Our Apologies

Two days ago we deployed a fun new mini feature to Shopify. We now congratulate our customers on their 100th order and make it complementary to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately a unfinished version of this code made it on our production servers without QA noticing. So last night when the code ran it accidentally sent out the E-Mail to every shop that has 100 or more orders instead of just the handful of stores that hit 100 orders on this particular day. To make matters worse, these emails referenced an order that didn’t actually happen in the store. So yes, you can stop looking for the order by “Lenin V”, he actually exists and he actually ordered something from Shopify, but not from your store :)

We have fixed this problem since then and we do apologize again for the confusion created. We promise more rigor in testing these deployments.

Also, if you are Lenin V, please contact us for a free t-shirt.

The Shopify Team



  • Chelsea
    July 23 2009, 01:42PM

    Ooops! We all make mistakes – thanks for clarifying.

  • Maria da Graça Moreira
    Maria da Graça Moreira
    July 23 2009, 01:42PM

    thanks god! I was lookig for that order the past 2 days and desperately waiting for it to arrive.

  • Icarrin
    July 23 2009, 01:42PM

    Hahaha quite funny, eerrmm I want a free shopify t-shirt too :)

  • bolt quartermane
    bolt quartermane
    September 08 2016, 11:51AM

    What has happened to SMB Nootropics and their sister Site SMB Nutrition ? Their sites are now unreachable! Whats up? Their phone number (1-800-762-4318) still works but you get a recording explaining nothing. What happened? Somebody forget to pay the bill?——-BOLT

  • altona
    October 27 2016, 12:42PM

    October 27 2016 – still no response from smbnootropics.com, site is down. Apparently they are out of business.

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