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The funding you need to grow your team—fast

Skip the application

Avoid lengthy application processes, with minimal paperwork and no credit checks.

Get funding quickly

Receive funding within about 2 days of accepting an offer so you can keep moving.

Repay from sales

Return funding as a percentage of your sales, with payments that flex to fit your business.

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Grow your team with Payroll Funding through Shopify Capital

Build your dream team

Expand existing roles, bring on new people, or make your staff full-time.

Hire contractors

Bring on experts or freelancers who can help you get the job done.

Focus on growing your business

Invest in your people, so you can focus on your next stage of growth.

“A traditional loan felt cumbersome and more restrictive. Shopify Capital has a different mentality to it. It's so easy.”

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Hiring for growth

In 2011, brothers Thom and James Elliot started Pizza Pilgrims. Today, their business has expanded to 14 locations across the United Kingdom. The key to their expansion? Hiring to fill skill gaps. Thom credits the hiring and the hard work of their finance, operations, and human resources directors for making Pizza Pilgrims into the business it is today. “We've got an amazing ops director in, we've got a people director and all of that stuff that you just have to have…[when you employ] 275 people. THOM ELLIOT | PIZZA PILGRIMS

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Marketing Funding

Boost your marketing budget to build your brand and drive traffic to your store—with funding through Shopify Capital.

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Inventory Funding

Stock up on inventory, get ready for seasonal sales, or buy products in bulk. Stay on top of your inventory with funding through Shopify Capital.

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