Start Your Holiday Ecommerce Campaign NOW!

Start Your Holiday Ecommerce Campaign NOW!

Can you believe it's already the middle of November? Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season for millions of  shoppers - and it's just around the corner! If you haven't already done so, you should start planning your holiday ecommerce campaign immediately. Not tomorrow. Not after you've checked your emails. Right now. :-)

Start Your Holiday Ecommerce Campaign NOW!

Last month I wrote an article on how to make the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In this post I want to give you a few more  ecommerce marketing ideas to consider before holiday shopping begins. Here are 4 ideas on how to plan and implement your store's holiday shopping campaign:

1. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts

If you want to optimize your holiday shopping campaign for greater success, perhaps the best thing you can do is create some Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Tell customers on your mailing list about your sales and share these details with your Twitter followers and Facebook fans. 

If you really want to build anticipation, don't reveal all of your discounts in your email blast to existing customers. Give them in-depth details on a few of your juiciest deals, and encourage them to visit your online store to find out the rest. That way, they'll be more inclined to actually visit your site, rather than deleting the email after digesting all of the information. 

2. Use Ecommerce Product Videos

To give visitors to your online store a real taste of what your products are and what they do, make sure to create a few videos to showcase the main products you are hoping to sell this holiday season. 

Be sure to show some personality in your videos. If your video's entertaining as well as informative, your customers will be more inclined to share the videos with their friends. If you're interested in learning more, I wrote a post about ecommerce product videos you should check out.

3. Stay on top of Social Media

We've touched on social media marketing before, but this is an aspect of your holiday marketing that really requires your attention. Make sure you're on top of your social media marketing by engaging with your customers every day. If you're using a social media management tool such as HootSuite, you can set it up to schedule tweets and Facebook posts in advance so you can be sure you're regularly sharing content through all your networks. 

4. Build a Sense of Urgency

Make sure to prominently display the last guaranteed shipping date on your store's homepage to make sure your customers know how long they have to order from you. Additionally, ensure you make it very clear when your holiday sales period is ending.

Organizing your holiday shopping campaign doesn't need to be a head-scratching nightmare. Just plan efficiently, try to be creative and above all else, get started right now!



  • Justin Winter
    Justin Winter
    November 21 2011, 08:59AM

    Would be very interested in what the pro’s/con’s are to doing a black friday and/or cyber monday deal. For us we have a tight community of people and doing 2 different types of sales on those 2 days wouldn’t make much sense. Only really having the same sale both days.

    What are other stores doing?

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    December 01 2011, 07:37PM

    @Justin: Gosh – I wish I saw your comment earlier, I would have tried to get a post up about that. Next year!

  • suhana
    April 09 2013, 09:06AM

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