Promote your products to BuzzFeed’s massive audience.

Will your product go viral?

BuzzFeed’s irresistible stories, lists, and news are seen by millions of people daily. Using its unique storytelling power, BuzzFeed can easily sell products to its highly engaged audience. With Shopify channels, BuzzFeed invites you to share your products with its team of editors and be considered for marketing campaigns.

You click, BuzzFeed does the rest

Simply choose which products you’d like searchable for use in a BuzzFeed campaign. If chosen, BuzzFeed readers click it and go directly to your Shopify store to buy.

Reach a new, desireable audience

BuzzFeed’s loyal audience buys lots of what BuzzFeed promotes. These reader are a tough crowd to convert using more conventional ways, so this is the perfect way to build a new, repeat customer base.

You only pay if you sell

There’s no fee for this new, exclusive-to-Shopify sales channel, just the commission you choose to pay BuzzFeed when someone clicks your product in their story and buys.

BuzzFeed’s one-of-a-kind listicles give products an endorsement no ad can buy.

Ben Kaufman, Head of Product Labs at BuzzFeed

“Merchants around the world will be able to have their products featured by BuzzFeed in a curated, distributed, and story-told way.”

Ben Kaufman, Head of Product Labs at BuzzFeed