FedEx-calculated shipping rates

FedEx-calculated shipping rates

FedEx-calculated shipping rates

Good news, shop owners! FedEx has joined UPS and USPS as the latest integrated shipping carrier in Shopify. This means that users with Business, Enterprise, or Premier plans can charge customers shipping based on estimates that come straight from FedEx. You just need to follow the instructions on our wiki to get some credentials from FedEx, then you enter them on the shipping preferences screen in your Shopify admin interface and you’re good to go.

We know a lot of people have been eager for this integration, so we’re really glad to be able to release it!



  • DefunktOne
    December 16 2009, 10:05AM

    Are you able to configure shipping at the product level?



  • David
    December 16 2009, 10:05AM


    Should this integration now be available within the store admin? It is not showing up as an option.


  • @Shopify James MacAulay
    James MacAulay
    December 16 2009, 10:05AM

    David: Business/Enterprise/Premier plan subscribers will see FedEx alongside UPS and USPS on the shipping preferences screen.

    DefunktOne: you can turn on/off shipping entirely for individual product variants, but you can’t have different groups of shipping rate options for different variants (because each order needs to end up with a single choice).

  • Kent
    April 27 2011, 06:47PM

    I implemented this a Fed-X shipping integration a month or so ago and had to remove it because a VERY basic shipping quote was only provided based on WEIGHT and no consideration was given to the SIZE of the package. I have had to remove this functionality because I would loose money.

    Is there any way to get accurate shipping quotes using both weight and size?

  • Arthur
    December 10 2011, 11:28AM

    Is there ANY shopify shipping solution that allows the integration of product dimensions iso that the customer can obtain an accurate shipping quote? This is a huge problem that could so easily be addressed by allowing the dimensions of a product to be stored. I’ve just set up the Canada Post shipping module in both Zencart and Shopify. In Zencart you can store the product dimensions and so the quote is perfect (it also accepts the Canada Post handling charge, which Shopify drops), while in Shopify you’re still stuck in the dark ages with one variable – weight. This is such an easy fix I can’t understand why there hasn’t been any attempt to address this issue in an otherwise excellent product.

  • nir
    February 09 2012, 04:33PM

    Why is this only offered to the Business, Enterprise, or Premier people using Professional need this feature as well… Why block such a feature? Enabling it for professional will help a company grow and in return upgrade their plan… This is a win win!

  • Rob
    June 13 2012, 02:47AM

    Any Australia Post shipping rates integration?

  • Matthew
    November 26 2012, 06:41PM

    Does Fed Ex integration include the ability to print labels without having to manually re-enter the customer’s address, etc.? Although this is technically part of fulfillment, it does factor into the decision of whether or not to upgrade my plan in order to get the Fed Ex integration. It’s difficult to find specific info on this.

  • Caitlin
    May 08 2014, 07:36PM

    Another FedEx Rate Hike…Here is what you can do about it.
    FedEx just announced it is raising prices by about 41% for one-third of their ground shipments. They’re doing this by charging for “box size” instead of “weight”. See article:

    Who is impacted and what can they do about it?
    Lighter weight products requiring a larger size box will cost more to ship. Product examples are diapers, paper towels, shoes, light toys, promotional materials, bulky household goods, fragile items requiring padded packaging, and many others. This increase will dramatically affect online retailers and small businesses the most. Merchants will have to choose to either raise product prices (sales will decrease), pass on shipping fees (cart abandonment will increase), or absorb the fee entirely (not competitive long-term).

    Is there a good option?
    Yes. While FedEx is raising rates, has lowered the price of shipping via USPS 2-Day Priority Mail with an innovative New Blue program now available at The company already saves shippers about 20% from their previous bills with FedEx or UPS by giving them access to pricing designed to compete with market leaders such as Amazon. By offering 2-day service for less than FEDEX 5-day ground, users retain more profit and provide a better transit experience to their customers. If you’re still shipping with FedEx or UPS, contact us for a free shipping analysis. We’re here to help.

  • Chris
    September 23 2014, 01:15PM

    It is really sad that you have to pay Shopify a huge amount to get access to live shipping rates. My old website provided didn’t do that. Bad business as it makes my business grow slower.

  • Mak
    August 15 2017, 06:55PM

    I was planning on switching from magento to either shopify or thirty bees. Thanks for making the choice easy. Why in god’s name do I have to pay so much money to get fedex integrated with shopify? Why is there not an app for that? Magento includes fedex for free because they know businesses use it a lot.

  • JR
    October 24 2017, 10:41AM

    I agree with Mak. Why not just offer it with $79 solution. Beginning stores cannot afford $299 just for this integration. Very disappointed

  • suit
    January 15 2018, 08:01AM

    Hello the currency rates in add to cart product and the checkout page are different. I don’t know why this is happening in my shopify store ‘’ This is my store link. Please add to cart any product then please check the price in cart product and international checkout page product price.

  • Danny
    January 27 2018, 08:18PM

    That’s robbery to offer Fedex integration at $299 no other platform does this. This will be down turn for our company to offer Shopfiy as a solution and we will have to refer to other platforms for starting businesses.

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