The Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon and eBay

The Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon and eBay


At first glance, online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay seem to be a creation of mutual benefit. Ecommerce store owners gain increased exposure for their products, and the marketplaces gain an expanded product range without having to increase inventory.

On closer inspection, the mutual benefits remain, but the reality is more nuanced. Should you expand your presence beyond your online store and start selling your products on Amazon and eBay?

The answer is... it depends. A marketplace strategy may be a boon for some retailers and a bust for others. There are a lot of variables that need to be taken into consideration, including the type of products you sell, the intensity of competition in your category, marketplace fees and restrictions, and so on.

There are, however, some pros and cons that apply across the board. In this post, we’ll explore those pros and cons, so you can make the decision of whether or not to sell on marketplaces well-informed as to the upsides and the downsides.

Note: Thinking about selling on Amazon? Shopify merchants can now list their products on by adding the Amazon sales channel.

1. Increased Sales

The chief draw of selling on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay is the scale of their online presence. Amazon alone draws nearly 85 million unique monthly visitors - that’s a heck of a lot of eyeballs! And those eyeballs can translate into higher sales volumes. According to an Amazon executive, sellers report an average 50% increase in sales when they join Amazon Marketplace.

2. Customer Acquisition

Nobody visits Amazon or eBay searching for your store. But they may be searching for - and discover - your products. Products they may not have discovered otherwise, or that they may have purchased from a competitor.

Once you’ve got a customer in the door, even if it is through a marketplace, you’ve got a chance to win repeat business through excellent service and fulfillment. This is especially the case if you’re selling products in a category that encourages frequent, repeated purchases such as hobby supplies or fishing gear.

3. Marketplace Infrastructure

Marketplaces are all about strength in numbers. This is as true for online marketplaces as it is for real world examples like farmers’ markets, shopping malls, and food trailer parks. The variety and all-in-one aspect of the marketplace can draw in lots of customers who prefer that kind of shopping experience. Online marketplaces also bring the additional layer of single-stream checkout and fulfilment support in order to create a seamless experience for buyers.

Cons of Selling on Amazon & eBay

While there are some significant upsides to selling on marketplaces, there are also some drawbacks that need to be considered.

1. Marketplace Fees

Setting up shop on a marketplace can potentially supercharge your sales, but it also exposes you to another cost center - marketplace fees. Most marketplace fees are deducted as a percentage of each sale, and can vary from site to site and even category to category. Before selling your products on a marketplace, you’ll want to make sure you have a good sense of your margins and a firm understanding of the marketplace’s fee structure. In highly commoditized, low-margin categories, the numbers may just not add up. See fees for selling on Amazon, and fees for selling on eBay.

2. Marketplace Infrastructure

While the marketplace infrastructure has many advantages, it’s important to remember that it can cut both ways. Marketplaces don’t exist to help you, but to help themselves. They want the focus to be on the products, not the sellers. And that means they might restrict the degree to which you can brand your presence, communicate with customers, dictate what items you can and cannot sell, and so on. 

Additionally, there’s nothing to stop marketplace owners - in the case of Amazon, Sears, and so on - from “going to school” on third-party sellers, identifying popular products and stocking them themselves.

3. Keeping Inventory in Sync

A marketplace is essentially a second point of sale. And one that sometimes can’t be configured to talk to your shopping cart. In effect, both draw down the same inventory, but don’t sync with one another, making it challenging to understand your stock levels without lots of manual reconciliation. Fortunately, applications exist to help you aggregating orders from multiple sources and making sure your inventory stays in sync across all your stores. 

How to Choose a Marketplace

As you weigh the pros and cons of selling on a marketplace, it’s also worthwhile to consider which marketplace you would join. The tempting answer is “all of them!”, but each marketplace has its own system, its own processes and limitations and quirks. Learning to navigate those can take time you probably don’t have, so it’s best to stick to one or two marketplaces unless you know you can support more. 

Two of the largest and most well-known marketplaces are Amazon and eBay. Amazon’s Marketplace takes the sharper retail tack, and as a retailer itself Amazon provides tools to help third-party sellers become part of a seamless shopping experience, including “Fulfillment by Amazon”, which involves shipping your inventory in bulk to Amazon and letting them handle shipping.

eBay, on the other hand, is essentially a massive marketplace. Where Amazon focuses on the Amazon shopping experience, eBay offers seller tools and features that make it easier for you to feature your brand, as well as sell non-standard items.

Other Ways to Make Sales

Bonus Guide: Eager to make your first sale online? This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about getting that first sale for your business. Download your copy now.

Article by Matt McDougall, Director of Marketing for Ordoro, a comprehensive order and inventory management solution for online retailers. Ordoro is available in the Shopify App Store and has a free 15 day trial


  • Mark Wettreich
    Mark Wettreich
    August 16 2012, 11:23PM

    Well-written and informative article. Mr. McDougall just made my decision about selling on Amazon easier!

  • Alex
    August 21 2012, 01:08PM

    Cuation about selling on Amazon : fees are placed in your account only every 14 days. So if you sell something you have to wait 14 days.

    Then if you have offered chargeback or A to Z gurantees they keep your money for 30 or 90 days and if they close your account )as they did me for no reason) they make you wait 90 days even if you have positive feedback from buyers.

    I will stick with ebay and getting my money quickly.

  • Andy
    December 29 2012, 02:51AM

    This is in response to Alex’s post. In regards to showing caution towards selling on Amazon, I would take more caution in using eBay and it’s evil step sister PayPal. Just the name makes me nauseous. As an experienced eBay seller with over 200 feedback (which doesn’t sound like a lot but it is when I was selling expensive items) I can tell you stay FAR away from PayPal and eBay. Many horror stories online, just do a quick Google search yourself. I’ve had eBay/PayPal (same company, which makes it horrible for customer support) actually take my money for 6 months. They deemed me a “high risk” account and shut me down literally for no reason. With just 3 to 4 disputes out of over 100 customers they used that as a reason to hold my money and close my account forever. I am no longer allowed to use PayPal for the rest of my life. Literally. They also held my money in a interest bearing account (where they earned the interest) for 6 months before releasing it. Lost my business and clients over this. Look if your selling something small out of your attic here and there then fine go ahead, but don’t try to start a business around eBay/PayPal. Bad idea. As far as Amazon holding my money..never had it happen. And the whole 14 days, that only applies if you have requested a money transfer within that 14 day period. In other words if you sell something on the 1st you can request your money the same day. But if you sell something on the 3rd you can’t request that money until the 14th.

  • Lucas
    January 08 2013, 03:30PM

    So, If one was wanting to sell their hand carved wood items Ex.(housewares of all kinds, longbows,crossbows,made to order even) what, and where would you experienced gentlemen suggest?

  • Michelle
    January 21 2013, 03:17AM

    To Lucas- Stay away from Ebay.

  • xclaurab
    January 21 2013, 02:03PM

    I’m an e-commerce newbie, thanks for the informative article!

  • Liz
    February 12 2013, 04:01PM

    Im a student and I have alot of books that i would like to sell. Im new at this and I would like to know where would be the best place to sell my books?

  • Randy Inversion
    Randy Inversion
    March 05 2013, 09:10PM

    Very Informative,Thanks for the article.

  • Michele
    March 17 2013, 11:08PM

    Great article. Having sold items on both platforms for years, I would also add an additional pro to joining either eBay or Amazon’s Marketplace. A key factor in selling on either platform is that you know your marketing costs up front. Costs to market your products on a private web site, if not controlled, can easily grow to unexpected levels, and quickly. Although both eBay and Amazon do charge you a fee per sale, these are known costs that you can anticipate and bundle into your sales price.

  • Marc
    April 06 2013, 12:08AM

    Which one (amazon or ebay or another???) is the best place to sell old non-fiction books (like old issues of the Yale Review)? in terms of expected sales price and corresponding reasonable listing fees?
    Thanks, in advance…. e-commerce newbie :-)

  • josphine
    April 10 2013, 08:46PM

    Amazon is good only if you have few items to sell.if you wish to sell in large quantity, there is all possibilities that your business will be closed by amazon seller performance without any reason just because some customers gave a negative feedback or filed A-Z claims. Amazon do not have a system to check the real reason behind the negative feedback and it will always side with Buyers. Amazon has a seller performance team sitting somewhere offshore and they will just close your business if your negative feedback or A-Z claims are more than 1% which will be outrageous, sometime as it will ruin your investment and hard work to establish. There is no system in Amazon to find out why a customer gave a negative feedback or filed a-z claim. There are buyers around who will just ORDER an item just to replace the same item which is out of order.They will return to us the defective item, keeping the good one you sold and claim for refund, if you argue with them they will file a-z claim or give negative feedback, to avoid that you will just refund them absorbing the loss. In many cases, buyers will give a negative feedback just because they are not in good mood or they expect more than what is offered for sale.There are many such instances happened to me. I have faced similar problem in ebay as well, but ebay will not close your business and they have a better policy to protect Sellers. They will not accept an A-Z claim,if sellers are not notified and gave sufficient opportunity for seller to resolve the issue.

  • john
    May 08 2013, 10:33AM

    i think that Andy guy is full of it… probably an amazon employee.. there is no doubt, ebay is much better and simpler then this amazon junk…

  • Parul
    May 20 2013, 04:45AM

    With ebay making major changes in fees, charging more from the sellers and putting a restriction on the minimum resolutions required to upload the product’s photo.. I believe the best would be to look for an alternative which is best in the competition and which allows you to keep all your earning to yourself and not share it. Where sellers can:
    1. Create Free listings
    2. No Transaction Fees
    3. Auto sync with ebay..carry all your listings from ebay along with the ratings and feedbacks in just a click.
    4. Free integration with Google products (which auto populates the product description form for you, saving your precious time) and Google Shopping (which tells anyone who search on google to buy a product that it is available on our website, which by the way we pay for and provide you the service absolutely free)
    5. Payment option like Paypal and Amazon for the most secure transactions
    6. which does not allow you to leave a feedback for a cancelled transaction
    7. a platform that not only list your products but also organise your customers and market your product in your network
    8. a platform where you are just not dependent on ratings but also can leverage your social and professional profiles using log in through facebook, linkedin or google accounts
    9. A platform that allows you to know the counterparty and build trust on the basis of work profile, school, college and other such dimensions.
    10.Unlike ebay it has just one website (not different website for every country) so you can sell products worldwide and buy awesome products from across the globe as well
    11. Unlike Ebay you can upload any resolution image and do not need only high resolution images to upload
    12. Last but not the least it is absolutely free

    And so the website that gives you all this is

    We have released our beta version and the new website with all these points said above will be launched soon in June, 2013.

    We request all the sellers to list their product and leave us a feedback to help us improve more and give you a splendid experience of selling online.

  • Jun
    June 06 2013, 06:20PM

    Before I start, upholding josphine’s comment, even though ebay sellers do worry about feedback, there are no problems living with few negatives. Amazon seller feedbacks, despite being unknown to most buyers, are VITAL for seller account survival.

    I am currently using both Ebay and Amazon for my business and I personally think Ebay is better than Amazon for most sellers.

    1. Ebay proactively limits the amount of listings for new sellers on certain categories (jewelry etc) and will not SEVERELY punish you by removing rest of the listings when suspended for review/sudden increase in sales. (I am currently having this problem)
    2. Ebay has reasonable selling limits of 100 items / $5000.00 per month for initial 90days IF you link paypal verified account with bank account, credit card, address etc. The limit will lift if you’ve been a successful seller. (Don’t listen to someone who insists ebay limits selling. Those are for people who lacked info on their paypal or ebay account)
    3. Auctions or BIN have free listing now. You get 50 free regardless of subscription and for most people, that is enough. You do get more when you have store subscription.
    4. More feedbacks from buyers. In fact, you rarely not get one. And feedbacks does not suspend ebay account except removing powerseller status which gives 20% ebay fee reduction.
    5. You can fight disputes and win if you have necessary information and evidence (signature confirmation). Amazon’s A to Z claim doesn’t give you any chance and normally you will be out of money AND item.
    6. More customers. This applies to items that are in demand.
    7. Ebay does not have restrictive policies where errors are not forgiven and they time you from buyer’s order submittal to shipping, customer inquiry replies and customer service etc. When the seller performance is bad, it is auto suspension/review.

    Good thing in using Amazon, honestly is this:

    1. Any lazy person can list on Amazon. Most of the items are already populated with information. You just need to enter price, inventory amount, copy paste condition and thats it. No pictures needed.
    2. Fees MAY be cheaper than ebay+paypal combo. Since their fee includes processing fee.

    In conclusion, I have read countless people getting burnt by both Ebay and Amazon and I believe it is mostly because they did not properly prepare for the business. Ebay is a bit more laid back selling experience where they allow your free time. Amazon requires selling experience of full time job where every minutes count on the metrics.

    -If you don’t have enough volume, choose either or both. Ebay has flexibility in listing things not available on Amazon and Amazon allows you to price items in premium due to buyers demography.
    -If you have bulk volume to sell, choose Ebay with subscribed store. You may want to start very early (90 day prior) to remove the selling limit. Amazon will burn you whenever there are bad feedbacks and seller performance goes down (and most of the Amazon feedback will not be great since most of the satisfied buyers rarely give a feedback)

  • nelsonlau
    June 14 2013, 09:04AM

    Learn how to sell on eBay We will give you excellent tips and tools that you need to sell on eBay Get an overview of what to sell on eBay and be trained to avoid any potential dropship on eBay problems with these tips

  • b. der
    b. der
    June 15 2013, 12:06AM

    in regards to Amazon to avoid all these complaints issues what if one uses their fulfillment center can they blame you for issues with customers?

  • Jenny
    June 15 2013, 12:08AM

    I am thinking of selling on Amazon and shipping from New Zealand. Does anyone have experience of that and are there any tax implication on the USA side of it

  • c aug
    c aug
    June 17 2013, 12:44AM

    I am a Amazon pro as we have been selling on there since 2004. In regards to b. der’s question. Fullfillment by amz is even worse. If the customer has a problem with your item, amz will just send them a replacement at no charge without asking for the defective item back. Now you are out your item. There are scammers out there that know this and do it every time they order. It is like a buy one get one free sale all the time. Stay away from FBA, bad news.

  • c aug
    c aug
    June 17 2013, 12:45AM

    I am a Amazon pro as we have been selling on there since 2004. In regards to b. der’s question. Fulfillment by amz is even worse. If the customer has a problem with your item, amz will just send them a replacement at no charge without asking for the defective item back. Now you are out your item. There are scammers out there that know this and do it every time they order. It is like a buy one get one free sale all the time. Stay away from FBA, bad news.

  • Amelia Will
    Amelia Will
    July 11 2013, 09:20AM

    Now,There so many online e-commerce websites are available. But if feel mostly this are fack or not offering good quality of products.

  • bob
    July 13 2013, 04:20PM

    ive been selling online for a few years,over the past year ive been more drawn to selling on amazon because its free to list,but now ive finally had enough of selling online its fraught with dangers for the seller with so called lost items,fucking thieving buyers,so now im selling all my stock and getting revenge on the buyers mostly on ebay that have left negitive feedback for me that also sell their own stuff.

  • ceogolfshop
    July 14 2013, 08:59AM

    I’ve been buying and selling on ebay since 2002 personally, but just tried selling for my business on ebay this year, under the same personal ID. I’m very pleased with the fixed listing results, which has cleared out past season merchandise. I’m now opening an ebay store now under the company name (advice- get an ebay ID now if you’re thinking about it, so starts aging; buy something as well to get history started)
    I think Amazon is a different market and I’m going run a test on it for select current season items. IF Amazon customers can convert to estore customers, the cost of acquisition for a lifetime customer is well worth it.

  • Missy
    July 16 2013, 12:20PM

    I tried to list something on Amazon. I had it right in my hand and took pictures of it and everything. When I went to submit the listing, it said my item was out of stock. How could that be? So I then deleted my listing because I don’t want people looking for something and then it indicates it isn’t available. Any helpful suggestions? I thought I would try selling on Amazon since I am not having much luck selling on eBay.

  • Doug
    July 19 2013, 01:51PM

    We sell coins (Power sellers) on both eBay and Amazon. eBay is by far easier to work with and the fees are much cheaper. The Amazon software for listing is “clunky” and works poorly. eBay is always calling us with ideas on how to improve our sales and works with us to resolve issues. Ebay is much better for sellers than Amazon!

  • Keith
    July 23 2013, 04:47AM

    Kate, that looks looks a good place to sell 3d printed objects. Do you have any 3d print sellers?

    As for Andy’s diatribe on Ebay/Papal – I’ve been a PayPal merchant since the beginning, 15 years now. They work just like VISA and MasterCard, they represent the interests of the cardholder first. The few times I’ve had a complaint I instantly reversed the payment, then worked things out with the customer. When those customers then repeated the purchase to pay me again I got a call from PayPal for scam alert. I gained PayPal’s confidence assuring them that we’d worked out the misunderstanding and they were now paying. Selling is not risk free even in brick and mortar. When planning to sell online, count on losing a few rounds, it’s called “cost of doing business” in brick and mortar and it’s factored in the price.

  • doty
    July 24 2013, 10:36AM

    I have a big supply of collectibles that I no longer use. I enjoy things I consider pretty, and over the years picked up many pieces that have greatly increased in value. I had thought that getting rid of them on line would be a good idea. Yet after reading the above comments I have concerns about trying to sell at all. I appreciate all of your helpful info….yet it does make me wonder if there is justification in trying to sell these items. Or….just keep them and let my family wonder what to do with them someday. I’d like to hear more feedback from others that would help me make up my mind. Thanks again for your comments.

  • s
    July 24 2013, 08:43PM

    Frankly I don’t trust Amazon. Both my husband and daughter ordered from there and both times their cc info was stolen and someone from Canada was trying to use their info. I think Amazon really needs to get their money situation in line first. I sell on e-bay when I can. Pay pal is lesser of the two problems.

  • Nosostupid
    August 10 2013, 02:21PM

    Don’t know how “largest Online Dealer” can be in business still being that stupid. If you simply put a reserve on the listing and the reserve price isn’t met then the listing ends with no final value fee charged. Like Duh! Plus you are not even close to the largest Online retailer in the Midwest. There are several other Ebay businesses that sell in the 10’s of Millions per year that are from the Midwest.

  • Gary
    August 16 2013, 01:20PM

    I agree w/ Nosostupid. You have to pay a couple bucks to set a “reserve” price on eBay auction, which protects you if you don’t get the price you wanted, anticipated or more accurately “assumed”. Don’t ASSUME anything, use common sense.
    I started with Amazon, but their shipping is unreliable and problematic, and their pricing structure is a joke with too many variables, and negative feedback will bite you hard.
    I finally moved to eBay, and use only PayPal for payment. Had some payments made with stolen credit cards and like some bloggers have said, scam artists trying to railroad you, but since PayPal accepted the payment, they have to eat it, and I STILL GOT PAID. Just don’t ship until PayPal clears it to be shipped. There IS a temporary hold on getting your money from PayPal when you first establish an account, but they tell you when it will clear and often times it clears and is put into my account the same day items are bought and shipped, or a few days after. Ebay IS much simpler to use for the novice vs. Amazon, and Seller Tools make it easier to create a great listing.
    All fees charged by any service should be “built into” your selling price, so you get the profit margin you are looking for, it just common sense business.
    As for many of the complaints I have read here, and have learned in 40 years of business, YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK. Before you commit to any website, READ THE RULES and POLICIES and understand them before taking on the task. It’s not only the same as a legal contract, it will keep you from having problems. Like buying something, NOT reading the instructions (like my wife does), and then getting mad because the item breaks or doesn’t give you the results you expected, all because you didn’t follow the directions (life lesson here people).
    Anything you do online is risky, but as many said, you have to eat it sometimes in the real world, and pass the buck to the next customer and factor that into your selling price. It’s reality.
    My only negative about eBay is that every time you call Customer Service with a question or problem, you Rep. that barely understands the English language, or understands you, and doesn’t have a good grasp of their own policies, and has to put you on hold to ask someone else, and still can’t answer the question. I guess outsourcing is common these days, although the number I call is based in California. Otherwise, they are pretty straight forward.
    No system is perfect, and every situation is different. People give bad feedback for multiple reasons and you can’t please everyone. Just keep in contact with your buyers and COMMUNICATE with them BEFORE problems start. Let them know the package is being shipped (even though it is automatic)and send an email. BE POSITIVE at all times (the fly/honey/vinegar thing)and your chances of good feedback are better. I have 100% feedback from 1000’s of items, but have to put in the work to get it.
    Also, the acticle was great, thank you.

  • Sunny B
    Sunny B
    September 01 2013, 03:06AM

    Amazon platform is definitely good for sellers with a view that they need to remember it is like hiring a shop in their building. Amazon frequently suspend accounts and freeze the funds for 90 days and you can not do anything. Beware of their clever practices and for long run this may not be beneficial. They have maintained good face value but are crooks in their practices and are not fair to sellers. They want their money but do not help sellers in any manner. STRICTLY AVOID THIS PLATFORM FOR SELLING ACTIVITIES.

  • Pamela
    September 01 2013, 08:20PM

    This is for Parul. You used this blog to try to sell your own website. WHAT? You are no better than the “employees” of Amazon and EBay that blog to try and sell their companies.

    This is what I found when I googled your website. is for sale
    Click here to buy for $1,595
    Create a blog, promote your business, or build a site for your personal use.Your web address is memorable and uniquely your own.

    If it is so good then why are you selling your website, Parul?

    There simply is no honesty in America’s business arena. The economy has hit us all hard enough. Now when we are trying to find a way out and trying to find a way to survive, we have to deal with lies and scams. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Mommylicious
    September 04 2013, 11:47AM

    I’m trying to get rid of my husband’s DVD collection. These are old movies but still in good condition. I sold most of the open box ones at some Used DVD online stores. The ones that are pretty old and worth almost nothing, I’m planning to sell it on EBay in bulk.

    My question is, there are some DVDs that are still sealed but these are old movies. Is it better if I sell it on Amazon? I never sell anything on Amazon before.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • JW
    September 11 2013, 07:22PM

    @Pamela, his website was and NOT Just pointing it out. I don’t have a horse in this race. Jumped on the guy for no good reason there eh?

  • Fino Sosa
    Fino Sosa
    September 30 2013, 05:49PM

    Undecided between ebay and amazon!!!
    Which platform brings in the most sales? I understand that Amazon has more traffic than e-bay. But ebay is more flexible. Can anyone with experience on both tell me which site generates more sales for the same product category.


  • cheska
    October 22 2013, 03:56PM

    Beware if you are selling on EBAY! Based from experience, there is no such thing as seller protection program there! Good luck until you got bankrupt by these abusive buyers! Even if it the buyers own fault, they will always say refund and customer is always right! If you are established seller already on ebay, that’s fine because there are a lot of sales to compensate these little problems. but if you are just starting, good luck! LOL

  • Sandra Foster
    Sandra Foster
    October 31 2013, 10:43AM

    Ouch! Lot’s of conflicting information; more informed and more scared then ever. I have a new design, for a relatively new product. I now it’s hot, sold 500 out of the back seat of my car in 2 months. Does either site perform better when protecting a sellers creative designs?

  • Bobby
    November 11 2013, 11:42AM

    Well I just got put in my 2 cents woth!
    I had a bad exp. with ebay and paypal. Now I will never sell on their site or will buy anything on their site period!
    What sellers should realize is thes sites take a bite out of your margin. And my negative aspect is not only they collect a fee for using their sites some also collect a percentage of the product price. Another bite out of your margin. One thing to take in consideration if a customer get sideways with ebay/amazon you may very well loose a customer. Also another view is that the more people or networking involved in a process – the more likely something can go wrong. It’s not like these people are sitting around waiting to resolve an issue for you???

  • Stacey
    November 18 2013, 04:23PM

    What if I just have some stuff I want to sell instead of doing a “yard sale” where everyone wants something for .50 cents? Is it worth even spending the time to set up an eBay or Amazon account?

  • Alan
    November 22 2013, 05:28PM

    Speaking as a long time eBayer, both as buyer & seller for as long as eBay existed, I think it is a myth that there is repeated customer on eBay. The way that I shop is usually based on lowest price, and then inspect their rating until I found one that I am comfortable with lowest price. For low price items, I don’t even bother checking and just buy the cheapest one. THERE IS NO LOVE ON EBAY. Price is everything, and buyers are cheap (me included). But when I shop from individual e-commerce website, I am far more forgiving and willing to pay more if they are reputable. The difficulty with your own website is marketing. But if you can nail it, it will be far more rewarding than eBay or Amazon which are places for sellers race to the bottom. You may be able to make some decent bucks there, but you are just a seller and never really building a genuine business that customers care at all. As a supplement, eBay & Amazon are alright. But if you want it big someday, it will never happen imho.

  • Mik
    December 02 2013, 10:26AM

    We have been on Ebay for at least 5 yrs now. Our company had it’s own site with a shopping cart, but sales were poor and the sales only included one or two items out of 20-30 that were listed. We started selling on Ebay just to see what would happen, and online sales immediately increased. Now we have a static website with a link to our Ebay Store that features over 100 items at any given time, and sales are consistent thru the entire range of items. We have not gone to Amazon simply because of the ease-of-use that Ebay allows, plus we are getting fee discounts and calls from Ebay reps offering suggestions to optimize our sales. I would highly recommend Ebay over Amazon. It’s alot of work but highly lucrative if you are not lax in keeping your listings up.

  • Maria
    December 03 2013, 07:25AM

    To all the people that have posted a question on this thread asking if ebay is good for selling a few items, one time getting rid of collectibles, etc: I think its a very good platform for this. Just make sure that you fully describe your products, and also, take pictures from all angles. Both to improve your chances of sale and to protect yourself against fraudulent claims of “not as described”. (Which are rare, as a percentage of sales, but can be very upsetting) I think ebay becomes more difficult if you try to ramp up and really need that almost perfect feedback. If you are only trying to sell a few things, it’s great, and I think you will get better prices on ebay than elsewhere.

  • Jayne
    December 06 2013, 03:56AM

    i only sell a few items per month on ebay and now ebay have stating taking 10% off the customers postage charge which i think is disgusting. Cheapest first class uk parcel post is £3 which i charge the custmer so ebay is now taking 30p out of that. a disgace. I only sold 15 items which amounted to about £45 and my ebay charges were £30 rip off.then you also get charged 5% via paypal too

  • Steve
    December 15 2013, 09:55PM

    Etsy may be the best way to go from what I’ve read. I have a store on eBay now, but they are terrible and getting worse. I tried Amazon long ago when it was free to sell items there (is there a way to not pay $40/mo now?) and they were really bad with harsh rules and no compassion. Ebay and Amazon are selling mostly just Chinese junk nowadays and the American sellers don’t give you any bargain price like in the past, but often charge more than other sites online. I always buy from specialized websites when I can, like Home Depot, McMaster Carr, B&H Photo, and even Kickstarter. Amazon and eBay are good if you want to buy a really cheap Chinese mass produced items although sometimes it takes weeks to get them from China.

  • Nick
    December 26 2013, 10:56AM

    This is a well written article and tells the basics of online selling. A word of caution regarding Ebay, they are continually changing their listing format which makes it difficult to occasionally list items. They also keep changing the rules that now overwhelmingly favor buyers. Because of this there is a high percentage of dishonest buyers that have found loopholes in the system that will try anything to extort lower prices and partial refunds after receiving an item. Sellers have no recourse but to abide by Ebay’s unfair policies. Sellers cannot leave bad feedback for buyers. I’ve been selling on Ebay for about 14 years with nearly 2000 feedback. Be careful out there.

  • Cat
    December 29 2013, 08:09PM

    The information posted has been informative on Ebay and Amazon. I had been selling on Ebay since 2009 and left the sight for Amazon this year.

    Problems with Ebay

    I had over 421 positive feedbacks and no problem. In November 2013, I received an email that my account was suspended for no reason from Ebay. When I called Ebay customer services, I was asked if I know a person that may have been using my account. I had no idea what they were talking about since nobody used my password but me. I requested to speak to a supervisor since the question was confusing.

    A man named Michael answered the phone. Michael was the customer service supervisor and he sounded as if he was helpful at first and turned out to be the biggest liar of all. He accused me of having negative feedback that I did not have. I asked to review the account and he agreed that he did not see any negative feedbacks.

    What I learned was someone used my computer when I was not home and they associate my IP address with the person. The person never access my account at all. I was told since the IP address was the same, my business was permanently suspended. No warnings was given, no appeal process and I lost my business on Ebay the opportunity to prove my case and regardless of all the positive feedback received.

    I was informed that the person that used my account put my account on “high risk”. Even though, I did not know who this person was my account was permanently suspended.

    Ebay has so many rules that does not make sense and they do not listen to sellers. Since November, I have moved my business to and Amazon. appears to be a great sight to sell but they do not have a lot of customers. I sell one item per month and it is low keyed. The seller’s feed is great. I am learning what to do and what not to do on Amazon and this article is helpful as well.

    Your suggestions on what to do and not on Amazon is welcome. Thanks to all that took the time to write the article. I planned to learn from all the wise advice!!!

  • Paul Giorkas
    Paul Giorkas
    January 04 2014, 08:26AM

    Nice Article.

    I wonder though, what other ’’strong’’ marketplaces like amazon and Ebay exist online?

  • Ason
    January 06 2014, 08:59AM

    I’ve been selling on eBay for 6 years and never had a problem, the fees are much cheaper than getting a shop and the taking are higher, to the people that say that there account was closed for no reason trust me ebay or PayPal don’t close your account for no reason, stick to there rules and you will have a successful business on eBay, etsy is rubbish I listed on there for a year and never sold one item.

  • Kalynn Dresser
    Kalynn Dresser
    January 10 2014, 02:42PM

    I recently started a petition on to eBay – I read this blog and the comments and I thought you may be interested in writing about this issue!

    eBay: Stop the ‘Final Value Fee On Shipping Charge’

    I realize that asking eBay to cease taking 10% of the shipping charge is unlikely to happen. I wish eBay would take their software that allows them to offer ‘calculated shipping’ and refine it to include their 10% shipping charge within the calculated amount. This could be the opening of a new door to prevent sellers from charging excessive shipping amounts in the first place.

    Thank you and have a great day!

  • Amber65775
    January 11 2014, 12:46AM

    eBay has zero seller protection. I just lost 222 dollars and my tablet because of it. I have a feedback rating of 100% with over 300 transactions.
    I always go by the book and have been scammed more than once. eBay always sides with the buyer. Because of this I am done selling items on eBay. I have sold a few items on amazon with no issues so far.

  • Me
    January 13 2014, 12:05AM

    Amazon is bullshit. I just closed my storefront because it is nothing but a rip off. They say you dont have to pay listing fees but that is bs. They say they pay to ship the items when they are sold that is bs also. They take the shipping fees that they are supposed to give you to ship with and use it to pay for their listing fee. I have had to pay the shipping fees for every single item I have sold which is bs. And then you get these stupid buyers who dont even take the time to look at what the listing says before they buy the item and then after its shipped they discover they bought the wrong item they take it out on the seller and demand their money back! My storefront clearly said NO RETURNS NO REFUNDS! what part of that do you not understand? I will NEVER again sell on Amazon, they can take that website ans stick it up their you know what.Time to start my own website where I can sell my own items and if you dont like my store policies you can go elsewhere. I am very poor and I am not going to refund money that I used to pay my bills with.

  • Steve
    February 05 2014, 07:38PM

    Paypal do close down your accounts for no reason what so ever. I gave them a call and they said that we can never have a paypal account again in my life. Paypal live of our money for interest. As for ebay there fees are way to high. There is lot’s of websites that use paypal and have gone bust because of them holding funds for no reason what so ever. When you ring them up and complain they tell you to write to the head office in luxembourg. I hate paypal.

  • Claire Graham
    Claire Graham
    February 22 2014, 05:19AM

    We sell on Amazon & and via Pay Pal directly from my website and our business has been an E-Bay seller and buyer since 2006 BUT not anymore. We have had a week of major hassle from Ebay that’s resulted in us wanting to close our account and has cost us in dozens of phone calls for over an hour a time and wasted days of our time as well. We are still waiting to close the account at the moment because Ebay claims we still owe them money for items that didn’t even end up sold – it’s been really, really awful. They locked our payments for 21 days despite the fact that we had had a seller and buyer account for so long and always paid up on time and never had disputes against us – our Ebay track record was 100%. We couldn’t believe it because we sell on Pay Pal which is owed by Ebay and we had a healthy credit in our linked Pay Pal account as well from items sold via Pay Pal although not on Ebay and dispatched just that week. Ebay even claimed we’d re-listed items when we hadn’t. We have found staff to be rude and just generally inaccurate in what they advise when you have problems. If you get through to a supervisor they can help if you are lucky and if they give you correct info but some staff pretty much refuse to put you through to a supervisor anyway. We have started a complaint with Ebay about this as it has been so awful and of course it has made our business look bad as we as it resulted in us having to cancel items people had thought they had won at auction. When we asked how we could complain about this we were just given a PO Box address in Dublin to send a letter to – we did sent off a complaint but our experience suggests that it was just a waste of stamps. It seems Ebay can be very keen to get your money but not so keen when they don’t. I write this to warn anyone thinking of selling on Ebay. We used to advise other businesses that Ebay was a great place to test the marketplace and find market prices for new products but now our advice would definitely be don’t touch Ebay and use Amazon, or any other site instead to save yourself a lot of grief.

  • KJ
    February 23 2014, 03:32PM

    I opened a store with eBay last week, to sell estate buyout items. It took me a few days to create the graphics for the store, so I didn’t list right away. I wanted my store to look just right.

    The advertisement showed I would get 150 listings for $19.95. I did the math and to me that’s a good price. I actually have hundreds and hundreds of items to list, so a store seemed best.

    Today, I went to start listing my items and saw that eBay limited me to 10 items for each month!

    I called them, and had to talk to someone in Asia. It was very hard to understand them, and when I asked to speak to someone in America, they said no.

    I asked them why my account was blocked and that I couldn’t list 150 items, like their store advertisement stated. They said it’s their policy to block new stores. I told them that was fraud, since the store set up said I would get 150 items, and that eBay already had my credit card for my monthly fees.

    They refused to take the limit off my account. I told them I would report them to Visa as fraud. They didn’t care. They told me I could unsubscribe from the store, so I did. They said they were still going to bill my account for March, even though I unsubscribed and had not listed anything yet. They said they will charge my card, then when they see my store is closed, they will put the money back on my account.

    I called Visa and reported eBay. They cancelled my card and issued me a new one.

  • Goelsewhere
    February 24 2014, 12:14PM

    Amazon vs Ebay…. HMMMM

    Amazon is an evil company with strict business practices that always favor the customer. It is there practice to put a hold on funds to sellers for the sol reason to accumulate interest on the funds. Every year they show this as profit on there SEC filing’s. Selling on Ebay is easier but the cost is much more than most are willing to pay unless you sell item’s under 9.99 with free shipping There are other sites that you can list on such as Ebid Etsy Storenvy Bonanza. These do not have nearly the audience as eBay and amazon but are growing with every year. Etsy is a good site to sell on but has restrictions on what can be listed such as hand made and antiques. They are probably the best niche market available to sellers and has greatly grown there audience over the last couple of years.
    Ebid is ok with a single payment to allow you unlimited items and sales with no fees. Storenvy is the next best thing with great price Free they make there money selling extras and through kickbacks from specialty shipping and marketing company’s They also have a social component i.e Facebook app that allows you to post your items on Facebook.

    In conclusion I would avoid Amazon start with ebay and transition to cheaper platforms as you grow and grow with etsy, storenvy, ebid.

  • Freedom Lover
    Freedom Lover
    March 11 2014, 12:15AM

    got lost. I had an idea to start something with online market place. it seems like everything will fall on your luck and how you prepare yourself to tackle whatever out there that could literally eaten up. Will consider further with all pros and cons comments posted here. appreciated all of you have given your thoughts. that helps.

  • disgruntled shopper
    disgruntled shopper
    March 15 2014, 06:43PM

    You never touched on the fact that products colours are distorted on marketplace websites according to the sellers but when you photograph their goods and upload them onto the internet they look their true colours, so either the seller is advertising products then sending you something else.

    The complaints systems of amazon, ebay and paypal are disgusting they send you on a wild goose chase around a maze of questions and answer which get you nowhere instead of just have a contact e mail address to make your complaint.
    This system creates animosity between seller and buyer especially when it comes to refunds being withheld by amazon, ebay and paypal and the buyers right to a refund of postage and packing is also stolen by the big 3 leaving seller arguing that the whole of the cost was taken from their bank account but never reaches the buyers.

  • John Goodman
    John Goodman
    March 26 2014, 11:48AM

    We sell on Amazon, and have found Amazon to be a reliable and profitable business partner. Once you learn the way to list there, with which they do help (you need a bit of tech ability, but not too bad), you can use their coaching to alter your products for best optimization.

  • DH
    April 09 2014, 05:47PM

    eBay and PayPal are horrible. I have had people buy a major appliance on eBay and keep it for 6 months and then say it was not as described. No proof was given but eBay and PayPal (one in the same) took the money from our account and gave it to the buyer. When I called to complain they said I could take the buyer to small claims court, yeah right I am in Tennessee and they were in Washington State.

    This is not the only time something like this happened. we were selling around 75K per month on eBay but it just started to make no sense when you added up the fees and the unfounded refunds that allowed the buyer to get their money and keep the product we were not making any money.

    Now that sellers have no recourse on bad buyers eBay is a money loser for any but small sellers. eBay and PayPal are as bad as they come.

  • Amazon is a junk and Ebay its cousin
    Amazon is a junk and Ebay its cousin
    May 03 2014, 01:28PM

    Amazon is the worst place to charges seller astronomical amount and not to mention keep money more than two weeks even after the delivery. Ebay very much the same but charges a bit less as well as releases money a bit quicker.

  • Emma
    May 07 2014, 05:55AM

    Very informative article. I know many sellers who sell on eBay and Amazon. Each platform has its pros and cons.
    Personally I prefer eBay. Besides, use great tool comosale to list and manage my sale, so have time for work and family.
    Thanks for the great insight!

  • Rik
    May 07 2014, 01:02PM

    I am telling you from extensive experience, AMAZON DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT IT’S SELLERS, not one little bit. THIS HAS BEEN PROVEN TO ME TIME AND TIME AGAIN.
    I used to think eBay was bad, but Amazon top eBay by a mile, in fact I actually think over the last couple of years eBay have become quite considerate to us sellers, all be it that they could still do with great improvement. I am a top rated seller with 100 % perfect feedback with ebay and pretty much the same with Amazon. I have been selling on Amazon for 4 years now. I’ve been through a lot with each over the last few years and never in my life have I felt so used and abused as I have by Amazon. To put it simply, they protect the criminals that rip off their sellers and customers and let them get away with it, whilst crushing loyal and trusted sellers any time they feel like, completely ruining your business for no reason at all.
    They don’t care, they don’t act to help, they don’t apologise when it’s their fault, they don’t refund you.
    They don’t need you and just like the mobile telephone companies whose service you can’t do without, they know you need them and they can treat you badly and if you leave there will be a million other sellers ready to take your place. They expect you to treat your customers like royalty, (which in fact we do) but Amazon themselves treat you and their own employees (check out their warehouse employees stories on the net) like $*~t.

    I hope the e-commerce world does not continue to move in the direction Amazon are heading or God help us sellers.

  • Claire Reyford
    Claire Reyford
    May 11 2014, 06:00AM

    We also found increasing ebay watchers helped our auctions alot:

  • Mila Dunne
    Mila Dunne
    May 17 2014, 12:32AM

    Thank all of you for your input about both site. I sold well on Ebay when it first opened but stopped for a while and started again a few years ago, got banned because I got lippy with Ebay when they let someone rob me and now I’m back on there taking things slow. I was contacted earlier in the year by Amazon. I have a big shop on my own domain but my challenge has always been traffic. They wanted me to join their professional seller program. I blew them off when they told me the cost. I figured I’d put more time into learning how to build traffic on my own site. At the time I had an $80k a year job and could take my time. But now that I’ve quit that job (I got tired of being treated like a slave. yeah seems like everyone uses you these days.) I’m more pressed to generate sales so I can pay the bills. I went back to Amazon about their offer. But something is still telling me not to do it. I think I’m going to pass again. I just didn’t like some of the things the rep was telling me. They have too many restrictions that I feel like I shouldn’t have to accept or anyone else. Also they wanted me to upload all of the products I have available to me even though I said I was working on reducing my inventory to carry much less but only the best. I’ve been carrying 10k products since 2007 and after paying for some tests, it was clear that too many products can often be overwhelming. I also watched a doc on Costco a while back where they pointed out how they were successful and the key thing was less options. Besides I would only want to sell high ticket items that can’t be returned for obvious reasons. When you have little or no control over your return policy one wants to limit what they sell there if at all possible. In the end I think I’ll still end up dumping Ebay and work on building traffic on my own site. Bonanza and all of the other alternatives I’ve visited thus far are really not viable options. They give worse traffic than I get on my own site. I’ve also long stopped using Craigslist to sell anything. I don’t want strange nutjobs coming to my home like they’ve done in the past.

  • Jay
    June 16 2014, 05:12AM

    I have been reading all the comments above. It looks like amazon has rigid rules and ebay is much more lenient to the sellers. I believe that being rigid is good, as sellers will not sell rubbish and less chance of them cheating the buyers but at the same time they should also be given the chance to explain should there be any dispute. Sometimes it so happens that the buyer does not receive the product which gets lost by the courier company, the seller should be given a chance to either refund or send another one, as this is not in the seller’s hands. I believe Amazon has strict rules because of which genuine and high quality products are sold here, but this one drawback which Amazon has about closing the account because of some negative feedbacks can be modified. Some buyers are a bit unreasonable and whimsical and because of such buyers it’s not fair that the seller who is genuine should suffer. I am sure Amazon can figure out a way to be fair to the seller as well in that case.

  • Andrew
    July 01 2014, 04:11PM

    I agree with Jay, amazon really maintains high quality in many ways. I also found that people tend to be more loyal being amazon customers. Everything is also more organised.

    By the way, found this little handy tool (site) to compare price between amazon and ebay for whatever purpose. It is

    From the side by side comparison result, i can see that amazon prices are a lot cheaper.

    July 06 2014, 08:38AM

    I Make handmade designer rakhi’s and lumba’s but I don’t know how to sell it on amazon Or eBay. Somebody please Let me know.

  • Aaron
    July 21 2014, 12:08AM

    Yea, ebay is a sinking ship, i recently sold a Derek Jeter rookie baseball card, autographed and AUTHENTICATED by well known grading/authenticating company called SGC with a little holographic seal and numbered: AU34206
    The buyer took it upon himself to say the card was NOT authentic!
    For whatever reason, (too lazy, inexperienced), he failed to visit the SGC website and type in the number above for verification.
    He complained to eBay, they refunded him over $150 with no questions asked, then eBay came after me for the reimbursement to them, which i DID NOT authorize in the first place!

    I reported him to eBay (which is still pending), explaining he abused the “eBay Buyer Protection” program and that i would be seeking alternate sites to sell/list my items.
    I went on to explain to eBay, if they (eBay) ever employ a “SELLER PROTECTION Policy”, and lower or eliminate their out of control fees, i may or may not return as a seller sometime in the future.
    Believe me when i say first-hand: due to eBay fees, loose policies, and the inability to speak to a god damn AMERICAN when necessary..MANY people have jumped ship….i’m one of them!

  • partime seller
    partime seller
    July 29 2014, 03:38AM

    been on ebay for over a decade. it has now become a loser for sellers. a buyer can complain that item is not as described, get a claim, and send you something other then what you sent them, and get a refund once tracking shows you received the package. I couldn’t believe it. I did the appeal, but it was useless. In the end the buyer got his money and my new goods, and I’m left with someone’s worthless used stuff. you know things are wrong when only buyers are allowed to leave neg feeback and sellers can’t. so even if you come across a buyer abusing the ebay guarantee return policy, you can’t warn other sellers

  • Elizabeth Maiorana
    Elizabeth Maiorana
    August 08 2014, 06:05PM

    I began selling on eBay August 1, 2013 and have never had any problems with either eBay or PayPal. I am a Top-Rated Power Seller on eBay with 295 positive feedbacks as of this date (08/08/2014). Whenever I have an question or an issue with either eBay or PayPal, I pick up the phone and call them. I always keep enough money in my PayPal account to pay my eBay monthly store fee etc. When I want to withdraw funds for myself, I request a withdrawal amount & it shows in the bank within 2-3 days. There are rules & regulations for selling with any online venue. If a person is not satisfied with their experience with eBay, Pay Pal, Amazon, or any other online venue. then don’t sell or buy through them.

  • JB
    August 16 2014, 02:21AM

    The real truth….Dont let these guys fool you. Ebay and amazon websites limits you on your sales as a merchant. They charge huge fees that eat up a good sale. They stop you from getiing into the big time as a merchant. They hurt you from getting the best price sine they charge you a fee. Unless you have a moat on your product your screwed. The internet is bought out like judges are. Google, Yahoo and MSN want money. If you dont pay thier high fees to get your website noticed your screwed. Good luck paying these guys….

    If you search without these useless search engines im sure you can find your product at realistic prices by reputable buyers. The Web searh engines places you first if your willing to pay. You have to corner a market to make it extremely profitable. This is similar to how companies pay judges and lawyers who back you in the USA.Buy them out and you cammit murder. They will take your money to protect you as long as you pay pay pay. Either you buy them out on your niche and control youre income or bendover. The bottom line is as a merchant. Do not trust google, yahoo, msn or any other search engine. Its a sham like all shams. They cant survive without you funding them. When buying a product Id personally ask the merchants you buy from to drop the big name websites and give you 15% or go elsewhere. Bottom line is the internet is a sham with any markup by search engines. In time the will perish once people realize what a scam they really are. They control where you buy to profit for thier share holders. Its a sad world, control your market or get shut out. Do you believe amazon or ebay google msn or yahoo will protect your business over thiers? Good luck….

  • klaus biesel
    klaus biesel
    August 17 2014, 12:15AM

    Running your own online shop like as affiliate of amazon is not always as easy as promised. In fact it’s hard work and after you have built your online shop, you just can’t sit back and relax, as you do need now traffic to your shop website and most importantly you want customers and interested prospects.

  • Drop Ship Consultants
    Drop Ship Consultants
    August 26 2014, 01:25PM

    WOW, I am amaze at some of the comments about how Amazon is not a good venue to make money or to sell products. The question is what are you doing to cause the problem or problems and please don’t take this as a put down. Let me start by saying I sell on Amazon and my profits last year was over $200.000 dollars (Two hundred thousand dollars) and this year 2014 I am on pace to make over $235.000 dollars so those who say Amazon is not a good venue to sell their products again what are you doing to cause you problems. If a person is not willing hear or learn from us who are making it big on Amazon all I have to say is keep doing what you are doing and you will get the same results, are you ready to listen and if not keep doing what you are doing. First and foremost it took me over two years to get to this point and it was not a over night get rich scam this mean that a person will have to put in the time and the right process without this you will fail. Have there been disappointments there answer is yes however the disappointments are very few once you learn how the system work. Some people complain about Amazon monthly fee of $39.00 dollars to become a professional seller when I hear that complaint I know for a fact that person do not understand the process and the many benefits that come alone with the fee.
    Individual and Professional Selling Plans

    There are two selling plans available to Marketplace sellers: Individual, for smaller sellers with only a few items to offer; and Professional, for experienced and volume sellers. Sellers can switch their selling plan in the Settings area of their seller account.
    Differences between Individual and Professional selling plans

    Individual sellers are on a pay-as-you-go system and use a basic set of tools for listing and order management. While Professional sellers pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.99, they also receive a waiver of the $0.99 fixed closing fee for each order and can access additional tools for listing inventory and managing orders. The table below illustrates these differences.

    Individual selling plan

    Professional selling plan

    $0.99 per item fee for each item that sells

    Monthly subscription fee

    Single listing creation

    Multiple listing creation using spreadsheets and uploads
    Online listing and order management

    Inventory and order management using reports and feeds
    Access to tools on Seller Central to perform account functions

    Access to Amazon Marketplace Web Service to upload feeds, receive reports, and perform other API functions.

    These are just some of the benefits.

    I want to address FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)again people who complaint about this process don’t understand this process. Your products are eligible for Amazon Prime Free Two-Day Shipping, FREE Shipping, and other benefits.

    FBA handles customer service and returns for orders. Listings are displayed with the “Fulfillment by Amazon” logo, so customers know that packing, delivery, customer service, and returns are all handled by Amazon.
    One of my products that I have FBA with Amazon cost me $2.57 to have Amazon ship it to the customer and they handle all customer service calls and returns, for $2.57 to mail the products any where in U.S I will take that all day and not only that your customer can get their item in two
    days the only thing I do is collect my money. Remember the most important thing is to learn Amazon process and how it work and make a profit. I took a trip to Hawaii during the week of July 4th week-end and by using Amazon FBA my business never stop making money and I could access all details on what was taking place. One more subject that is very important and that is ranking of a product along with how to win the buy box, if you product is rank within the range of 300 to 500 you could be selling 300 items a day, my point is if you want to learn the process stay away from those who has fail at this process. I could go into more detail but that could take hours. So good luck to you.

  • Ebay hater
    Ebay hater
    September 06 2014, 04:22AM

    Ebay cheating and lying in a big way and you have no way
    to correct them as it is almost impossible to contact them
    and should you succeed they do not answer back. They charge you for
    Seller fee’s while at the same time they hold your funds back for weeks
    so they can make more money SHAME on you Ebay you suck’s.

  • suzukidr
    September 09 2014, 05:14AM

    That is really interesting information. We provide best ebay deals to our customers in all North Carolina and its near places in USA. Please do visit at our website or contact us any time, we would love to help you

  • Anthony Temporal
    Anthony Temporal
    September 15 2014, 04:24PM

    Ebay are ruthless. I had an Ebay seller account for over 6 years. As a business just over 2 years. I got a bit of negative feedback and suddenly I am banned from selling on Ebay for life. With over 500 sales in a year and only a couple of negatives it is ridiculous. Both Ebay and Amazon protect the buyer and do not give the seller any consideration. Buyer should understand that if you buy online it may not be exactly what you expect and should contact the seller if not happy in the first instance. In my case I had a few cancelled orders as I was out of stock and then an issue with a courier del;ivering a piece of furniture. This was not in my control but yet even though the issue was resolved I am stil baned from selling on Ebay for life.
    Amazon seems a lot easier to sell on but still has its flaws. I have sold on Amzon for over two years now. It doesn’t take much to knock a dent in your performance score. Just a couple of unhappy customers. It is also a little unfair that they take your response to messages into consideration. I always reply quickly but if I am on holiday it is not always easy to get a wifi connection in some places and I do not really want to be working on holiday. There should be an out of office reply for whilst you are on holiday. You can do that on your own websites and mail exchange.

  • Marie
    September 16 2014, 11:11AM

    I sold reborn dolls on EBay I sold this one doll the customer wasn’t happy so I was going to refund the money when they brought a case against me Ebay and Paypal seized my money so I had to refund her before I got my doll back. Well I got my doll back in pieces I was very upset so I stoped selling on Ebay and never will again

  • myself
    September 27 2014, 04:24PM

    I am ex amazon seller i can tell you amazon is an joke, Say you sell an laptop for 600 brand new and the buyer decides he wants his money back all he needs to do is file an a to z and say item not as described or it’s missiing parts or it breaks amazon will bend over and give them there money back and what sucks is the buyer dose’t need to return the laptop, This has happen to me so many times,The thing about the buyers is they can also say that they never got there order and still get there money back, Amazon plays god with sellers all you need to do is check amazon seller fourms and see the stories of sellers, Some of you call paypal the devil at least paypal looks at the info you send then and checks it out amazon dosen’t.

  • saba Umar
    saba Umar
    October 13 2014, 08:36AM

    No doubt there were some follows in amazon but its functional technology is improving day by understand more about Amazon please visit the link.
    hope you will find Amazon improved :)

  • Mike
    October 16 2014, 10:30AM

    eBay is the worst. I had 200+ rating and I had one person called my product fake even thou I had a receipt saying I bought it from the manufacture and eBay sided with the buy. They said my product was fake even with a receipt showing that it was in fact real. I will never use eBay again and I still owe PayPal money but screw them. Side with a seller for saying something is fake but in reality they probably had buyers remorse. Stay away from eBay and PayPal. You’ll pay your pal but they are in fact not your pal.

  • Alientvbox
    October 21 2014, 01:52AM

    I had a Similar but far worse situation with Amazon and a buyer, The buyer name on amazon is Marzy, the contact name switches but I have seen Adolfo and Viridiana on occasions on both eBay and amazon. The buyer is a dirty competitor with really harsh tactics. His game plan is to purchase and item from you In my case a Garmin product, and then he waits for the item to arrive, claims that the item is a fake, leaves negative feedback, contacts amazon, and ultimately makes an A-Z claim to retrieve his money back. He usually does this to newer accounts because all it takes is one negative feedback for amazon to suspend you without even trying to hear you out.

    Well here is my story and its a long one so get ready.
    I have been selling items on ebay for a couple of years now and it has been going great, No seller is perfect but I’ve maintained 100% feedback for many years on ebay. On eBay I had some a sale once that a buyer tried to scam me saying that the product I sold was fake and that he wanted his money back, left me negative feedback and got my item taken down by eBay, I was astonished at how easily ebay took his side at first without even hearing me out or letting me plead my case. Once I did get my chance to plead my case I eventually got my item back up after showing alot of proof and receipts, but I got stuck with an ugly negative rating. Months later I decided I wanted to expand to Amazon as I always shop on amazon and like the experience as a buyer. I started selling alot of my products pretty quickly and what do you know, THE SAME GUY FROM EBAY THAT SCAMMED ME BOUGHT FROM ME ON AMAZON AGAIN!! He tried to scam me twice and he succeeded. I noticed when I was going to print out the shipping label, I immediately associated the address from ebay to the address from amazon and it was the same dirty competitor from ebay, He must be selling on amazon as well I thought to myself. Well I contacted amazon about this scammer, I even sent them screen shots of my ebay account and proved that it was the same person. Amazon told me that I still needed to send the item to him even after repeatedly telling them that he is a scammer and that his intentions are to hurt my account and leave me with a negative feedback and out of money on a product. They simple said that the policy is that I have to ship the item out or my account will be in violation and may be closed because it was a new account. The rep told me to send the item and take pictures of everything so that if the buyer does make any claims I can dispute them. Well I tried canceling the order 3 times and the buyer just kept buying again and again. I made over 4 claims and violations reports on the buyer and called amazon over 10 times warning them about the buyer and pleading to them that please don’t let him scam me. After alot of trying amazon still made me send the item, and what do you know, as soon as he received the item, he left me negative feedback multiple times, he complained to amazon and GOT ME SUSPENDED FOREVER. AMAZON DID NOTHING TO PROTECT ME!! All the other buyers were happy and when I disputed the suspension I got back a generic answer saying that they were sorry and could not do anything for me. THIS IS SO WRONG!! This SCAMMER managed to shut down my account single handed all with the help of amazons broken policies!!! I spoke to various managers and I wrote various emails, after giving it my all to avoid my account from being shut down, I gave up hope when I started to read the horrible stories that Sellers post about selling on amazon. Amazon has terrible customer service and they have absolutely no seller protection. Maybe one day after enough lawsuits from sellers will maybe they look into this, but BEWARE OF THIS BUYER!! Just wanted to share my two cents and release some stress! OH BTW I HAVE TO WAIT 90 DAYS FOR MY FUNDS TO BE RELEASE OVER $700 JUST SITTING THERE! THANKS MARZY!!!! SCAMMER

  • Bullshit
    October 21 2014, 09:43AM

    Drop Ship Consultants, must be working for amazon, judging from his detailed review on the various plans. He says he makes 200k a year selling there and not a word on what he is selling. His products must be in such perfect condition that even competitors who order them do not leave negative feedback. A problem which many ex-amazon sellers are complaining about.

  • Ara Putz
    Ara Putz
    October 21 2014, 03:49PM

    Do you offer a way to list on Shopify and product shows up on Facebook and Amazon? Thanks Ara Putz

  • Cristopher Cristia
    Cristopher Cristia
    October 23 2014, 08:16AM

    Amazon is an evil company that has no heart whatsoever. They treat you like dirt under their shoe and outright abuse their sellers and their employees. They are also thieves. When I sold on Amazon, they constantly took my money and just gave it away to customers for even the slightest complaint. Their are thousands of sellers out their complaining about the way they are treated yet Amazon continues to treat them horribly and for no good cause really. Amazon sellers make up 40% of their business so it’s a shame Amazon does this….

    I am looking forward to the time that sellers and the public start to see what a nasty and unethical company this is.

    I admit I used to buy from Amazon but after selling on their website and learning how they treat people, I now refuse to have anything to do with them.

    Under no circumstance will I ever give Amazon another penny of my money.

  • Hmai
    October 29 2014, 05:14AM

    good article

  • David
    November 03 2014, 06:28AM

    This is funny actually. I go into detail recently about the trials and tribulations of dealing with the gorilla here

    What the machine can give, it can also take away.

  • NewGuy
    November 03 2014, 02:01PM

    Helpful article and loved all the comments

  • shubham soft
    shubham soft
    November 07 2014, 05:41AM

    Shubham Soft helps you listing of new products to the catalog linked with an already listed category. We have trained API developers who assist you in creating and managing your eBay/Amazon products. For more details visit their official website:

  • shubham soft
    shubham soft
    November 07 2014, 05:42AM

    Shubham Soft helps you listing of new products to the catalog linked with an already listed category. We have trained API developers who assist you in creating and managing your eBay/Amazon products. For more details visit their official website:

  • screw dover
    screw dover
    November 07 2014, 08:19PM

    really, both of these greedmongers really treat you like crap. no frills “craigslist” is the best option for anyone.
    the info farming from the nazis at ebay/paypal/amazon are unreal.

  • Mike
    November 14 2014, 04:27AM

    While some info. in the above article is valid, I missed a lot of ideas that I have developed over 10 years of working with the aforementioned channels.

    If I could go back to 2004 when I first started my zShop (that evolved into Amnazon’s Seller Central), I would 100% steer clear of channels entirely and ONLY focus on the organic building and growing of my own websites and online presence. Amazon on at least a half dozen issues resulting from the growth on their platform.

    Say you receive a few hundred sales a day (we once had 1700) on Amazon. We had a dozen employees and some decent infrastructure. But, they changed a category presentation and orders dropped into the 200s (their focus on a particular category was changed). On another instance, Royal Mail (UK) held many of our shipments during inclement weather period which happened to fall in the busy Christmas period. We had 1600 A-Z claims from non-delivered items. Here we even reshipped many of those orders. Amazon called me personally to pay the claims and changed another of our global Amazon accounts the entire claim amount. Subsequently Royal Mail refused to pre-accept their responsibility and it sent the company into administration in January, directly after a STELLAR Christmas!

    Now, I could go on and on as I have experience with more than 1 million Amazon orders totaling about 11 million USD and also decent numbers on eBay as well. BUT, from someone who has more experience than many in this area, STAY CLEAR of sales channels. Yes, you can make money, yes you can get additional orders … but it’s a deal with devil so to speak in that the ramifications are SEVERE.

    WHY would anyone want orders over customers? You can’t put your web address in email to customers (the customers aren’t yours) as it’s prohibited. You can’t email market or solicit business and I guarantee that customer DO NOT migrate from channels to your own sites. They DO NOT!

    Customers are fickle, they don’t care about you as a seller or a company … do the hard yards instead! Do the work!!! Build your own mecca and do things stellar. Use order (and shipping) management and automatic everything from barcodes to integrated labels (in countries that you can). Have 7-day email customer service and use a mgmt. system to communicate in threadlike fashion with customers … be STELLAR!

    I love to hear about success people have and trust me, there aren’t many anymore (there use to be) who strikes it rich in a sales channel. It’s dog eat dog and you will be eaten. It’s unsustainable and will not build brand or business equity. It’s lose lose. AND I just WISH I could go back to 2004 and NOT enter the game. I just wish I would have had the strength then to build my own channel, my own avenue where our company could be stellar and not have to give up an avg. 20% on EVERY sale, postage fee AND EVEN sales tax/VAT/GST !!! BTW, I bet you didn’t realize that the channels take commission on the whole enchilada! In the UK, that’s 17% for Amazon, the govt takes their piece and bamn … if you don’t have 40%+ gross margin, you don’t have ANYTHING. I’m not from or in the UK, but I’ve had business there and man, it’s hard to make money.

    Good luck and do the work, you won’t regret it when people actually buy things on your own site! You can email them and they email you and communicate with you directly and not use some masked email address of the sales channel.

    Build your own channel and forever reap success!!!!

  • Dee
    November 14 2014, 05:20AM

    I run a non-profit and listed about 10 books to try to produce some extra revenue. Posting books for $0.01 to be competitive and the standard shipping of $3.99. Amazon fee $2.34 leaving me $1.66 to ship the book? I thought about it and immediately deleted my listings!! I’d be lucky not to lose any money selling!

  • Jerry
    November 19 2014, 01:31AM

    Glad I came across this site. I just set up an Amazon account. going to go back and delete it before they charge me $40. My products range from 1600 to 2000. With shipping from China and amazons 15%.. That’s pretty much going to eat up most of the profit leaving 75 to $100. If I’m in jeopardy of giving one away for free to a scammer. I would have to purchase/ sell another 20 just to break even.
    I don’t think Amazon’s going to be as big in the next couple years anyways. People are starting to figure out that they’re overpriced sometimes to 80%. party decorations , Amazon shopping cart $230. Same products and party city shopping cart 120 something.

  • Thomas
    November 24 2014, 08:57PM

    For sellers currently on Amazon/eBay/Etsy etc other marketplaces, for facilitating the inventory reduction, a regular or seasonal price deduction or product sale is becoming a de facto practice. Once an eBay seller myself, it’s usually the solution to get additional traffic to my store. But still, the exposure of products and brand are limited to platform where the products got listed. With that in mind, is built in the hope to help the sellers on Amazon/eBay/Etsy to further reach out to the critical mass. All what needed are a product link and the discount info about the product, then your product would get exposed to the bargain hunters visiting the website, you would also have chance to directly communicate with the potential buyers on the platform. And all in all, this is all FREE w/o any hidden cost.

  • Drop Ship Consultants
    Drop Ship Consultants
    November 29 2014, 04:04PM

    To Mr. Bullshit ( I hate to refer to you in that term or phrase however that is the only name you gave in your comment for me to respond to, so please don’t take this as a put down or me being disrespectful I would not be so cheap to do that to any person)
    First and foremost I do not work for Amazon and I just wanted to respond to your assessment about how I am making over $200,000 a year selling on Amazon and what I am about to say I hope my comment can help you and others who read this. I will not tell you what I am selling because that is not the issue, the issue is what you and most sellers are doing and getting the results that you and others are getting. But I will say that the products that I sell two of them have a Register Trademark and it is not complicated. For general information I do have a 100% feed back and as for any competitors I don’t focus on them do to the fact that would be wasted time and energy because I keep the focus on what I am doing. Most of my products are private label with my company name on the products, do you understand what is private label and if so you know what that mean and if not do some home work to find out what that mean. What is Private label:

    Private-label products or services are typically those manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company’s brand. Private-label goods and services are available in a wide range of industries from food to cosmetics to web hosting.
    So what does this mean: This mean that you can have a product made or manufactured with you name or your company name on the product. How does this relate to Amazon for sales on making money in the amount of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000) Lol. Before I get into the details I must say if a person see the hold in the Donut instead of seeing the Donut that will be the mind set of always see the hold. Second a person must me willing to learn so ask your self this question, those who are making over $ 200,000 dollars on Amazon or any other online venue what are they doing and what can I learn from them. If you do not have a open mind you will never get to that point because you will always see the hold. YOU MUST PUT IN THE WORK!!!!
    Now back to Amazon first take a look at what you doing and selling.
    1.) Who are your competitors?
    2.) How many people are selling the same products and at what price?
    3.) What is the sale rank of the product you are selling?
    4.) What is your profit margin?
    5.) How many items are you selling per day and week?
    6.) I am selling the same product or products as others, how do I get my product to top of the list?

    These are just a few questions you should answer or find answer too.

    Always try to find what is selling and make sure that product or products are in the top or have a sales rank in the 4000 range. Let’s take a deep look at: Health & Personal Care category on Amazon there are 4,462,881 items in this category as of 11-29-14, so that mean that if you sell a product or products in the range of 4000 you could be selling 60 to 80 items per day that is according to my own experience: PLEASE NOTE THIS IS MY OWN EXPERIENCE THIS IS NOT FROM AMAZON, AMAZON DO NOT RELEASE THIS INFORMATION.

    If there are 10 or more people selling the same product you can win the Buy Box by lowing you price my just 2% and most of the time you will win the Buy Box.

    Try to sell at least sell 5 products and 60 of each item per week and a profit margin of $18.00 dollars for each item that is sold.

    5 Bottles of what ever X 60 = 300
    300 X $18.00= $5,400 per week
    $5,400 X 52 weeks = $280,800 profit per year

    Again do you see the whole or the Donut.

    For those who want to make it happen go for it and don’t give up. Do your homework and find the answers you need to get the next level

  • Simon
    December 14 2014, 11:44AM

    WARNING – If you are thinking about selling on Amazon think twice. I have been selling on Amazon for 6 years. I started selling and all was great. They track your sales and then list the same product on the same platform cheaper than you can buy it. Amazon are only interested in making money for themselves. Interestingly have you noticed that if they are selling a product they don’t show any negative feedback ! That is because they don’s allow new customers to see it ! Also check listing. It isn’t always the cheapest listing that is on the first page you search. It is Amazon itself. YES they push their own listings to the top. I would suggest to anyone thinking of selling on Amazon. DON’T. find another way.

  • james mckee
    james mckee
    December 14 2014, 07:33PM

    so where would be a great place to sell limited stuff. i have 12 100 card boxes filled with cards and i want to sell them all but i dont want to get ripped off for selling only what i have

  • candice
    December 15 2014, 12:07AM

    I do not I repeat do not sell anything on amazon. They play mind games with sellers & in the end they shut your account down for no reason, they make shit up to steal your hard earned money. Not to mention if they have not already shut your business down they are working on it, watch out for those lovable A-Z claims customer is always right no matter what. Amazon loves to refund the buyer all of there money & also lets the buyer keep the item for free pure theft right for all eyes to see. This company is a shame & I am surprised with all the stuff online about this company why people would even want to give them there hard earned dollars is beyond me. Save yourself from this mind f****D game.

  • Carol
    December 15 2014, 04:21PM

    I sell products that are handcrafted by myself here in the US, and sell them at art fairs, and their retail prices are $30 to $150. Should I consider Etsy over Amazon or Ebay? What other resources should I try, aside from my own site?

  • Simon
    September 15 2015, 08:46AM

    Hi, If you are looking for some new marketplace or Website to sell your products, We are looking for new sellers on which is the French leader of E-commerce. If you would like to try us I would be glad to offer you a free trial so that you can see the potential of our plateform.
    Please send me an email and I will be in touch. Regards

  • mike noteboom
    mike noteboom
    October 08 2015, 10:37PM

    i been selling on both for 2 yrs now i personaly like ebay better they have way better shipping rates as long as u keep your feeback positive and offer 1 day shipping over all the fees r less than ebay also you also get your money instantly rather than waiting for 2 wks from amazon and ebay has way better customer service

  • Angus
    October 21 2015, 01:15PM

    Amazon and ebay are both as bad as each other, each dominates the search engines leaving the smaller ecommerce seller with no chance of getting on the first few lines of Google with their own web shop, despite probably investing £,000’s in online SEO with SEO companies that promise the world and deliver nothing because again you just can’t compete with Amazon and Google despite what they might tell you. Then if you use Amazon and Google to sell your stuff you are faced with THEM being in control ALL OF THE TIME. They charge you ridiculous high fees, have over complicated selling tools and rules and will ALWAYS favour the buyer. They pay little or not Tax or VAT, if your product is selling loads they (mainly Amazon) will either copy it and sell it themselves or buy it in bigger volumes and beat you on price. Unless your product is 1. Unique 2. You have sole distribution to your item(s) and are making at least 80 – 100% mark up then don’t bother is my opinion, that’s unless you want to spend long hours perfecting your listings, dealing with listing problems and buyer issues all for making not a lot of money. When you add up all your working hours and deduct it from what you get in your bank ask yourself is it really worth the effort?

  • samson Ogunshe
    samson Ogunshe
    October 23 2015, 01:38AM

    This is a fantastic article. I sell on ASOS marketplace and looking to expand to ebay,amazon,depop and etsy. This article will be based on a chapter on my new book coming out based on social media.

  • ashok kumar
    ashok kumar
    October 31 2015, 12:26AM

    i am want sale on amazon and ebuy how i am add my product to sale. and how i am increase my sale on online.

  • unavu
    November 13 2015, 03:44AM

    Order food in online !!! online restaurant aggregate unavu wats more of its
    customers to order their food through its,app not its website.Am working in

  • BigTimeTrader
    November 19 2015, 03:38AM

    Yes please just be aware that all marketplaces, (leaders ebay and amazon and others), do not care about you as an individual.

    This is because you are just a miniscule % as part of their overall model and strategy.

    I sell combined 500k turnover GBP on both, have done since 2004.

    Yes it contributes to my lifestyle, but please know that this is not even 50% of what else I do.

    I urge everyone, do not think of/ or rely on these as long term business partners.

    They treat you exactly the same as they treat fake sellers and cowboy sellers.

    Do not trust them but abide by their rules and ensure you are working harder at your plan B.

  • Tom
    November 20 2015, 12:13PM

    I have had excellent results with ebay; though I avoided it years ago due to the hype I saw with sellers. I am a top seller and if you follow the rules you should have few problems.

  • ubwebs
    November 24 2015, 02:28AM

    according to candict and many more , Carol you should use your own site for sale for safer side and use all seo techs to increase traffic to the website.

  • Marie S
    Marie S
    December 16 2015, 01:15PM

    I agree w/ Candice, they totally screw the sellers. It’s great to buy on Amazon, but after the way they screwed me out of my item AND $41 I shut down my seller account, and will be buying from them much much MUCH less in the future. I’m astounded that they would treat their sellers this way and I’m going to use my purchasing power and recommend everyone I know do the same to stop using such a selfish company =‘( I’ve loved Amazon for YEARS, I’m so so hurt and disappointed!!!!

  • Auction Essistance
    Auction Essistance
    January 01 2016, 05:56PM

    Both platforms are good options to sell on, but if you plan to use them as main source, it isn’t ideal. Best if you mix it up with more focus on your store front as eBay & Amazon can ban users from their platform at anytime.

    We have had a couple of clients who operating large volume on both platforms and out of nowhere, they were sent a suspension message. Luckily they were able to funnel most of the sales they got to their websites.

  • Keith
    January 02 2016, 08:48AM

    Great read….

    I was a ebay seller for 15 plus years (3000 plus feedback, 100 % positive feedback, power seller), until I got burned by ebay support and banned for life for following their advise.

    How did I get burned? The ebay presales rules are a joke.

    I listed many US mint items with the notes that these items are presale items and the expected date of shipment.

    For the first six months, no issues, then one day all presale items were removed.

    I contacted ebay, spent two days (about 8 hours), going from customer support rep to customer support rep to find out why the lisitngs were removed. No one had an answer.

    Finally, I got a rep who knew the answer and she explained what I did wrong.

    The listings violated the 30 day guarantee policy ebay has in place (buyer protection), and I would have to reword them in the future to reflect this policy.

    She also showed me the correct format to relist.

    I relisted using the format she provided, and then was banned for life for using that format.

    Upon further research, I realized that ebay rep also killed my sellers rating by telling me that I had to refund all the presale items that were sold (if you do this, you are punished on the sellers dash board). I also discovered the format I was told to use provided, is correct, it is the software they deployed has many bugs).

    After finding out about the above issues I went through the appeals process.

    Here is what happened;

    The appeals process is a joke. I called ebay again after the lifetime ban, explained about the issue with the employee and the software programming not matching their written policies, the supervisor agreed it should not have happened.

    I was asked to use the appeal process. When used, you can write up to 10,000 characters, and request a copy be sent to your email. I did as directed, no copy sent to my email (my appeal was just over 6,000 characters).

    The appeals process is supposed to take 48 hours. After 4 days, I sent a short note (using the same process), asking for an update and copy of the appeal as I had not gotten an automated copy as their website stated I would get if requested. I clicked the button, a few seconds letter I got the copy of that request, along with a rejection the of the appeal stating my appeal was denied as I violated the ‘rules’.

    I again sent another appeal, about 5500 characters, requesting copies of the original and a copy of the new one I was sent along with the supervisor cntact information who read the original appeal.

    I never got the copy as requested (and yes, I checked the box (all three times requesting the copy).

    I called ebay support, demanded to speak with a supervisor who could speak and understand English.

    I explained again what happened and I asked why eBay does not have any corporate ethics when it comes to customer support, support training, and does not stand up to do the right thing when their own employees are providing incorrect information.

    I was told I am held responsible for their errors and its life and get over it.

    The supervisor also admitted the software is not vetted to match their policies (done at a later time). (In my industry (medical software), if this happened, my firm would sued when the first person dies, the CEO and Management team would be jailed and the company would be out of business (my firm operates in 30 plus countries) very quickly.

    I asked the supervisor, who read the appeal, was it ever really read or is a filter program running in the background to screen out the appeals to prevent any real appeal.

    She stated all appeals are closely reviewed. I asked her to read the last line on my appeal, requesting the copies and the name and contact information of ther person who reviewed and denied the appeal.

    She could not explain why the copies were never sent and she admitted no one read it.

    I spoke with Amazon, about the professional seller program and I have met all requirements to sell on their website, which I will do shortly.

    The rep I spoke with was very honest up front about Amazon siding with the buyer more then they will side with the seller.

    I asked about scammers, he admitted it is a problem, however they will ban buyers, and prosecute if needed.

    I think folks need to be open minded when using any web site. They are in the business to make money.

    Buy their stock to get some of your money back in the long run.

    As for eBay, am I still angry? Yes!

    I am at the point where I can open a new seller account (yes, it is possible with a lifetime ban), but I keep asking myself why? Why would I allow eBay to live off of any income I generate for them.

    Their core model is a mess, sales are off 85%, and with what is sold (auctions), are almost always flipped on other websites or wholesalers.

    The only reason eBay is surviving is the old fashion way, by buying stock in other online vendors, hoping one of them will score, allowing to sell off the stock at a later date at a large profit.

    What made eBay a create site was the original core business of the many unique listings. It is a great place to buy collectible items for resale in other venues. ebay has drifted away from that model and is trying tobe more like Amazon these days.

    eBay is not small seller friendly for many reasons noted by other folks and the example stated above.

    I learned years ago not to depend on any single website, as it is funny thing how the old fashion method of selling locally is more dependable then selling online.

    At any rate, good luck to youall, who ever you choose to sell with.

    Thank you

  • Gary Briden
    Gary Briden
    January 03 2016, 09:35PM

    STAY FAR AWAY FROM ALL OF THEM AND START YOUR OWN WEBSITE! Pay Google and Bing/Yahoo for their Pay Per Click and be DONE with it! This way NOBODY owns you! You can do business how you would like and nobody can tell you how you can or should run your business! You can spend as much or as little as you want to on PPC advertising and not have to worry about Ebay, Amazon or any of these other companies shutting you down or locking your account or your money up! Why do you think these few giants are as big as they are! DUH, because they own a piece of every single sale you conduct and because every last person thinks they can start a business or make money on ebay or Amazon! BTW your margins will be RAZOR thin since every other jackass out there is trying to do the same!

    Google and Yahoo do also own a piece of your business if you want to justify it that way, however they don’t tell you how to conduct business or make you follow their ridiculous guidelines and steal your business, or get Ideas and all kinds of knowledge of what you sold on their platform like ebay and amazon does!

    STOP using those giants out there for anything other than EXTRA advertising to get leads or products out there but DO NOT RELY on them for sales and DO NOT rely on them for your main sales!

    Trust me! I’ve done it all and tried it all over the past 12 years and you DON’T want to go the path that I have!

    If you want to be self made! Make it yourself! Do it Yourself!

  • Erik Kooij
    Erik Kooij
    January 13 2016, 01:47AM

    Just see all these posts today and it looks so familiar to me. Last month Amazon just kicked me out without a reason. Oh yeah, my seller performance was not healthy because i responded too late at two e-mails. Only the day after …but that was too late.
    The rules of Amazon are crazy.

    One buyer was not satisfied about a used product and claimed an A to Z.. In my description i notified that for use products NO RETURNS were accepted. But in case of the rules of Amazon you’ll have to provide a full refund and return. Now i have to wait 90 days to get my remaining deposit ! We are talking about thousands of dollars.

    Amazon just don’t care about sellers ! Only buyers have rights. The same as Ebay. Next months they raise the fees again and when you step into the FBA program, they take a big piece of the pie.

    I had allready 1000 pieces of Iphone 6 sportsarmbands ready for shipping from China to the FBA warehouse of Amazon in the US. I won’t do it because the costs are become to high.
    The armband is private labelled for me and cost $ 1.37 with my brandname, package and design, labled and so on When its in the warehouse at Amazon it cost me $2 incl. Shipment and customs fee . There are sellers who offer these Sportbands for $ 5.99 on Amazon. I have to pay Amazon for fees and Fullfillment $ 3.45 per piece . So i can earn 1 or 2 dollar ?
    The competition is huge and i can sell for 8.99 but then no one is coming. Lots of sellers use Amazon PPC to get high in the ranking. And just when you thought you get on the first page ( because thats whats is all about when you want to sell a lot ), Amazon change the Algoritm and you to start over again.

    They rip you over and over again and Jeff Bezos laughs every day again.
    And all those succes story’s on Youtube about people they earn 1 million a year on Amazon ? Ofcourse there are some people who are doing fine, but most of these video’s is propoganda, made by people in an old looking room and they are telling you they earn 50-100K a month ? When i make that kind of money i would live in a villa with Swimmingpool or at least in a nice neighbourhood. Ask those people in 5 years if the’re still making this ammount on Amazon ? It’s shortterm profit and not a reliable stable business. NOT with Amazon or Ebay. I have been Entrepreneur for the last 20 years and ofcourse times have change, but this kind of business is mainly to build the fortune for an Jeff Bezos or other owners of these Marketplatforms.

  • michael burns
    michael burns
    January 16 2016, 06:43PM

    I started making a profit on ebay from day one.
    I buy in the auctions and sell in the buy it now section.

    Why should i change to shopify ?

  • Michael
    January 28 2016, 03:35AM

    Found a free shopping comparison site for mobile. They compare Amazon and eBay marketplaces around the world, so we know where to buy the cheapest in the world.

  • sam
    February 02 2016, 12:09AM has helped me so much, literally tripled my profits, hope it helps

  • Shopify
    March 11 2016, 01:54AM

  • Rank In Amazon
    Rank In Amazon
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    A lot of antiques and vintage collectibles would like to know more about selling their merchandise via shopify, especially REAL examples of anyone who is successfully doing this.

    Regarding shopify’s promised hook up to sell via Amazon will this include antiques and vintage collectibles via Amazon which are largely banned from Amazon at this time?

    Furthermore I’m surprised there aren’t more comments here about the experiences of antiques & vintage collectibles sellers on, and

  • pete
    April 25 2016, 10:42PM

    P.S. …and don’t forget which has been around for over 10 years.

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  • Tiffany
    May 22 2016, 03:11AM

    This article really didn’t explain anything about the true pros and cons. First off, it is hard to sell on ebay now. Even as a top rated seller it is almost close to impossible competing for top spots because China takes all of those. Unless you are selling pillows or something else awkward to ship, China will have a copy of your product cheaper and identical. So in other words they offer your product for a quarter of the price cheaper than you can even ship it. China will always come up on the first several pages on the best match search. Sadly Cassini search engine is a joke. Another serious problem is paypal. Ebay pushes you to accept paypal, but you are really playing with fire. It doesn’t matter if you have 100% positive feedback from hundreds of people if someone opens a case paypal will steal the money back out of your account to refund to the buyer. The buyer always wins disputes so it is best to never argue with them and to try and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. I used to sell a lot of ebay until I branched away this year as sales plummeted with ebays new ads system. Now when you search on Ebay you see ads taking you to other websites at the bottom of the page to get the product cheaper on a Chinese websites. Ebay does not care about sellers because new ones come everyday only to leave quickly. After you pay ebay fees and very expensive paypal fees you wind up with nothing. And on top of that you must offer free shipping otherwise ebay won’t allow you to be a top rated seller and a bottom of the barrel price. So after it is all said and done you barely make any profit if any at all.

    Now Amazon also has very expensive rates, but they all go to Amazon and you don’t have to deal with Paypal. Most people don’t realize a customer can dispute their transaction on paypal so they will get their item for free for 180 days! That pretty much means you have a mandatory 6 month return policy which is a long time for something to go wrong with the product or someone to have buyer’s remorse. I have a 100% positive feedback rating on ebay which is good because each time you list something people can look at all of that. On Amazon however, everyone shares a listing and it is very hard to navigate through a seller’s feedback so one bad rating out of hundreds of positives won’t kill your business like it will on Ebay.

    The type of buyers on Ebay are also different than the buyers on Amazon. The buyers on Ebay will never pay fair prices for items when they can purchase it cheaper than you can ship it from China. People on Ebay expect the shipping to be paid for, by you, and to pay the bottom of the barrel price no where close to a fair price. I was on front page best match results on ebay with China, but it was very hard work and research. Probably more effort than the average Joe could even put in, but for what? To pay fees? It is best to get your own website and instead of paying fees you instead can put that money to pay for marketing and drive traffic to your own site.

    So to summarize, Ebay and Amazon are great if you are new to online selling and need to learn to sell and write ads, but it is only a stepping stone. There is no long term money to be made and your business that you worked hard for could end at the blink of an eye. Shopify isn’t really gaining points either encouraging you to rely on Amazon and Ebay. If you have only sold at those places then your actual business has not made a sale. Amazon and Ebay have made another sale.

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