14 Apple iPhone 5 Cases Selling on Shopify Stores

14 Apple iPhone 5 Cases Selling on Shopify Stores


Last weekend, Apple sold over 5 million iPhone 5's according to a press release they issued. Currently the iPhone 5 is available in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. On Friday it's expected that Apple will release the iPhone 5 to 22 more countries. 

Whenever Apple releases a new product, companies race to develop compatible accessories. It's amazing how fast businesses design, fabricate, and launch these products - often sold via online stores. Although the iPhone 5 only came out last week, already there are plenty of Shopify stores selling awesome accessories.  

Here are 14 brand new iPhone 5 cases, all sold through Shopify stores: 

Bamboo iPhone 5 Case


Wallet for iPhone 5 


Leather iPhone 5 Case

Hard Graft

Aviiq Thin Series iPhone 5 Case


Gizmon 'Soft iCa' iPhone 5 Case

Four Corner Store

iPhone 5 #CLEANSLATE Case

Slate & Stylus

Cygnett iPhone 5 Case


Bamboo iPhone 5 Skin


Rocket Pop iPhone 5 Case

Zero Gravity

Vegetable Tanned Leather iPhone 5 Case

Ewin's Dry Goods

iCarbons Black / Titanium iPhone 5 Skin


Helvetica iPhone 5 Case

Luxe Plates

iPhone 5 Invisible Screen Protector 


Tech 21 Impact iPhone 5 Case

The Accessories Crowd


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