14 Shopify Stores With Amazing Product Photography

14 Shopify Stores With Amazing Product Photography

The importance of having awesome product photography in an online store cannot be emphasized enough. If your products don't look great, they aren't going to sell. Furthermore, since your customers are shopping online, they don't have the advantage of being able to try out your product in person. They can't pick it up, feel its weight, try it on, touch its edges or give it a squeeze. Your product photos need to bring the customer as close to an in-person shopping experience as possible.

After you check out this gallery, follow these 6 simple steps to help improve your ecommerce product photography.

Here are 14 Shopify stores that make great use of their product photography:

Little Sparrow Tea



Brooks and Kinney




Via Snella

Camila Prada

Studio Neat


Industry Belts and Bags

Hand and Cloth



  • David Seal
    David Seal
    May 30 2012, 12:43PM

    Awesome Ben! Great blog post idea.

  • Alex
    May 30 2012, 01:16PM

    Love it, great list.

  • @Shopify Caroline Schnapp
    Caroline Schnapp
    May 30 2012, 02:28PM

    Wow, great listing, Ben!

    Can’t be emphasized enough how important product pictures are, indeed!

  • Yan
    May 30 2012, 02:44PM

    Glad to see Deckster make the list. Their photos are simply beautiful.

  • Andrew Youderian
    Andrew Youderian
    May 30 2012, 03:12PM

    Beautiful examples. I especially like the photos from ethnotekbags.com.

    If you sell a lot of products – or drop ship them – you can tap your customers to get some great pictures. They likely won’t be as professional, but depending on your niche this might necessarily not be a bad thing.

    We sell a lot of vehicle accessories and having pictures of our products installed on a wide variety of vehicles is valuable to our customers, even though they aren’t the most beautiful shots on earth. To get them, we offer incentives (contests, cash back) for submitting installation pictures and then use the best ones on our website.

  • Fred
    May 30 2012, 05:36PM

    Great examples. I’ll be using some of these as inspiration when we take new pictures for our product relaunch.

    I’ve really been wrestling with the decision between straight-forward product shots (against a white bg) versus ‘in the wild’ shots of a product in use. I’m planning on the later since our travel bags are very much designed for a particular lifestyle.

  • @Shopify Jamie
    May 31 2012, 07:31AM

    Very very good examples Ben! Photography makes all the difference between a store that sells and a store that’s stale. Everyone should check out the photography section in Shopify’s experts area. If that doesn’t work there are almost always creative art college students who can improve a site’s photographic impressions for a reasonable price.

  • Dominic Coballe
    Dominic Coballe
    May 31 2012, 02:53PM

    Thanks for the mentioning us (Deckster), pretty great company to be in.

  • Shopaholla
    May 31 2012, 07:07PM

    One of the first questions we ask new clients is about their photography. It really is half the battle in winning over customers once they are in your store.

  • Camila
    June 01 2012, 09:32AM

    Crazy that I made this list considering I took all my shots in an iphone! In natural light with no additional lights. As I as doing it, I was thinking: “I should be making a video tutorial of this.” I used a tiny tripod and pieces of white paper to reflect the light. Would anybody like to see a video of this?

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