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Shopify Introduces the Shop Section on Facebook Business Page

Shopify Introduces the Shop Section on Facebook Business Page


Over the past few months we’ve been working closely with the team at Facebook, and today we’re rolling out the new Shop section on Facebook Pages.

The Shop section makes it easy for merchants to showcase their products directly on their Facebook Page. Merchants can then choose to direct shoppers to their online store or to checkout without leaving the Facebook site or mobile app.

Buying is safe and secure, and shoppers can optionally choose to save their payment information with Facebook for future purchases. This makes purchasing easier, especially on mobile.

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Featured App: Zibaba Facebook Storefront

Featured App: Zibaba Facebook Storefront

Zibaba is an app development company that develops an app that lets you put a shop on your Facebook fan page. Their app takes advantage of the Facebook social graph in order to get your Facebook friends and fans talking about your shop and your products, and it also provides a comprehensive set of analytics tools so you can collect extensive marketing data. Zibaba Facebook shops have a group offer feature, which lets your Facebook fans band together and take advantage of group offers, as well as an affiliate network that allows  other shopowners to market your stuff or even your storefront on a revenue-share basis.

Zibaba have a Shopify app called Zibaba Facebook Storefront that lets Shopify shopowners expand their reach into the Facebook market (which as of this writing, was over 730 million people according to Socialbakers). We asked Zibaba about their Shopify app, and their answers appear below.

What does Zibaba Facebook Storefront do?

Zibaba Facebook Storefront gives Shopify customers the opportunity to duplicate their Shopify store and open a store directly from their Facebook Fan Page within seconds.

Shopify customers have the ability to choose from customized backgrounds, upload customized banners for additional branding and utilize all of the additional promotional marketing tools offered by Zibaba.  The additional tools include running Group Offers, Coupons, Fan Only Discounts and joining the Zibaba Social Affiliate Network in order to increase marketing efforts and drive sales.  Additionally, every product within the store utilizes all of the social interactions of Facebook such as 'like', 'ask advice', 'comment' and 'share'.

What are the key features of your app?

Zibaba Facebook Storefront lets you:


  • Run Group Offers and Coupons
  • Promote the store utilizing the services of professional online marketers as part of the Social Affiliate Network
  • Utilize all of the social interactions of Facebook
  • Run fan-only discounts
  • Interact directly with customers via the brand's Facebook fan page

Screen capture of an example Facebook store based on a Shopify store.

Why should shopowners use this app?

As a shopowner, you'll want to use Zibaba Facebook Storefront because it'll help you in these ways:

  • You'll get your products seen by over 700 million users using Facebook
  • You'll increase sales using social and viral marketing efforts
  • You can reward your customers running Group Offers and Coupons directly from your Facebook Store
  • The setup time can take seconds

Where did you get your idea for your app?

The idea for the app came from bringing store fronts to where the largest online mass of surfers gather every day of the week: Facebook!

How long did it take for you to build the app?

The app took only two weeks to build, but six weeks of intensive QA to ensure that the experience for Shopify customers would be smooth and easy.

How can we find you online?

Where can I find out more about the Zibaba Facebook Storefront?

You can find out more about it on the Zibaba Shopify App page in the App Store.

You should also check out the video below, which shows you how you create a Zibaba-powered shop in Facebook based on your Shopify shop:

[ This article also appears in Global Nerdy. ]

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How to Get your Facebook Fans to Share Content

How to Get your Facebook Fans to Share Content


Facebook is one of the only places where people would rather be liked than loved. But while liking may build your numbers base, it’s sharing that gets you the love. It doesn't take much to get someone to click the 'like' button but aside from adding some glamour to your metrics and won't get you anywhere. If you produce quality content people want to share - they'll start to love you, and chances are they'll start to buy from you.

Here are five ways to get your fans to share your content:

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How to Sell on Facebook

How to Sell on Facebook


It's easy for Shopify stores to sell their products on Facebook. 
Install any one of the apps below to add a "Shop" tab to your ecommerce store's Facebook page. Your products will be automatically imported and customers will be able to browse and purchase items directly on Facebook. 
You'll have your Facebook storefront up and running within minutes. The apps run on auto-pilot in the background and automatically sync with your ecommerce store's pricing and stock availability.
Each one of these apps will give your Facebook storefront a different look and feel, so check out the example stores that I link to below. You can read more about their pricing and features by checking out their detailed pages in the Shopify App Store.

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Get Featured on the Shopify Facebook Page

Get Featured on the Shopify Facebook Page


We are excited to announce that we will be featuring Shopify stores daily on our Facebook Page

The "film strip" along the top of our Facebook profile displays the 5 most recently uploaded pictures. We thought this would be a great place to display the diversity and creativity of Shopify stores. We've picked a few of our favorite shops to get things started and here's how it looks:

Starting next Monday, we will select a new screenshot each day and add it to the "film strip." This a great opportunity for Shopify stores to reach all those in our news feed, plus the folks who visit our Facebook Page

Want to be featured?

All you need to do is upload a screenshot of your site and tag Shopify in it. If you're not sure how to do this, here's some instructions:

1. Take a screenshot of your Shopify website. If you're not sure how to do this, here is a Windows tutorial and a Mac tutorial. You will want to crop out everything except for the website itself. Save your screenshot to your computer.

2. Upload your photo to your Facebook account (either your personal account or your business Page, it's up to you). In your description include: the store name, the URL of your store, a description of your store and/or product(s), and if you have one, include links to your Facebook Page and Twitter feed and then save the changes. Here's an example of what it should look like:

Be sure to include the "http://" in front of any URL's, this way Facebook will know to make them clickable.

3. After saving, you should be returned to the Album page. Click on the screenshot you just uploaded and it will open. 

4. Click on the "Tag This Photo" link on the left side and then click anywhere on the screenshot. Type in Shopify, as you do, auto-complete options will appear and you should see the Shopify Page appear as an option. Click on Shopify and you should see Shopify listed in the "In this photo:" section under the picture. 

5. That's it, you're all done.

If you have any questions or problems with uploading or tagging, feel free to post a comment and we'll try and help out.

Want More Exposure? There's another way to get posted to our Facebook Page. If you have a Facebook Page for your store, "Like" the Shopify Page from your store account and we will "Like" you back. That way, your Facebook Page will randomly show up in our Likes list on the left side of the page. Please note that  Facebook doesn't allow us to Like personal profiles, but we do like you, really, we do!

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