New Store Fridays - December 9, 2011

New Store Fridays - December 9, 2011

 New Store Fridays - December 9, 2011

Holy Moly! We have over 20 awesome new shops in this weeks roundup of new Shopify stores.

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Products: A clothing brand with purpose - to encourage others to 'Live A Life Worth Imitating'!


Products: High-end Fashion for your furry little friend.

Buy Some Damn

Products: Hand-picked selection of some of the best independent art directly to buyers, arriving in their inboxes every week.


Products: Your local music store, anywhere.


Products: Shaving yaks, one cup of coffee at a time.


Products: Leather ties for the modern man.


Products: We specialize in used recipe books for the casual chef and culinary professional alike.


Products: A small independently run online design store based out of Oslo, Norway, offering designer-friendly clothing, books, prints, toys, etc.

Anson Belt &

Products: A unique belt and buckle company introducing a Micro-Adjustable belt using Micradjust Technology.

i heart

Products: A range of handmade jewelry and accessories mainly using resin.

Products: The exclusive home of Purple Revolver and Pistol Whippy art and merchandise.


Products: Beauty and grooming products sourced from all-natural ingredients that are gentle and nourishing for your pet's skin and coat.


Products: A sleek, sexy, multi-functional case allowing you to transform the way you use your iPad. Don't drop it, just Grablet.

Tree to

Products: Hand-crafted creation made in the nation's capital, Washington, DC.

Slave to

Products: Our mission is to help wargamers cut the time it takes to paint their armies in HALF!

Products: A service that converts pictures to digital videos.

Good City

Products: A carefully-curated selection of new and used records and cool gear.


Products: Created to bring you the best the web has to offer in the world of audio education.


Products: Maker of cute things. Cloud gazer. Puddle smasher.


Products: An award winning gift boutique with gorgeous gifts for all occasions. Specializing in unique cancer gifts for men and woman.


  • Michael
    December 09 2011, 09:47PM

    Oops, we just opened too!, and we’ve been getting tons of orders :-)

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