New Store Friday - July 26, 2012

New Store Friday - July 26, 2012
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Football Zero
Large range of Football merchandise, A-League soccer jerseys, Socceroos & English Premier League kits.

Bieren Van Geert
Belgian beers.

Connect with merchants by responding to their individual needs by growing their businesses.

Urban Running Girl
Female running shrugs.

Eco Friendly Dog Chew toys - Grass Fed Cattle Rawhides, Patagonian Rabbit Ears, and More.

Texas Timber Bat Co.
Offers exceptional quality, timeless style, and a brand that reflects the values in America's Pastime. Featuring our hand burned trademark.

Wood Tribes
Combines both art and fashion with designing products engraved and assembled into wooden accessories.

Inspired clothing for boys 6m to 10 years, with a French touch.

Sells limited edition modern Butcher Charts. The Heritage Hog is the first in the series and is on sale now.

Hand made prints on artists who have changed the world in many ways.

House of Halls
Premium denim for men who demand excellent styling and strong attention to detail.

Which Watch Online
Designer watches at bargain prices.

The Noble Pony
T-shirts for gamers and other geeks.

Modern Address Design
manufacture stylish brushed aluminum address numbers, that are finished with a high quality clear coat.

Conceive and create a plethora of things catering to the discerning classes.

Golden Bear Toys
High Quality, safe and reliable children’s toys that please parents and children alike

Other Music Recording co.
Connecting great unheard music with passionate music fans.

Target Dry
Outdoor waterproof clothing brand from Belfast

Garlic Bath
A wellness company fighting MRSA and staph caused skin infections naturally with high-quality anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and all-natural ingredients.

Pacific Horticulture
Outdoor waterproof clothing brand from Belfast
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  • Hassen Malek
    Hassen Malek
    July 28 2012, 11:40AM

    Thank you for featuring Wood Tribes in this list!!!

  • Texas Timber Wood Bat Company
    Texas Timber Wood Bat Company
    July 28 2012, 01:26PM

    Thanks for selecting the Texas Timber Wood Bat Co. for the Shopify list of new stores!

    March 01 2016, 08:13AM

    Thank you for presenting Timber Communities in this list.

  • khan
    March 01 2016, 08:14AM

    Thank you for presenting Timber Communities in this list!!!

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