Now You Can Choose: Shipping Address and Charging Taxes Now Optional

Now You Can Choose: Shipping Address and Charging Taxes Now Optional

We’re proud to announce we’ve added two great new features for product variants that we hope will make it easier and more convenient to sell digital goods or services to your customers.

Require a Shipping Address

If you’re selling a downloadable PDF book or registration to a conference, you may not require a shipping address from your customer. In this case, you can simply uncheck the “Require a Shipping Address” box for any such product variants.


If none of the items in an order require a shipping address, then the checkout process will not request any kind of shipping information, and no shipping rate will be added to the order total.

Charge Taxes

In some cases, you may not want to charge taxes for your product variants. By unchecking the “Charge Taxes” box on a product variant, taxes for this particular item won’t be included in the order’s total.

Taxable Checkbox on Product Variants

Bulk Products Importing

Both of these features have been added to Bulk Products Importing. See the wiki for formatting details.



  • Jeff
    December 08 2009, 09:00AM

    Is there a way to apply this in bulk to already existing products? My store sells clothing, which is generally not taxed, and also accessories, which are taxed. But right now, everything is taxed on an in-state order, which isn’t right. It would be a lot of work to go and fix every product we have individually.

  • Derek
    December 08 2009, 09:00AM

    Bravo! I noticed this last night when I was adding products. Is it possible to add this option in the variant pull-down menu where you can adjust All the variants’ tax and shipping with one click?

  • Ana
    December 08 2009, 09:00AM

    Awesome! I am setting up my new store and this was a big problem. Now, just add DHL to shipping companies and I am completely in love.

  • Chelsea
    December 08 2009, 09:00AM

    Thanks for these great new features. This will make some of our plans much easier to execute!

  • Brooklyn Junior
    Brooklyn Junior
    December 08 2009, 09:00AM

    It would be great to be able to change all variants with one click. It took me forever to update.

  • Tongkat Ali
    Tongkat Ali
    December 08 2009, 09:00AM

    Love the new improvements, I’ll be selling digital products early in 2010 and cant wait to get the new store set up!

  • Tyler
    December 08 2009, 09:00AM

    Related to this change, I really think you need to add the ability to not default the “billing address same as shipping address flage” as checked. I run an internet gift order website, and the shipping address is never the same as the billing address. So, to assume these two addresses is the same, makes my company look less legitimate.

    Thank you,

    Tyler Enstice

  • @Shopify James MacAulay
    James MacAulay
    December 08 2009, 09:00AM

    I’ll look into batch updates through the admin interface. For now, you can use a product CSV export/import to edit these options for many products/variants at once.

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