Turning a Used Camera into a +$100,000 Tesla Roadster

Turning a Used Camera into a +$100,000 Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster is hands-down one of my favourite sports cars. It's a 248 horsepower beast that's agile and powerful as heck. It's also battery operated so you can drive (really quickly) right past the gas station.

Turning a Used Camera into a +$100,000 Tesla Roadster 
Tesla's online store is powered by Shopify. They sell apparel, accessories, and even charging stations. Not long ago, a gentleman named Martin Provost sent me an email. He introduced himself and said he was trying to do the impossible: turn a used Minolta Maxxum SLR camera into a $100,000 Tesla Roadster by making successive trades of increased value. He heard about Shopify (and me) because he noticed "Powered by Shopify" written at the bottom of Tesla Shops homepage.
Martin's ambitious quest is called Trading up to a Tesla, and he's partnered with a company called Swapsity
He's made 6 trades so far and is now accepting offers for his current item: A $3,000 giftcard to Shopify! The giftcard can be used for any one of our online store packages listed on our pricing and signup page. So what did Martin trade us for the giftcard? Well, we got a Super VIP Tour of Beau's Brewery (our favorite local beer) for our whole team, which included transportation, Beau's gear, and lots, and lots of beer! Pretty hard to resist. Here's a picture of Martin at Shopify HQ making the trade with me (I'm on the left): 
If you're interested in Martin's quest toward a Tesla Roadster, or perhaps have the need for a Shopify giftcard and have something cool to trade, check out Martin's website



  • Mike Gulett
    Mike Gulett
    November 19 2011, 05:04PM

    I also love the Tesla Roadster and was able to get a test drive in the first prototypes a few years ago and wrote about it here:


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