5 Tips to Help Entrepreneurs Work From Home

5 Tips to Help Entrepreneurs Work From Home

A lot of ecommerce entrepreneurs work from home. The overheads are drastically lower than renting office space, set-up costs are small, and you save a ton of time not having to commute to an office.

There are negatives though. Distractions sneak up on you really quick - playing with the kids, reorganizing the  fridge, watching TV, even cleaning the house has never been so tempting! Here are 5 strategies that will help you work from home more efficiently:

1. Dress as if you're in an office

Crawling out of bed and turning on your computer to start work immediately isn't a good idea. Prepare yourself like you would for a work day at the office. Shower. Have breakfast. Wear something other than your pyjamas. Doing so will help you get into the right mindset you need to concentrate on your work.

2. Set up a dedicated office space

This doesn't necessarily mean having a dedicated room for work. Many of us don't have that luxury of space. Still, it's important to have a desk area with everything you need close by so you don't get distracted while looking for a document you've misplaced among the household bills. Even if it's nothing more than a small desk tucked in a corner, make sure it's a space that's yours. If possible, don't use your work computer for anything other than managing your business. Remember to politely ask your family to let you work too – while you may be at home, you need to get work done without distraction.

3. Listen to Music

It might help to listen to some music while you're working. Pro tip: listening to instrumental music or songs with lyrics you don't understand may help you focus even more. Being able to understand lyrics distracts the language processing part of your brain and divides your attention. Beethoven's 7th Symphony is my personal favorite when I have important work to do.

4. Stay organized

Being super-organized is vital. Try preparing lunch before you start the day. Set specific working hours. If you have your day planned and you know exactly what you need to accomplish in a given day, you'll be able to concentrate on the work that needs to be done. Just remember to schedule some down time too.

5. Know when to call it a day

Remember that retaining focus is not simply about keeping your mind on work. You have to know when to disconnect and spend time with your family, relax and not think about work for a while. Keeping away from work so you can concentrate on the rest of your life will help you focus on the job when it's time to get back to your workspace. We encourage this with all the Shopify jobs as well.