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Ecommerce Survey 2017: The Trials & Tribulations of a Booming Industry [Data]

Ecommerce Survey 2017: The Trials & Tribulations of a Booming Industry [Data]

Man taking a survey

Earlier this year, we embarked on a mission to improve our ecommerce blog. We sent out a 23-question reader survey to better understand who reads our blog, what they’re struggling with the most, and how we can help.

We received 1,988 responses from some of our most active blog subscribers.

Of course, we’re hard at work putting all of that data to good use, but we thought we’d share some of the highlights with you, the reader.

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Mobile Now Accounts for 50.3% of All Ecommerce Traffic

Mobile Now Accounts for 50.3% of All Ecommerce Traffic


Last week represented the first time in history that more people used mobile phones and tablets to visit online stores than using computers. Looking at data from over 100,000 ecommerce stores that use the Shopify platform, we saw 50.3% of traffic coming from mobile (40.3% from mobile phones, 10% from tablets) and just 49.7% from computers.

We have been watching and talking about the mobile commerce trend for years, but now there’s no disputing it: mobile commerce is now the default way that people shop online.

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How to Choose an Ecommerce Business Model

How to Choose an Ecommerce Business Model


When it comes to starting an online business, you have a lot of choices to make. The biggest of the choices may be the most important as they will ultimately define your business model and much of the future of your business.

In this post, we’re going to introduce you to the four questions you must answer to begin putting together a business model for your new online business.

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How to Growth Hack Your Ecommerce Business for More Traffic and Sales

How to Growth Hack Your Ecommerce Business for More Traffic and Sales


It seems like growth hacking is the latest marketing buzzword.

And for good reason. It's the mindset and methodology that's been used by famous Silicon Valley startups to achieve phenomenal growth. 

But now growth hacking is something marketers everywhere are attempting to understand and use to grow their own businesses.

So what exactly is growth hacking?

It’s still a new term for many and it can be easily confused with traditional marketing.

But there are a few key differences that set growth hacking apart from traditional marketing efforts and understanding how to adopt a growth hacking mindset could help you uncover new opportunities to drive more traffic, sales and most importantly, repeat customers to your business.

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Are These 6 Ecommerce Copywriting Mistakes Costing You Sales?

Are These 6 Ecommerce Copywriting Mistakes Costing You Sales?


You’re writing, and writing, and writing.

You’re polishing your category pages. You’re slaving over endless product descriptions. You worry about keywords and Google.

But let’s admit it. Sometimes you wonder… is your copy working hard enough? Are you persuading web visitors to buy?

Let’s look at six ecommerce copywriting mistakes that might be costing you business (and how you can fix them).

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How Two Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Took a Side Business from $100k to $3M in Revenue in Three Years

How Two Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Took a Side Business from $100k to $3M in Revenue in Three Years


Have you heard of Crossfit? It's a strength and conditioning system that was started in 2000 and has become extremely popular in the fitness community.

It's also a movement a lot of smart entrepreneurs are building businesses around. 

One such person is Peter Keller, an entrepreneur from Texas and owner of FringeSport, a Crossfit and home gym equipment supplier.

Peter and I connected on Reddit over at /r/entrepreneur after the Beardbrand case study we published generated a lot of discussion over there. 

He introduced himself and shared his story (as well as some pretty incredible sales numbers for such a young company).

I got Peter to take us behind of the scenes of his extremely successful ecommerce business and show us how he achieved such phenomenal growth so fast. 

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5 Reasons to Switch to Shopify

Whether you're ready for an ecommerce solution with more functionality that can grow with your business, or you want a beautiful, mobile-responsive ecommerce theme and with a fully functioning blog, Shopify has you covered.

And there’s never been a better time to switch.

Our convenient import tool allows you to easily transfer your existing product catalogue to Shopify making the migration process fast and painless. Whether you’re coming from Volusion, Wordpress, Magento, Bigcommerce, ebay, etsy, or others, switching to Shopify is a snap.

With over 45,000 active online store and growing, our platform powers everything from small, one product stores to enterprise-class storefronts that do millions in sales each day.

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5 Reasons Shopify Outshines the Competition

1. Ease of Use

One thing we hear over and over from merchants who have made the switch to Shopify is how much easier our platform is to use. As a small business owner and online entrepreneur, the last thing you want to do is fight with your ecommerce software.

In addition to a straightforward, intuitive backend, one of the ways we make things easier on our merchants is by using smart collections instead of the rigid product categories our competitors force you to use.

Smart collections let you set simple rules that automatically place products in them based on factors like price and inventory. For example you could create a ‘Stocking Stuffer” smart collection with a rule that adds any items in your store that are under $20.00. And the best part about smart collections is that you never need to worry about updating them with new products.

“We just opened a store with you folks called Jayes Studio. We actually switched from Volusion to you folks and love the ease of Shopify.” - Lalan Shrikam, www.jayesstudio.com

“I tried Magento and 3DCart on my store but the easiest to operate and to modify the design is definitely Shopify.” - Francois Chaput, 4MAN.ca

2. The Industry Standard for Themes

Like it or not, people naturally trust and place a higher value on stuff that looks good. And when it comes to running a successful ecommerce business, presenting your business and products so they look appealing is a key element in the online sales equation. 

Shopify has been leading the ecommerce theme development space for years, teaming up with world-renown designers like Happy Cog, Clearleft and Pixel Union. Our gorgeous and modern looking storefronts make sure you present customers with a professional online store that looks great and creates trust for your brand.

“I was thrilled to find Shopify. Everything is just the way it should be. If you want to change colors and fonts, you can do so simply and easily.” - Adrienne Doring,www.berrysleepy.com

More and more ecommerce transactions are taking place on mobile devices so having a responsive store design that looks great on smaller screen sizes is mission critical these days. Not only does Shopify offer mobile responsive ecommerce themes, but we also have a mobile app that let’s you run your online store from your smart phone.

3. No Hidden Fees

Unlike other ecommerce providers on the market, Shopify’s pricing is open and transparent.

You will never see mysterious charges on your monthly bill for things like bandwidth overages, fraud score fees, gateway access fees, monthly statement fees, and early termination fees. Other companies like to hide these in long and confusing “terms and conditions” documents. We prefer not to have them at all.

4. 24/7 Human Support

Shopify is proud to offer a dedicated team of Support Gurus that are a phone call or email away 24/7. Have a question on Sunday at 4:30 a.m.? No problem.

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards when it comes to customer service because we believe you deserve the best. But don’t take our word for it.

“This is what I am talking about right here. Customer support that actually provides customer support. I'm in the process of setting up the new merchant account/payment processing now; Shopify here were come!/” - Liz, ex-Bigcommerce customer
“The biggest plus is the support. Not pushy, always friendly, always helpful, always available, absolutely awesome.” - Andy Kearney, vitalcameras.com

5. Best-in-Class Uptime and Performance

Feature story on TechCrunch next week? Going on TV to showcase your product? If you’ve got your 15 minutes of fame coming up or you’re having a major flash sale and you’re expecting some server-melting traffic, you need peace of mind that your site won’t go down when it matters most.

Shopify uses a global network of state-of-the-art, blazing fast servers combined with a best-in-class Content Delivery Network (CDN) to make sure your site is always up and performing even during major traffic spikes. There’s nothing worse than a page that won’t load when someone is ready to buy from you. It’s time to leave downtime headaches behind.

“So far my favorite is Shopify, I have created two online stores with them and I am satisfied with their service. Very fast servers and good support if you have any problems. Their example designs looks great as well.” - ex-Wordpress Ecommerce customer


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Still not sure? Check out what others who’ve switched have to say.

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