Say goodbye to back orders with Inventory Funding

Stock up on inventory, get ready for seasonal sales, or buy products in bulk.

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Fill orders, with funding made simple

Skip the application

Avoid lengthy application processes, with minimal paperwork and no credit checks.

Get funding quickly

Receive funding within about 2 days of accepting an offer so you can keep moving.

Repay from sales

Return funding as a percentage of your sales, with payments that flex to fit your business.

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Restock your products with Inventory Funding through Shopify Capital

Stock up for peak seasons

Prepare for peak season or big campaigns and buy the products you need to meet demand.

Negotiate bulk discounts

Take advantage of bulk discounts from suppliers when restocking.

Avoid delays

Pre-order raw materials and products early to avoid potential supply chain delays.

Explore new products

Invest in product development and explore new options.

Outsource fulfilment

Get your products into fulfilment centers and stay ahead of demand.

Ready your business for wholesale

Find new distribution channels and expand your business into wholesale.

“The next day, the money was in my account. I immediately bought a ton of inventory; more inventory than I've ever bought in the past two years.”

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“Because of Shopify Capital, I’ve been able to grow during the pandemic, I've been able to add new products, and I've been able to get orders shipped out as quickly as possible. Now I have bigger goals.”


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Marketing Funding

Boost your marketing budget to build your brand and drive traffic to your store—with funding through Shopify Capital.

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Payroll Funding

Get the funds you need to invest in your people and hire superstars. Grow your team with Payroll Funding through Shopify Capital.

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