Showcase Your Best Sellers

Showcase Your Best Sellers

We recently added a best-selling sort-order for collections allowing you to sort a collection so that the best-selling products show up first in the collection: a great way to showcase your top performers.

If you are currently manually maintaining a list of best-sellers then you definitely want to take advantage of this new feature. It may also be a good idea to take advantage of this for your frontpage collection so the first thing customers see are the most often purchased items; a popular sales technique that often leads to increased sales for your shop.

Showcase Your Best Sellers



  • Andrea
    July 21 2016, 08:13AM

    Would be useful if it worked.

  • Mike
    August 12 2016, 01:04PM

    works fine , you just have to add ?sort_by=best-selling at the end of the url of the collection

    ie: /collections/best-selling-products?sort_by=best-selling

  • Kellis Landrum
    Kellis Landrum
    December 16 2016, 12:10PM

    Does anyone know if this is the product that has sold the most units or the product that has generated the highest revenue?

    June 02 2017, 08:33PM

    We have an app which does more than just sorting by bestsellers. First of all, you can define the rules for the item to be considered a bestseller. This can be a number of sales or revenue, etc Second, it helps you to push your new products up if needed and push out-of-stock items down. Check it out here: < Bestsellers reSort

  • ibrahim shareef
    ibrahim shareef
    May 06 2018, 09:28AM

    how to hide best-seller option in front page?

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