Gift Ideas from the Shopify gang

Gift Ideas from the Shopify gang

Christmas is nearly upon us, so we at Jaded Pixel have decided to try to make your lives a little easier by giving you some last-minute shopping ideas. We’ve done a completely random look-see at lots of Shopify shops to find some great potential gifts. We paid no attention to currency, location or price, just the sheer gift giving fun…

Mike picked out Furni’s super rad digital watch, which is already a big hit around the Jaded Pixel offices.

Gift Ideas from the Shopify gang
Cody and Tobi both selected a little treat straight out of Better Homes and Freakshows. Scare your houseguests, horrify the neighbours with this hand soap from Foliage.

Tobi continued the theme by adding a Zombie Horde to the gift list. And if you needed to make a quick getaway from the horror, you could always try out a motorized scooter from Roth Motors.

Daniel’s done some digging and found some snazzy cufflinks from Simone Walsh and the spiffy Squirrel Bag at left from Filthy Farmgirl. The well dressed man should be wearing both this year!

Gift Ideas from the Shopify gang

Someone has got be girly around here, so Shannon chose some sparkle from Marc and Pearl (at right). And for all those card-sending requirements throughout the year, it’s always a good idea to have a stash of cool or comical cards at hand, like these ones from Cardiac.

Jeremy is standing up for the legions of men who are tired of getting boring socks and ties for Christmas. Jazz up the underwear collection with some fancy briefs from Danial Webster.

Despite neither of them having children (as far as we know), both James and Paul found some excellent kids T-shirts from Ladybug’s Picnic. Paul also found some kids toys he can really get behind at Spicy Brown.

James is not entirely of the “Christmas is for kids” sentiment, however, spotting this little gem for the grownups at Channel 13.

Finally, Scott does not disappoint with a selection of fun gift ideas: the cosy Ugly Dog Wedgehead, a funky Space Invaders button from Air Raid, a cool Tofu Robot tee from Spicy Brown, or – if you really want to spoil your gift recipient – this Sapling Grain Surfboards Home Grown Surfboard Kit.

Happy shopping!

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