Sell Faster With Express Checkout Buttons in Email

In a world where store owners are forced to buy customers through ads and marketplaces, email is the holy grail of direct-to-consumer connection. Ecommerce success now requires getting the attention of potential buyers and converting those eyes into loyal customers.

Shopify Email now supports an express checkout section. Add the express checkout button to any campaign or use the new express checkout template to get started. 

What is an express checkout button and how does it work?

The express checkout button accelerates the checkout experience for a single product in Shopify Email. Shopify Email leverages checkout link technology to provide store owners with a new email template, section, and a button just for checkout. Customers can now interact with email content and check out in just a few clicks. This experience reduces friction and encourages buyers to act quickly.

Add express checkout to your emails and get these 3 benefits

1. Increase email performance 

The overload of emails buyers receive on a regular basis leads to notification fatigue. By adding interactive content to an email, a reader can engage by tapping, swiping, or interacting with the piece of content. This helps improve click-through rates and conversion. According to Kapost, interactive content generates two times more conversion than reading passive content. 

2. Sell more to your customers   

Customers can now start a purchase from an email. If you offer a flash sale or new product drop, you can create a sense of urgency in your campaigns with express checkout buttons that bypass the steps between landing on a website and checking out. This makes it easier and faster for customers to buy; increasing your revenue.

3. Build stronger relationships

An express checkout button makes it convenient for Shop Pay users to safely store payment info for an even quicker checkout. Positive experiences like this increase the likelihood of customer loyalty and the chance they return to the store for another purchase. 

To improve your email performance, sell more, and build stronger customer relationships, add express checkout buttons to your email campaigns today. 

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