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Adding a video to your application is optional, but heavily encouraged. Video submissions will be considered in certain judging criteria by Tony Robbins and the Shopify team for the “Tony Robbins” Choice" and “Shopify’s Pick” categories.
You won't want to miss any chances, will you?

Thank you for your video

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Your video should be no longer that 2-minutes long. A quick-script will help you in identifying what your key points should be and what you should be leaving behind.

No one other than you and other authorized business representative(s) should be shown in your video and/or should help with you in recording/editing it.

No post-production. We want to be impressed by your story and achievements, and not by your editing skills.

No background music.

No background art.

No brands of any sort. Be mindful of your surroundings and of your clothing choices to avoid any undesirable surprises.

Your video should be available for streaming until September 30th, 2017 to be considered as part of your application.

Recording tips

Most recent phones’ and computers’ cameras should provide you with enough quality to cover all your recording needs. That said, below there are a few tips and mandatories that should be observed when recording your videos.

  • Shoot your video horizontally, and not in portrait mode.
  • Shoot your video indoors, in a quiet and well-lit room.
  • Have your light sources in front of you. Recording next to or facing a window would allow for a more natural lighting.
  • Speak loudly and clearly. We want to hear you!
  • Only authorized business representative(s) should be in the video and helping to record and/or edit it.

Tell us
your story

Your video should showcase your entrepreneur story.

We would love to get an insight on what moves you, where your’re coming from and what you’re willing to achieve. Your passions and ambitions. The challenges you have been facing.


Use the below questions as a general guideline to telling your story.

  • Introduce yourself (who are you and where are you from)?
  • What is your position in the business?
  • Personality-wise, how would your friends and colleagues describe you?
  • What is the name of your business? Please give us a short description of the business.
  • What stage of growth are you in and what are the challenges you have been facing?
  • What’s your entrepreneur story? Why have you started, and how did you get here?
  • What are you willing to get from joining the Build a BIGGER Business competition?


We have updated the Official Rules to ensure that the Build a BIGGER Business Competition is fair for all Entrants. The update slightly adjusts how we measure “Highest Percentage Growth” and “Highest Total Gross Sales Gain” in cases where an Entrant has no sales in March.

For more information, view our Official Rules.