    Come on alll of them!!! mind blowing…I’m impressed.

  • Tyler
    March 10 2015, 05:02PM

    View source and search for shopify. Typically the source code is filled with shopify through out.

  • Ayla
    March 11 2015, 01:14PM

    Really cool – I googled the stores + Shopify ;)

  • Kermit
    March 11 2015, 02:25PM

    Developer source code or Shopify+ brand name both works!

    March 12 2015, 12:00PM

    I kinda noticed the logos/brand name in the background of the quiz layout.

  • Chris Dyson
    Chris Dyson
    March 12 2015, 12:05PM

    All use Shopify – source code and key word search with name + shopify.

  • Allison
    March 12 2015, 01:50PM

    Shopify is awesome and they have the best support team!

  • elan
    March 12 2015, 05:10PM

    I used Shopify for about a month, as a test to determine how to best do e-commerce outside of the etsy venue.

    I became familiar with the site templates and knew these were Shopify…otherwise, I just Goggled the info! :)
    Surprised by a couple.


  • Junie
    March 13 2015, 12:48PM

    Shopify seems to have an edge in all the finest stores or brands. That’s how I figured they use Shopify. There’s also this clean, professional and modern and funky look they all have that just goes with most or all Shopify sites. That’s how I knew!lol.

  • Simon
    March 13 2015, 01:34PM

    Great that they all use Shopify and if you don’t, why not?

    It’s easy to work out which brand uses Shopify, it’s unlikely that Shopify would be mentioning a Brand or Retailer that didn’t!!!

    So that must mean that yippee they ALL use Shopify!

  • Delailah Cromack
    Delailah Cromack
    March 14 2015, 09:26AM

    Brilliantly awesome :-)

  • Kim Austin
    Kim Austin
    March 14 2015, 12:45PM

    They ALL use Shopify, how awesome for us !!!

  • Ss
    March 16 2015, 02:17PM


    Nice meme buttons btw, lol.

  • Treena
    March 18 2015, 09:32PM

    Read some of the tweets and articles from Shopify but mostly read the “comment-by-typists” (word-of-mouth) from this post.

    Best wishes, Shopify.

  • atto yeboah
    atto yeboah
    April 03 2015, 07:20PM

    all the 3 stores mentioned

  • Shelley
    November 20 2017, 12:55PM

    A sight advertising powered by shopify has no contact, and I suspect is fraudulant. How can I tell if it is

  • George
    June 04 2018, 06:58AM


    Good day I’m interested in making purchase from your store to my shop in Ireland. I’d love to know if you ship internationally and accept credit card as a method of payment.

    George Peterson.

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