Scott Lake

Scott Lake

Scott Lake

In his past lives, Scott has been a bike messenger, a university lecturer and a professional driver at NATO. Since getting into high tech, he has worked at three start-ups and has sold and supported software to some of the largest organizations in the world.

Scott is a big fan of snowboarding, iyengar yoga and ultimate frisbee. He is also a published writer, an exhibited artist and holds a PhD in Political Science. At jaded Pixel, Scott moves all the paperwork from the inbox to the outbox and once in a while has a good idea.


  • shaun markey
    shaun markey
    January 14 2008, 02:12PM

    Hi Scott
    I am an Ottawa based media relations contractor and thought to get in touch with you.
    I used the Shopify software this morning and was really impressed with it! I think you’ve got a terrific concept there.
    I am a big believer in the Internet, social media and ecommerce.
    I specialize in helping emerging firms build their profile in the media, especially business and consumer related media. I am very effective at what I do. (Google or Technorati “powercost monitor” to see what I have accomplished for one of my client firms.)
    Would you take 20 minutes and have a coffee with me one morning?
    Thank you.
    Shaun Markey

  • Jen
    April 05 2018, 10:12PM

    Did you live in Belgium in the late 80s?

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